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    UK face coverings discussion

    If he is aware he has Covid then he should not be outside, if he is not aware then having a mask on for some of the time is better than no mask at all. Hewil be smoking whichever category he is in. And wearing a mask may give a LITTLE protection from others who have the medics claim.
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    UK face coverings discussion

    So the guy has an addiction he is feeding but is responsible enough to where a mask where it is not mandatory, what is the problem?
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    UK face coverings discussion

    Well for something that has not yet been around for a year what is your definition of a long term problem? They may well have not shown up yet.
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    Why are buses on the Isle of Wight so good compared to other rural parts of the UK?

    Really! I would have thought £10 for the Island all day was good value. Costs £8 to go from Swanage to Bournemouth and back (although of course pre Covid many buses were full of free passes)
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    West Somerset Railway

    A quick glance at the WSR Operations Thread and the S & D Washford eviction threads on National Preservation will provide a "flavour" of some of the issues. No idea what is truth or lies, but feelings continue to run high for a line that has had a long history of "issues"
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    Ticket machine covered in bodily fluids, penalty fare given

    I wonder if the OP managed to get the penalty removed, especially as the Welsh Assembly seemed the most conservative on removing restrictions, which in turn were far more draconian than other UK nations.
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    Powers of a person at a station

    Not sure I can see anything antagonistic in that remark. I assume you have never worked in an airline terminal where you would to hear things that are really antagonistic, down right rude and ignorant from passengers.
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    Face coverings to become mandatory in shops in England (includes poll)

    I did not say they had but I would not have a problem if they did. It would be a clear law rather than you need one in this location but not a different one.
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    Face coverings to become mandatory in shops in England (includes poll)

    Ask the thousands infected in Arizona about that where it is over 40 Celsius
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    Face coverings to become mandatory in shops in England (includes poll)

    Excellent idea, I would be happy if it was mandatory outside of your own property. Went on the Sandbanks Ferry last week and despite a notice about every 20 ft that says roofs must be closed and no passenger window can be open the vehicle next to us has the front passenger window open, not the...
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    Using data from apps like Trainline as part of fare evasion prosecutions

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #19 originally in this thread. I will not comment on if the prosecution proposed by TIL is valid or not. Hoever I am very concerned (if true) by your comments about previous Trainline history. As I can see it this data could only be legally obtained by you authorising them...
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    Face coverings compulsory on public transport in England from 15 June

    Or like me have a partner in the Critically Vulnerable Category so any little extra I can do to protect her I will do. Still bizarre waling into the Post Office looking like a robber.
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    Criminal Cases Review Commission invites Attorney General and Justice Select Committee to review role of private prosecutors

    I think you will find many of those sub postmasters were in effect forced, by threats from the Post Office but that is thread drift. I also dispute your earlier pints that courts are "no gamble". Courts interpret written laws, not always correctly, as do lawyers who tell clients to proceed or...
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    Statutory declaration following a court case I did not know about

    So what basis are they allowed access on preventing and protecting crime? Because as I see it the full register can only be give to local authorities, law enforcement and the courts. Makes no mention on the ICO website of it being available to TOC's. The open register which anyone can purchase...
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    Statutory declaration following a court case I did not know about

    I am reading this correctly and you are expecting an RPO do undertake an electoral roll check? I think there have been enough "not me travelling" cases on here to prove the address provided is taken as correct. Plus if you have moved since the last register was produced it will not be the...
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    SWR Delay Repay Semi Hypothetical Question

    No her personal issues took over. Still as she did not know DR existed until I told her I suppose to her she has not lost that much.
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    SWR Delay Repay Semi Hypothetical Question

    Just as an update when my wife was on the phone to her the other day I asked how much SWR paid. Apparently nothing rejected originally, which she appealed, and also rejected. She was and still is going through a separation/divorce so has abandoned it, but I wonder how many others, who travel in...
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    EasyJet: Nine million customers details accessed including credit cards in 2,200 cases

    More interested how long this has taken to come to light. Was that an instruction for the NCA or was easyJet in effect trying to hide it. Whoever made the decision to not announce it earlier should be made to explain why.
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    Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) penalty fare appeal success

    NRE seems to imply Southern and Thameslink have different fares from both Hassocks and Brighton to London. So would that make it Thameslink only?
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    Statute barred penalty fare?

    You may not remember now but 22.2 of the TFL bylaws states The authorised person requesting details under Byelaw 22(1) shall state the nature of the suspected breach of the Byelaws in general terms at the time of the request. Did this happen? and clause 23 says 23. Offence and level of fines...