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    Freedom of North West Rail Rovers

    I was thinking because it's Christmas, the restrictions would be lifted. The plan for Saturday was football, tick off Brunton Park as part of the 92 or possibly Queen of the South, go via Virgin/TPE.
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    Freedom of North West Rail Rovers

    I'm back in the UK for another 10 days, and want to do a bit of exploring. I was thinking of buying the Freedom of North West Rail Rover 4 in 8 days...
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    Chinley to Sheffield next Saturday

    I'm returning to the UK for the first time in over 4 years this week, and I was wanting to head to Sheffield to watch the football. Having kept up with things, Northern are on one of their strike days. I would have typically bought a return to Sheffield for £11.60 and then Supertram onwards to...
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    Guardian columnist suggests vandalising Southern stations

    I was going to say the same myself. Do her comments amount to inciting criminal activity? Is there such a crime? She's on dodgy ground either way...
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    Unachievable Turnround Times

    I frequently used both the stoppers and the express services between 2011 and 2014. The stopper waited for up to about 8-9 minutes for a late running express particularly the :16 stopper. I've been on the stopper that has gone into the loop at Glazebrook and let the express fly by. The...
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    Urgent help required

    Maybe because no-one would see it as a joking matter and the railway has proved that with their subsequent actions. The railway is no different to any other service or product you use, you wouldn't go to a supermarket and then pull something out your jacket, and say, 'Oh, we have these too'...
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    Experiences of Taiwan...

    Hi all, it's been a while since I posted on the forum and didn't know where to put this thread. It's travel related though, I have been living in southern Taiwan for over a year but it's not that often I see tourists here and I think there's only 20,000 or so westerners who live here I know...
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    Warrington Central line Sunday Sevice

    Presumably because neither is a Merseytravel or TGFM station.
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    Played well last night but had a bit of luck with Brighton losing 4 players and having 2 suspended. We may just regret not killing the tie off on the night but if you'd offered me a 2-0 lead to take to Brighton pre match I'd have been delighted. We go again on Monday night, which will be a...
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    my anytime day single says 'via leeds'?

    You can go to a ticket office, and asked for it to be excessed to go via Sheffield. It should be only 60p. Although, I'm not sure if it changes anything if you've ordered it from the Trainline's website and picked it up. Other posters will help you on that...
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    my anytime day single says 'via leeds'?

    There are two fares from Manchester Airport, one via Sheffield and the cheaper one, via Leeds. If it says travel via Leeds you must do so, although you could get a change of route excess at a ticket office. And as it is 'Anytime Day Single' you could have just purchased it on the day, it's no...
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    Should We Leave the EU?

    I don't believe there is a right to live and work anywhere, you should earn a job on merit. If you are skilled enough to do a job, you should get it. I teach English in Taiwan, I appreciate that there has to be procedures in place before you can be granted a work permit and permission to stay...
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    Should We Leave the EU?

    The people will vote to stay in when in reality, the best thing to do is leave. The In camp will scare people in voting to stay in, tell outright lies and we'll get the 'if you vote out, you're right wing and you're racist' crap. The EU has more to lose from us leaving than we have to leave...
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    Early connection and Advance

    You have to catch the booked train (ones you have a reservation for), if you board the other service then you don't have a valid ticket. You can of course ask the guard nicely, but they have the right to refuse and you won't have a reserved seat that you would on your booked service anyway.
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    An hour in Sheffield (first time visit)

    Could walk in a circuit, up Howard Street onto Arundel Gate to where the Millennium Gallery is. Up to the Peace Gardens then right, past the Town Hall, left up to the City Hall on Barkers Pool, then down Fargate, quick look at the cathedral and continue down High Street then back to the station...
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    Petition asking for SouthEastern to be stripped of franchise

    Perhaps I should edit that, because not every service is delayed. I'm guilty of over exaggeration. The vast majority of trains arrive on time, a train 10 minutes late is not as regular as some commuters make out. I remember on my lengthy commute, I was delayed by an hour on just one occasion on...
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    Petition asking for SouthEastern to be stripped of franchise

    I struggle to have any sympathy whatsoever with anyone commuting in most of the South East of the UK into London. I remember commuting to a station just outside Liverpool from a station on the Hope Valley Line. Sometimes I didn't need to be there till gone midday and trains were at 0955, 1055...
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    Not Wanting to go home

    On the subject of family and Christmas, I've not been a big fan of Christmas since I was 14/15 and I'm not exactly that sociable, I'm Aspergers but found it hard over the Christmas period. It made me realise, how lucky those are, who live near their parents or with them. I live a small matter...
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    Liverpool to Norwich - Direct Services

    Used to commute 4 days between Chinley and Liverpool on the 158s, and found them to be very good. Good leg-room, almost always got a seat. About 30% of the time between Manchester and Chinley on the 1638/1738 I had to stand but for a 30 minute journey I wasn't complaining at all. It's a good...
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    Superb on Friday too, calm on the ball. Always fighting for it, just a really good midfielder for Championship level. Hopefully we help him get his career back on track, didn't realise it was so long that he'd been at Villa. His clipped pass to set in Pudil for the cross for the first goal...