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  1. northernrailer

    Class 142 Destination Blind

    142019 was the unit that retained the number blinds obviously not used or on show as the 142s did use the same blind set up as a leyland national bus. Some time around 2005 the 142s had the leyland type boxes removed and a standard 143 144 blind box fitted with the handle coming down into the cab.
  2. northernrailer

    GWR Class 143 withdrawals

    Just a couple of unusual destinations on the blind same as fitted to 143621, from inside my shed showing the blind fitted to an ex class 156 mechanism!
  3. northernrailer

    GWR Class 143 withdrawals

    If anyone can post pictures that wouls be good! Be good to see the unit sporting some weird and wonderful exotic destinations a 143 wouldnt usually serve! If any train crew care to share pics on here!
  4. northernrailer

    GWR Class 143 withdrawals

    This is a picture of the same blind, this blind in the picture was from 150207 after PRM refurb.
  5. northernrailer

    GWR Class 143 withdrawals

    The Destination Blind List fitted to 143621 Yellow Text on Black background is as follows, Abbotswood, Abergavenny, Avonmouth, Barnstaple, Bath Spa, Bridgend, Bristol Parkway, Bristol T M, Cardiff Central, Carmarthen, Castle Cary, Cheltenham Spa, Crewe, Cwmbran, Devonport, Exeter Central...
  6. northernrailer

    RSM Cross Country Leeds - Assesment

    I applied for the Retail Service Manager vacancy at Leeds with Cross Country, i have got through to the assesment centre on Thurs 5th March. It says on the email there is a Numeracy test, Verbal test and a Group Discussion. Im just looking for some info please: The numeracy test a few years...
  7. northernrailer

    GWR sleeper Penzance to London

    In June im doing the Penzance to London sleeper. Looking for some info from people who used it. 1) what time can you board at Penzance - it departs 2145. 2) what time do they serve the continental breakfast and is it brought to your cabin?. 3) what time do you have to be off train in london it...
  8. northernrailer

    Class 155 Regional Railways North East Destination Blind.

    On ebay i am selling a class 155 regional railways north east destination blind. These are now rare and hard to get hold of. Type in Class 155 regional railways north eaat destination blind to find the item.
  9. northernrailer

    2F29 1912 Leeds-Knottingley

    The 1912 Leeds to Knottingley is formed of the 153 which detatches off the 1726 Man Vic to Leeds, this 153 starts at Carlisle at 0550 forming the first Leedd service then the 0849 Leeds to Carlisle, 1151 Carlisle to Leeds, 1551 Leeds to Man Vic. The 2005 Leeds to Knottingley is also a 153...
  10. northernrailer

    Second Generation DMUs and EMUs visiting Heritage Railways.

    158770 & 158847 visited Mid Norfolk Railway for our 2012 DMU gala (770 being the unit in the Saturday and 847 on the Sunday). 156403 was our 2013 visitor for the DMU gala. 153381 was our 2014 visitor for the DMU gala.
  11. northernrailer

    ScotRail Class 158 Destinations

    The full Destination Code List that has been put on here is one I typed up a few year ago, and I though it would be great to share it on in case anyone else was interested. For some reason it added 0+ onto the beginning of most codes, the actual code is only 3 digits so take off the 0+ (I had...
  12. northernrailer

    TPE Class 170 Diagrams (Cleethorpes to Man Airport)

    Can anyone tell me what services are booked to be operated by class 170s on the Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport services? I know there are 4 units, do they run as 2x 4 car units? If anyone can shed any light as to which services are booked 170s would be appreciated. Cheers
  13. northernrailer

    Sat Only Sheffield to Cleethorpes via Brigg

    Next month I am planning on doing the Sheffield to Cleethorpes line via Brigg. I am wanting to know what is normally allocated to the following services 0803 Sheffield to Cleethorpes 1203 Sheffield to Cleethorpes 1601 Sheffield to Cleethorpes I understand that one of return services...
  14. northernrailer

    Barton on Humber diagram

    The first Cleethorpes to Barton on Humber was formed of the previous days unit, which on return from Barton terminated at Grimsby Town, then went ECS to Scunthorpe to form the 0819 Lincoln service. The 153 then formed the 1125 Lincoln to Adwick, over the past few weeks the Barton unit seems to...
  15. northernrailer

    0850 Manchester - Llandudno/Holyhead service

    I have booked some tickets to travel from Manchester to Llandudno on the 0850 departure nest week, the service splits at Chester - with one portion for Holyhead and the other for Llandudno. What units are booked for this service, im presuming the Llandudno portion will be the rear 2 carriages...
  16. northernrailer

    Short formed trains

    Here is how to seat reservations work on the Liverpool - Nottingham - Norwich route. 4 car units that work the Liverpool to Norwich services, reservations are only placed in the unit that is working the full service, the unit that detaches at Nottingham is always unreserved. The unreserved...
  17. northernrailer

    Was ATW's Premier Service 'Gerald' in Manchester today?

    what is the 0950 service from Man Picc actually booked for as today it was a 4 car class 150 (227/231).
  18. northernrailer

    1450 Cardiff to Manchester - is it formed of a class 150 or 175

    I have booked myself onto this service (1450 Cardiff to Manchester) in March, I have been told that this service come is formed of a class 150 from Carmarthen. Am I right in thinking that the 150 terminates at Cardiff and a 175 takes over as im sure that ive seen it done last year, or is the...
  19. northernrailer

    Northern Rail Class 156 PRM Mods

    I have noticed that 156454 & 156482 have had the same treatment as AGA class 156 units, with a new bigger toilets, PIS internally and destination blinds removed. At the moment its the Angel Trains leasing company units that are being done first: This leaves: 156438, 156443, 156444, 156448...
  20. northernrailer

    London Midland Class 170 + 153

    Just a quick question regarding this service the 1252 Worcester to Whitlocks End service, it is booked a 170 / 153, all the times I have seen this service the class 153 is always locked out of use - does anyone know the reason why? This year I have been to Birmingham 8 times and every time its...