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    Rugely Town - Trent Valley

    Following on from here: I thought it best to create a new thread as this has nothing to do with Wales. When Rugeley Town was reopened, it was, for the first year, a terminus for trains from Birmingham before the service was extended...
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    IOM SailRail question

    A couple of questions about Isle of Man Sail Rail if I may. In order to avoid worry of delays on the day of sailing, would it be possible to have an overnight break of journey on the outward portion of these tickets? This would also allow a Two Together Railcard to be used which would otherwise...
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    Fare revision date

    Would anybody please be able to supply me with the date of the January 2020 fares round, and indeed future fare revision dates. I have in my head 2nd January but I am not certain.
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    EMT Groupsave on LNER TVM

    Just seen on the front screen of the TVM in the down side waiting room at Grantham. The front screen states that the machine can issue Groupsave tickets but not ScotRail Groupsave. However, searching for an example journey to Nottingham for three passengers does not show up the Groupsave 3 fare...
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    NFM 64 fare query

    Please could some kind soul look up the fare for Barton on Humber (BAU) to Doncaster (DON) in NFM64? I am using it to see if Doncaster is an appropriate destination routeing point for Barton to Gainsborough. The routeing point calculator shows no fare and I can't access the data on this machine.
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    Nottingham Derbyshire Wayfarer

    Does the Derbyshire Wayfarer varient which has validity at Nottingham and Beeston act as a ranger with unlimited travel in the extended area or is it valid only for one return journey from Nottingham/Beeston to the boundary of the standard Wayfarer area? A little confused on this, it is issued...
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    Go Ahead bus links

    Does anybody know of any rail bus links, with through ticketing provided (or a railway issued add on other than Plus Bus), for which the bus leg is operated by Go Ahead or one of its subsidiaries, preferably Go Ahead North East but would be interested in others as well. Many thanks in advance...
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    Tiger live departures board

    Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place. Please could some kind soul post the link to the live departures board which shows the length of trains at many stations. Many thanks in advance.
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    Tyne & Wear Metro Day ticket

    Please could some kind soul advise on whether there is any way for a BR booking office to issue a £5.10 Tyne & Wear Metro all zones day ticket. I've have a scout around BR fares and can't see anything obvious, but it would seem slightly odd given it is valid on BR trains at Newcastle Central and...
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    Habrough - Stalybridge

    Apologies if I am being dense, according to my reading National Routeing Guide, Habrough - Stalybridge is not valid via the route: Habrough - Barnetby - Doncaster - Swinton - Sheffield - Stockport - Manchester Group - Guide Bridge - Stalybridge, despite this being, to my mind at least, the...
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    Southampton Town Quay

    Apologies if this is the wrong place for this - I was unsure where to post. How well signposted is the walking route from Southampton Central railway station to the Town Quay? I know there is the bus service for a quid (I presume it is free only for Red Funnel passengers and not the Hythe...
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    LM platform tickets

    What is the current position with regards London Midland booking offices issuing platform tickets? When I have tried some relatively recently, the button has been greyed out - is it now impossible or a different procedure? Ta in advance for any gen.
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    EMT Groupsave

    Morning all, Could those with access to the NFM please look up the cost of a Groupsave 4 day return from Derby-Leicester, as it no longer appears in any booking engines. As a cheap day return is £9.80 I would imagine the ticket for for people costs £19.60, but I would be grateful for...
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    Group Save

    Avantix shows group save 3 and group save 4 returns between Grimsby and Nottingham, route any permitted, same restrictions as a cheap day return. Trainline based booking engines also show this ticket, however they only show it as available when using EMT services via Lincoln. All other ticket...
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    Stockport to Stalybridge

    Does the National Routing Guide actually take into account this route? The reason I ask is that a journey that I will be making in the near future is valid via the Stockport-Manchester-Stalybridge route, using map GM amongst others, but is not valid going direct Stockport-Stalybridge. It would...
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    Am I correct in thinking that the fare to excess one portion of a return ticket from a restricted route to any permitted is half of the difference between the two fares? Also, on that basis, I believe I recall reading on here that some ticket machines incorrectly charge the full difference...
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    Overnight break of journey

    I have seen in many threads on here that an overnight break of journey is allowed, even on tickets such as day returns, where completing a journey in one day is not practical. My understanding is that travel must be resumed by 12:00 the next day. Please could somebody point me in the direction...
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    Greenfield-Horwich Parkway

    Looking in Avantix for Greenfield-Horwich fares, with a YP railcard, I have found that the only route available is Metrolink (GM). Greenfield to nearby stations to Horwich, ie Blackrod, Bolton, produces the expected route any permittted, yet any east Manchester station (that I have tried) to...
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    Scotrail half-price offer

    Just had this forwarded to me: Book by this Saturday, 20 October, and SAVE 50% off your rail tickets when you book online Today, First ScotRail is celebrating the third anniversary of the franchise, which began on 17 October 2004. Given the importance of such...
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    Travelcard extension tickets

    Does anyone know where I could find details of fares for Travelcard extension tickets (I can't see them on National Rail, Tfl, or any of the Trainline based sites). I am interested in Watford Jn-Travelcard boundary single, to upgrade a zone 1-D ticket, and am looking for full price, YP, and...