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    Delay Repay - *Maximum* connection time

    Let’s say you are booked a journey with a cross-London connection with a through ticket (ie not split). Obviously there is a minimum valid connection time to get from Terminus A to Terminus B, and that would be taken into account in the itinerary. But is there a maximum connection time for delay...
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    Travel habits after COVID-19

    There have been lots of comments in several virus related threads hypothesising that the railways will see a significant drop in passenger demand in the medium to long term when the travel restrictions are withdrawn. I’m genuinely interested to see whether that will be the case or not...
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    Next Labour Leader - Confirmed as Keir Starmer

    Not a poll, yet, as it’s too early (and definitely not because I don’t know how to create one :oops:) But who would you like to see as next Labour leader? There’s a lot of love for Kier Starmer, but for me he seems a bit too cold and won’t connect with all the voters he needs to. He’d also, I...
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    Supermarket shopping - eating before paying

    In the last few weeks I’ve seen a number of people in Sainsbury’s opening food that is in their trolley, then eating some or all of it, before then putting the wrapper / pack on the checkout belt and paying for it. More often than not, it has been a hassled mum giving a young child a biscuit...
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    Impact of platform staffing arrangements on performance of the 'Castlefield Corridor'

    Moderator note: split from I’ve spent a bit of time on the Castlefield corridor recently, and by far the best and easiest thing to do to improve timetable resilience would be to have...
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    Thread Alert Algorithm

    I didn’t know where to post this, so have gone ‘General’. Over the 8/9 years I’ve been on the forum I have contributed to hundreds if not thousands of threads. Some of these threads are long running serial dramas, others are one hit wonders - here today gone tomorrow. I get alerts to tell me...
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    Gatwick Airport drone incident

    Anyone know what’s going on at Gatwick tonight? The skies above Kent and the channel are chock full of planes in holding patterns, and both Luton and Stansted are filling up rapidly with diverts. EDIT: news reporting a drone near the runway....
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    SWR - Holden Report into performance

    Slightly surprised this hasn’t been posted before; I’ve done a search and can’t find it on the forum, but if it has been posted please feel free to report to mods and move / merge as necessary. Michael Holden’s review into performance on SWR / NRs Wessex route was published a few weeks ago. It...
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    GB number plate curiosity

    Evening all. A good chum of mine recently experienced a curious incident, which set my mind thinking, which in turn has led to me discovering - I think - an oddity about GB registration plates (number plates). As most of you will know, since September 2001 GB number plates have been in the...
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    iOS 11

    My iPad (a 2 year old Air 2) upgraded itself to iOS11 a couple of weeks ago. Since then it has been nothing but trouble. It runs more slowly, some apps tend to crash, the new keyboard is extremely frustrating, and typing often freezes, occasionally causing a web page to hang up. Indeed it just...
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    Plug sockets on new trains

    Mod Note: This thread has been split from the thread on the 700's here: I've said it before, and will say it again. What is the issue with plug sockets? Can people really not manage to charge their phones / tablets / laptops /...
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    RPIs on the Underground

    Occasionally, indeed very occasionally, I see Revenue guys on the underground. Usually just one side of the barriers at a busy station, checking certain types of ticket that flag up on the barriers. As I have a staff Oyster I usually get asked to 'show my credentials'. Today, however, I saw...
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    Forum problem - can't comment on first thread

    Evening all. I have had a technical issue with the forum for more than a year, and I've now caved in to ask for help. I usually access the forum without logging in, only doing so to reply to another comment on any given thread. Typically, I will press the 'reply' or 'quote' button, then be...
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    MML disruption 10/1/15

    Little bit surprised that no one has posted about this. MML has been blocked all lines at Harpenden since 1230 today with a (railway) radio mast leaning dangerously towards the tracks, presumably due to the high winds earlier. Teams on site now to cut it down.
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    Thameslink core problems

    The wires are down at City Thameslink, so no trains in either direction through the core for 'a while'.
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    RSSB Annual Report

    Has been published. Worth a skim read. It would seem the easiest way to improve rail passenger safety, by a country mile, is to ban those aged over 70 from travelling by train. See chart 78.
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    London Bridge - Major Disruption

    For info - major disruption to all services at London Bridge tonight. No trains have moved on all lines controlled by London Bridge ASC since 1640. This is due to a problem in the signalbox itself, causing a loss of power to the signalling. No estimate for resumption.
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    Oyster Annual Travelcard refund - help

    Need a little help as fares are not my strong point (not having bought a ticket in 20 years). I've searched the forum and the (excellent) forum fares guide but still have a couple of questions. My brother in law has an Annual Travelcard, Zones 1-W, bought a couple of months ago; he lives in...