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    GWR 800 Cardiff to Taunton

    Would First Class be declassified on the 800 that works between Cardiff and Taunton?
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    Different rovers being rejected in ticket barriers

    Back in January I purchased a Greater Manchester Daysaver from the ticket office at Piccadilly station. It doesn't permit travel before 09:30 and between 16:00 and 18:30. I boarded a service at 10:30 but it got rejected in the barriers. It also got rejected in the barrier at Stockport as well. I...
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    Trivia: Closest stations to each other as the crow flies

    Not sure if this has been discussed already but just wondered what the two closest stations to each other are? I'd have to go with three options: Heath High Level and Heath Low Level; Ty Glas and Birchgrove and Whyteleafe and Upper Warlingham.
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    Long distance travel for work

    Hello, not sure if this was relevant for any existing threads so started a new one. A friend of mine who lives in Redditch is a lifeguard in Tenby. He's driving back home (he's from Tenby originally) for the summer season for work, so I asked him whether he could stop off in Cardiff along the...
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    London Buses Thread

    What London bus routes have you been on? I've been the following: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10 (w/d), 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 15H, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 30, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 48 (w/d), 49, 52, 54, 65, 68, 73, 74, 76, 81, 85, 87, 88, 90, 94, 98, 105, 106, 137, 139, 140, 148, 156, 159, 170...
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    Trivia: Ridiculous fare scenarios

    Overheard a passenger on a Salisbury to Waterloo service a few weeks before lockdown tell the guard that a Super Off Peak Single from Salisbury to Waterloo is £42.80, yet the same ticket from Warminster, one station further up the line, is only £27, bearing in mind that train would obviously...
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    Highest PVRs

    This has been discussed five years ago, but obviously out of date and the thread is now closed. Just wondering what the highest PVR is in the UK? London routes must be a winner, but you've also got the 192 in Manchester, the 38 in Glasgow and the 50 in Birmingham. Highest PVR routes in London...
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    Trivia: Services that see the most varied stock

    Not sure if this has been discussed already but I was wondering what line sees the most the varied stock? By line, I'm not referring to a certain stretch of the East Coast Main Line for instance, where you'll get Voyagers, Azumas etc. I'm referring more to a certain line with services that you...
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    Trip to Glasgow

    Hello everyone, I was supposed to be in Glasgow this week but for obvious reasons I've had to postpone. I forget how extensive Glasgow's railway network is. I'd quite like to incorporate a couple of trips that involve going out by rail and coming back by bus, for example the train out to East...
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    Purchasing tickets during COVID-19 pandemic

    Not sure if this has been discussed already on here, I can't say I've noticed but an interesting point crossed my mind just now. What would be the deal with purchasing tickets from TVMs at the moment? We all know that fare evasion is a common problem on our railways, and we've seen many people...
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    ATW Class 150 interior diagram

    Afternoon, One of my mates has got a Bachmann model of a ATW 150 but it isn't the best. He wants to build the interior of it. Does anyone know where I can obtain a diagram? He's had a look at some interior shots of photos uploaded on Flickr but think he needs something else to work off...
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    Salisbury to Waterloo split at Surbiton

    Afternoon, I'm currently on a Salisbury to Waterloo service, purchased my ticket as far as Surbiton because I'll then use Oyster for the remainder of the journey into Waterloo (I'm using the tube around London today, so I'll reach the cap anyway). On my return journey though, I'll need to use...
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    Temple Meads revenue protection

    Every Thursday I commute from Trowbridge to Filton Abbey Wood. A few weeks ago I was making my regular journey with my friend. I had a return portion of an Anytime Return whilst he needed to buy a ticket at Trowbridge. Trowbridge station has two windows (both of which are staffed in the...
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    London spotting

    Thinking of doing a bit of Southeastern spotting on my next trip to London, I've done St John's a couple of times as it's possible to stand on the bridge without tapping in. I'm thinking of Hither Green maybe? Somewhere without barriers so I can tap in only when I'm ready to travel. Need to...
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    800 Cardiff to Taunton

    I noticed a few weeks ago that one of the diagrams on the Cardiff to Taunton circuit is booked for an 800, starting with the 0742 Weston-super-Mare to Cardiff. Today, I saw it was a double set, with 800014 leading. Can anyone confirm if it was a double set, or was I just seeing things?!
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    Trowbridge to Clapham Junction via Salisbury

    Afternoon, Just trying to work out whether a Super Off-Peak Single from Trowbridge to Clapham Junction with the route via Salisbury would be valid from Southampton Central? Obviously there are direct trains from Salisbury to Waterloo but to be honest, I quite fancy a ride on a Desiro, so was...
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    Salford Quays to Piccadilly early morning

    Hello! Next Friday I need to catch the 6:00 Manchester to Bristol service. I'm staying in Salford Quays but the first tram isn't until about 6.15. Journey planners are advising I take the 53 bus to the College of Music and walk up to Piccadilly (first 53 is at 4.54am but there's one at 5.33am)...
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    Southern Electrostar refurbishment

    Not sure if there's already a thread on this elsewhere but are Southern planning on refurbishing their 377s? Last week I got on one (albeit only for a ten minute journey) but the seats were absolutely diabolical. Brown stains on almost every seat from where people's sweaty heads had been, and...
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    Cardiff to London Return

    Afternoon, Just wondering if anybody could find the cheapest ticket from Cardiff to London with a 16-25 railcard. A quick check on Train Splits shows a three-way split, at Swindon and Didcot, bringing the ticket down to £42 (Cardiff to Swindon £15.65; Swindon to Didcot £8.25; Didcot to...
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    Longest city bus routes

    Just wondering what the longest city bus route is out there? I'm not looking so much at interurban buses like the X5 Oxford to Cambridge, X53 from Weymouth or the Excel from Norwich, but mainly cross-city services that in theory could be considerably shorter if they weren't observing so many...