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    Nude trespasser in Essex (01/06)

    BBC News I couldn't possibly comment!
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    Clan Line Friday 30/3/17

    Heard a 'rumour' Clan Line failed to respond to an emergency GSMR stop message after a bridge strike. Any information (without speculation)? RTT seems to show some delay:-
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    Train named in memory of Dave Gunson, guard (Did a forum search but no thread thrown up)
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    Severn Valley Railway train carriages vandalised
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    Severn V.R. Opening Anniversary

    BBC News Footage predates H&S somewhat.
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    Signal problems - Surbiton 22 Mar

    Looks like a significant signalling problem in the Hampton Ct Jn area, most trains seem to be dropping 30+ minutes getting through. RTT diagram recently:-
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    Points problem at Weybridge? (10 Mar)

    Looks like a holdup at Weybridge, down lines.
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    Avro Vulcan XH558 to take to the rails

    Couldn't findany mention on the forum:- BBC News item
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    Conductor punched at Blackpool South Wed 14 Jan

    BBC News item
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    Disruption out of Paddington (PUT at Hayes & Harlington)

    believed to be a p/way worker 'clipped' by a train