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  1. Eeveevolve

    Huddersfield to Wakefield Westgate season ticket.

    I have just started a new job in Wakefield working pretty random shifts. I note that a 1mth season ticket NOT via Leeds is £95.30 and the 1mnt Valid through Leeds is £134.40. With only 1TPH direct between HUD and WKF is usually quicker and saner to go through leeds. Anyway, the crux of the...
  2. Eeveevolve

    Huddersfield to London direct train plan (GNWR) rejected by government regulator So, still got to change at Leeds. Gah. Cant believe they are citing 'competition issues'. Isnt that the entire idea of a privatised railway?
  3. Eeveevolve

    Random thought on reliability.

    I was thinking this morning. If you had an infinite stretch of track and infinite supply of diesel on board DMUs and set all the trains currently in use in the UK going at full pelt, which ones would break down first? I was thinking that some of the older things like 142s (Shudder) would last...
  4. Eeveevolve

    Pictures of staff

    Just witnessed a bunch of tourists on the train. Taking pictures of anything that moves ad they di. So the conductor comes down doing ticket checks and notices they take a picture of them. Walks straight up to them and said "could you please delete that picture of me as it is an offence to take...