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    Canals and leaky lock gates

    I watch far too many TV programmes about canals; and almost inevitably, the programme makers tell us how important a good supply of water is for any canal, and then show us locks with leaking gates etc. But what I've never seen is any attempt to use a modern material (such as tough rubber or...
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    "Accessible" - and modern current usage

    I hate the way we now have to use the word "accessible" because it got into UK law some years ago. I think it's forced on us an ugly way of using our native language, English, but can't really offer anything better. I think the problem is that it's taken a word which was one form of speech...
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    Stone blower on WCML

    Videoing traffic on the WCML in Milton Keynes this morning, I was passed by a "Stone Blower" travelling north at around 12:31. Never heard of anything like this before, and having googled a bit, it seems as though I might have caught a bit of history.
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    UK free-to-air TV programmes and the Covid Lockdown

    Some of my old favourite programmes weren't worth watching under Covid rules - some others were much improved. My personal list: Improved:- BBC's Springwatch - I thought the new format was a definite improvement, with Chris Packham's stepdaughter being a TV star! This programme definitely...
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    Milton Keynes platform 6

    When Milton Keynes station (MKC) was upgraded back in around 2008, an extra down line was added and a new platform, 6 on the west of the station. The routeing for platform 6 is via Knowlhill Junction, (new?) and I've always wondered what advantages this gave in the workings of the WCML, and the...
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    Paths - as used in railway discussions

    Is there an official definition of a "Path"? I see the term used here, and elsewhere in the forum, but can't recall ever seeing it defined in this niche(?) usage. Just wondering if I may have misunderstood what is meant...
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    Help please with sign

    I took some snaps a year ago of the Talerddig Cutting, and found that I'd included this sign a short distance from the road bridge. I've done a search, but so far haven't found any info. Many thanks.
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    Are Platform tickets still needed, and sold?

    I do some occasional videoing around the Milton Keynes - Bedford - Sandy areas, and mostly from vantage points outside NR's boundaries. This is normally using a semi-pro video camera on a tripod. Occasionally using the same equipment, I'd like to video from a platform end - i.e. out of the way...
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    Pullman liveried diesel loco?

    What did I see yesterday? On the WCML Milton Keynes approx 15:55, going south coupled to a diesel in red DB-Shenker colours. I managed a short video, but the light was in the wrong direction for best colour etc.
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    Individual switches at sockets / fuses in plugs and electrical safety

    Mod - split from this thread. I think that evolved from a shortage of copper in the UK after WWII, and we moved from a radial wiring system to our now familiar ring main system.
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    Talerddig railway cutting

    Heard about this significant Victorian achievement for the first time a few days ago, and yesterday managed to get a few photos. Difficult from the adjacent road bridge to show the size of cut, but we were lucky to be there for two trains passing. It's located a short distance south of...
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    Level Crossing work at Lidlington, Beds.

    Yesterday I came across a road closure hinting that the cause was several days work on a level crossing at Lidlington (Marston Vale Line, south of Bedford.) Does anyone know what's being done?
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    Protesters invade Mansion House whilst Chancellor is making speech At 9pm this evening I saw this invasion by Greenpeace activists live on TV. From what I saw, there was no effective security, and what security there was, seemed to be fooled by the invaders being female and dressed in evening gowns. They were...
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    Kingswear to Paignton railway

    Some help please. Visiting and riding on the Kingswear to Paignton railway last week, we were hauled by a US steam loco, but I couldn't see any ID on it. I did get some recordings of its whistle, and a snap of the superheater label. Many thanks.
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    Narrow gauge rail south of Hanover, north of Alfeld - Germany ?

    Back in 1959, I took a photo of a narrow gauge railway* (with steam loco on it) running by the side of a road (definitely not an autobahn) - perhaps in the Elze area. A quick Google search comes up with no suggestions, so I wondered if our experts here know what I might have snapped. * From my...
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    Today's "Missing link" Rail Tour - was it worthwhile?

    I heard about this tour too late, so contented myself videoing the train both ways crossing the flyover at Bletchley. Inspection of some of my still snaps suggests that seeing out from the train this morning could have been poor due to misted up windows...
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    Trivia: Cheadle Junction - where is it?

    For Xmas, I was given "Bradshaw's Guide - West Coast Main Line - Manchester to Glasgow" published by Amberley, and on p27 under the "Cheadle" heading, there is a reference to "junction with the line to Macclesfield, Congleton...". Having grown up in Cheadle, this reference to a rail junction...
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    BBC Four's "Flying Scotsman from the footplate"

    BBC Four TV 2016/12/29 and 2016/12/30. I enjoyed watching the one hour documentary of its trip from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster on the preserved Severn Valley Railway. As a retired radar engineer who's never tried riving a steam train, I found it generally informative, and sometimes...
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    Network Rail's "The Quadrant" Milton Keynes

    Not that long ago (2009-2010) I took record snaps of the Hockey Stadium in Milton Keynes as it was being demolished to make way for "The Quadrant" - Network Rail's shiny new headquarters. Now that the track seems to be being moved to the TOCs, I guess it won't be long before parts of "The...
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    Sorry! Another "What are they?" query (not Datum Plates)

    The image shows some yellow painted clamps(?) on sleepers which I saw yesterday at Bletchley Station. Haven't noticed them before, and they might have been connected to some cables, but not sure as the connections, if any, were hidden. Length - a few 10s of metres. Larger image via...