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    Catering on board trains this Summer

    The horror Burn him at the stake
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    Different Driver Depots Route and Traction cards

    AIUI Picc crews learned Chat Moss when the 323s started going that way (I don’t believe Vic or Wigan sign them, or if they do it’s a fairly recent development) Barrow/Windermere work started with the 195s, shared with Barrow and possibly Wigan/Blackpool/Vic crew.
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    EMR Qualified Driver Talent Pool - St Pancras and Lincoln Routes are on here
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    Is your Drivers' Company Council any good?

    Agreed. It’s a cancer across certain parts of the industry.
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    No worries. It’s definitely not a PNB point put it that way
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    They do indeed - the Heart of Wales line services cross at either that location or Llandrindod Wells. Shrewsbury (and maybe Crewe guards but that’s by the by) crews work the service until the crossing point, then they swap trains with the Carmarthen crew from the other train and work the...
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    TFW DRIVERS/ SHREWSBURY Routes are on here
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    I have been working all the way through lockdown without let up. Although I am imaginary, to be fair. Wooooooooo.....
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    Different Driver Depots Route and Traction cards

    Sorry, must have forgot to put that one on
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    Derby and Cardiff mainline depots

    Derby wise it’ll be mainline from day 1 as a qualified driver I believe, up and down to London and Sheffield. Some local work to Matlock/Crewe etc but only in certain links, most work at Derby is mainline I believe.
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    Different Driver Depots Route and Traction cards

    Don’t think they do - whoops!
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    Different Driver Depots Route and Traction cards

    A few gaps. Usual restrictions apply TPE Scarborough 68/185 Scarborough - Manchester Victoria incl Calder Valley diversion York - Redcar Central plus loop Scarborough TMD Northern York 150/153/155/156/158/170/195 (perhaps) Manchester Victoria - Newcastle via Bradford and Elland York - Leeds via...
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    Why don’t ICE trains run between Amsterdam and Berlin

    The long and the veiny of it is ICEs aren’t much faster over that route than ICs and the ICEs can be more beneficial to timings and comfort over other routes.
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    A career as a signaller

    When we go in the ROC. Probably
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    A career as a signaller

    An unfortunate negative mon brave xo
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    Driver Schedule Cards II Mon to Fri Diagrams.pdf III Saturday Diagrams.pdf
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    Background in rail required to be a signaller?

    Not in the slightest Some exciting previous jobs of signallers that I know of include greengrocer, supermarket worker, personal barman to a well known racing driver, school caretaker, tiler, spud digger, locksmith, out of work actor, rubber factory worker, trainee wealth analyst, box office at...
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    Fastest Absolute Block Line

    Indeed - 100mph at various points (not sure exactly where) between Dunblane and Aberdeen. Also a brief cameo on the Highland Main Line. In the murky world of signalling standards 100mph is the cutoff for a lot of things. Any line with a line speed higher than that must be continuously track...