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  1. Cowley

    A bit of layout design help needed.

    Evening me dears. I was wondering if any of you clever technically minded folks could help me out here? I’ve sketched out a plan for the future expansion of my railway and I’ve seen some of your model railway plans where you’ve computerised them and they look really good. I’ve no idea how to do...
  2. Cowley

    Maunsell coaches

    Do any of our esteemed Southern or coach experts know much about these carriages? My friend’s father has asked me a few questions that I don’t really know the answer to. He’s bought some model ones (Hornby I think), and was wondering if there were any still running around in the south west in...
  3. Cowley

    A couple of class 33 questions?

    Evening everyone. I wonder if anyone would be able to answer a couple of questions for me, and maybe just share any extra information that isn’t often mentioned but may be interesting for people like me that like these machines? The first question is a little obscure but I was wondering if...
  4. Cowley

    Old GWR railway halts/works platforms questions?

    Afternoon everyone. This is a railway modelling question really but there’s a broader question in this as well. My friend is making an 0 gauge railway based on something along the lines of the Hemyock branch in the 1970s. He’s been looking at building a small halt halfway along potentially next...
  5. Cowley

    Kim Jong Un rumours.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the fact that Kim Jong Un has not appeared in public for a while? There’s been plenty of rumours but nothing concrete yet... Definitely something to keep an eye on though, as it could potentially end up becoming extremely serious for the whole world with the USA...
  6. Cowley

    Static grass tips (for N gauge especially)?

    Evening everyone. Has anyone used static grass and got good results from it? Having looked at rmweb there’s an enormous amount of information but it runs to page after page and I’m just looking for some simple tips on what to buy to get started? Any help would be gratefully received.
  7. Cowley

    Do you have any model railway projects on the go?

    As the title says. Now that we’re all on an enforced lockdown has anyone got any model railways that they’re tinkering around with to pass the time? Maybe you’re making something for someone else (as well as my own layout I’m making trees for my friends railway that we were meant to be showing...
  8. Cowley

    If you were forced to self isolate...

    If it ended up being that you were forced to stay at home for a few weeks, say if there was some kind of emergency that required you to not go to work, and minimise contact with others. Assuming that you weren’t actually ill. What would you do with the time? I’m currently doing a load of work...
  9. Cowley

    Fitbits/Smart watches etc.

    Has anyone else got one? I got both of us one each for Christmas and it’s probably fair to say that it’s become a little bit competitive between Mrs C and I... I always knew that I was fairly active because of what I do for a living, but it’s been quite interesting seeing it all laid out in an...
  10. Cowley

    Lapford station in N gauge.

    Part 1 @Ash Bridge, @Peter C and @Andy R. A. have all had a part in making me pluck up the courage to share what I’ve been tinkering about with recently. It all started with a few ideas and also this thread... My best friend...
  11. Cowley

    Britain’s relationship with the EU post Brexit.

    It’s probably time to move the debate on from the endless arguing over whether we should or shouldn’t have left the EU. What’s done is done and I think it’s fairly clear that there’s going to be a lot of haggling, dealing, compromising and work to do over the next few years as to what the UK’s...
  12. Cowley

    The Great Central North information and future plans.

    I’ve started this as a separate thread to the existing GCR threads. If anyone has anything interesting to add please do. From my own point of view I’ve had a few trips on the line and could really see the progress that’s been made on the track and linesides when I visited recently.
  13. Cowley

    Exeter to Liverpool advice.

    Evening everyone. I’m looking for a bit of help with this conundrum: I’ve been looking at a car that’s in Wallasey near Liverpool (yes I know it’s a long way away from me but I’ve done my research and it’s exactly what I’m looking for). I’ve got tomorrow (Monday) off and Saturday - he said...
  14. Cowley

    Finding common ground with others.

    Just as a counterpoint to the various political threads that seem to be causing our esteemed members to argue with each other... How do you get on with people that are completely opposite to you? Do you have a way of dealing with it? Or would you rather only have people around you that...
  15. Cowley

    What decade did you start work in? And how was it for you?

    I’ve always been very aware that there are lots of people that are quite a lot younger than me on the forum (and quite a few that are older too). I started work at 16 years old in an HGV garage in Exeter as an apprentice in 1989 just after I’d done (badly) my exams. Looking back on it after...
  16. Cowley

    Exhibiting layouts at model railway shows.

    I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while. Have any other forum members exhibited or helped to exhibit a layout at any model railway shows? I’m sure someone on here mentioned that they had at some point (was it you @EbbwJunction maybe?). I’m helping a friend to show his at Taunton Railex...
  17. Cowley

    Double line stations in the steam era without a goods yard in the station environs?

    That’s probably the most long winded title I’ve ever written... This is a bit niche (and hopefully someone might rise to the challenge), but I’m trying to find a smallish station on a double track line (hopefully a Southern Region one, but anything interesting would do), that wouldn’t have had...
  18. Cowley

    BR Standard steam classes in Devon and Cornwall.

    Morning everyone. I’m just trying to work which of the Standards would have worked around Exeter but mainly west of Exeter in steam days? What I think I know: Ex GWR routes - 73xxx 5MT*, 70xxxx Brits. Were there others like 80xxx tanks (which seemed to get everywhere)? * Also would these have...
  19. Cowley

    Small box in the corner of some mk1s?

    It’s about these little boxes: Does anyone know what they are? They seem to be original fittings on certain coaches. Are they something to do with a PA system perhaps? I (and a very good friend) would very much like to know, so any help would be much appreciated. ;)
  20. Cowley

    N gauge 1980s era lorries and other useful layout accessories.

    Evening clever type people. I’m trying to find a couple of reasonably priced N scale trucks for the 1980s/90s era model that I’m making, but I’m drawing a bit of a blank at the moment. I want something a bit West Country, preferably of the grain/fertiliser carrying variety - although a...