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    Train Dispatcher & Pregnant

    I think they will either put you on light duties straight away or you may be able to continue with dispatch until you are unable to and then would be on light duties. This was the case for my colleague in my previous dispatch course but can't recall if she was put on light duties straight away...
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    Mmi failure

    Wow did not know you could pass all the questions and then fail due to something else? But if your communication was 'weak' then surely that would have impacted one or the q causing you to fail a question. I'm really sorry about this and it does seem very harsh!
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    Bourdon Test

    Thank you. Hope that helps.
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    Bourdon Test

    If u check on that sticky I did post a link where you could print out the sheets but you will have to find it coz i can't remember when I posted it !!
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    Becoming a train driver

    Nope. First one was either low or high tones only (can't remember which one we had to do now) Second was symbols. And the third one you count all the tones but I'm sure they were all either low or high and not a mixture of both.
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    Group Bourdon Tool

    Agree with this for example L and Y.
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    George Floyd Death and the Wider Consequences

    Are you suggesting they haven't tried to go through the proper channel because I've been reading otherwaise. Happy to be proven wrong tho!
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    George Floyd Death and the Wider Consequences

    I've heard they've tried but was ignored on numerous occasion. And then you got some people that are more outraged about the statue then what he did lmao.
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    George Floyd Death and the Wider Consequences

    I can't judge him by modern standards yeah because back then its normal to enslave thousands of people and for over 19000 to die during the crossing. No one is trying to erase what's happened but I don't see the point of him being a statue wherr there's more positive figures. Let's build...
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    George Floyd Death and the Wider Consequences

    Doesn't matter if he was a criminal or not, nothing can JUSTIFY the force.
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    George Floyd Death and the Wider Consequences

    Loooooool are you serious? I don't know why that statue was still up. I'm glad they removed it. It's estimated 19000 slaves died during the crossing.
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    Aspiring Tube Driver- Need Guidance.

    I think you need to do a bit of research on the job tbh. Underground recruitment is different. For train operating companies such as tfl rail which run on network rail lines will need to pass a psychometrics test and you only have two lives. TFL LU have their own tests which I've heard you can...
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    Rail services to be increased on May 18th

    I don't know what it means for train crew if trains are going back to full service. As everyone will be in, how will staff socially distant in mess rooms for example
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    Trainee Train Drivers - Waterloo (14.01.20)

    Anything can happen but I meant the chances are a lot less as you have a second pair of eyes. If you've stopped short the guard might realise and not release the door and contact the drivers. So yes anything can happen. Main incidents probably tpws or passing a signal at danger. I think...
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    Trainee Train Drivers - Waterloo (14.01.20)

    I'm not an expert and please don't think I'm taking anything away from swr drivers as Ive always said the South West is the most intense network but at the moment they are just focusing on driving (which isn't easy in itself) . Most tocs operational incidents is wrong side door release and stop...
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    Trainee Train Drivers - Waterloo (14.01.20)

    But then on the other side, they have guards so the chances of a operational incidents such as stop short door release is slim as the guard may clock it and not open the doors. Also the chances of doing a spad on platforms as passenger service is slim as hopefully the dispatch (not all stations...
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    Most popular TOC/Depots for driving trains ?

    The union. And majority would be 3-5 year deal. Then when the time is up they go back and negotiate.
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    Trainee driver vacancies?

    Just keep checking this forum every couple of days if you can as someone will post vacancies on here. That's how I know about most of them.
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    Further RMT strike action on SWR [latest action suspended]

    I very much doubt their London depot drivers will be moving to other London tocs now. I know they've lost a lot of drivers at Waterloo to overground and mtr crossrail.
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    Further RMT strike action on SWR [latest action suspended]

    Very good deal for the drivers at swr. They probably have the most intense network then any other toc. And not forgetting the variety of traction they drive and and the many routes most of the drivers sign. I would like to know weather their conditions and rosters etc will remain the same?