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  1. Eeveevolve

    Your favourite Airport dedicated Rail service

    Used my RBS Visa card in a Chipkaart machine from when I went last Feb. No problems.
  2. Eeveevolve

    West Yorkshire MCard - Slow progress with implementation?

    They do. TVMs in Leeds
  3. Eeveevolve

    Huddersfield Station below ground

    Especially their weather reports, either completely inaccurate, or telling us of a heatwave while we are already out in it.
  4. Eeveevolve

    Walking through first class

    So technically most of a class 185 users have to use the cramped toilet instead of walking through first class to get to the bigger toilet past first class?? ;) In all my travels on 185s, I have never had a problem walking through to get to the loo.
  5. Eeveevolve

    Speeding on motorways

    A satnav is going to be the more accurate to measure your speed. A cars speedo is allowed to over estimate your speed but never ever underestimate. If your satnav is showing higher than your cars speedo, you have a problem.
  6. Eeveevolve

    DMUs with no confirmed long term homes

    Just had a 153 this morning on the commuter train between Huddersfield and Wakefield. Rammed to the gills and the seating is so cramped. I normally complain when a 142 comes in, but i would rather have had it back.
  7. Eeveevolve

    Help from the DWP for Jobseekers starting work

    Well I must have looked good on their statistics. Only 3 weeks signing on, and got a job through no help of theirs. They spent an hour showing me how to look for jobs on the universal jobmatch site which is full of charity muggers and PPI call centre roles. All with 'meets minimum wage'...
  8. Eeveevolve

    Healey mills yard

    Thanks for that. I had a Merseyrail seating 142043 this morning. All a lot of fun with the schoolkids rammed in...
  9. Eeveevolve

    Healey mills yard

    As a commuter along that stretch I would like to know too. Nothing on any internet searches I do every so often. BTW, if you happen to be on the 17:50 back to hudds, hello!
  10. Eeveevolve

    Help from the DWP for Jobseekers starting work

    I signed on for the grand total of 3 weeks nearly a year ago, and got a job in Leeds (Live in huddersfield) and wouldnt be able to afford the train fare for a month until first payday. Rang Jobcentre to sign off and enquired about a loan to get me to work. They went above and beyond a loan...
  11. Eeveevolve

    Lost property

    As im from huddersfield I assumed Lost Property was a thing at all stations. So if something is lost in Windermere or Scarbrough, it ends up in a pokey room in Hudds?
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    You sure it was Rugby, as at our rugby matches there is one or two officers sat in a corner eating hotdogs.
  13. Eeveevolve

    Season ticket advice

    No rest days?
  14. Eeveevolve

    A Puzzle For You All

    But it is something Kirk or Spock would use to confuse a computer.
  15. Eeveevolve

    A Puzzle For You All

    I call that correct aswell. You do or you dont. 50/50
  16. Eeveevolve

    Nice present from BTP

    TPE do a branded wallet.
  17. Eeveevolve

    Storm Henry - Monday 1st

    Network rail has tweeted that the line between Carlisle and Leeds is single line only until the end of february due to landslip.
  18. Eeveevolve

    How to show split tickets when asked?

    In a completly random order, around 4 hours to check. Just slightly longer than the travelling time. :)
  19. Eeveevolve

    Wakefield Kirkgate Redevelopment

    Th eeveening ones do have a problem. They've given up asking me now as they see i go right past them into the cafe. Ill speak to the owners of the cafe this evening and see if they can do something.
  20. Eeveevolve

    Wakefield Kirkgate Redevelopment

    Can't see where a booking office would go. The cafe has the only spot.