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  1. fgwrich

    Virgin Trains USA livery?

    Having come back from Scotland last week with Avanti I rather agree with you. Lacklustre and First Group seem to go hand in hand of late - as a regular user of SWT / SWR. Apart from the delay repay returning fairly quickly, everything else was rather disappointing. Linking back to the topic, I...
  2. fgwrich

    East-West Rail: Progress and updates

    From that part, are East West / Network Rail not upgrading the Bletchley - Bedford route then?
  3. fgwrich

    First South West (Kernow & Buses of Somerset)

    Let's just say, it's the a**e end of Slough. Having had a few jobs at the station and dealing with some of the locals, it's not an area I'm in a rush to go back to! Although, linking this back to the thread, the last time I had to go to Slough for work purposes, the FK / GW Timetable / Bike Bus...
  4. fgwrich

    GWR Class 319 / 769 information & discussion.

    That could well be the reason. Looking at the 387 fleet for a moment, they seem to have shoes on both bogies too.
  5. fgwrich

    New Station calendar

    That doesn’t surprise me whatsoever sadly. I don’t know what it is about this station, but glaciers seem to move quicker than it!
  6. fgwrich

    Class 769 for London Gateway freight trial

    I hope those windows are clamped shut!
  7. fgwrich

    First South West (Kernow & Buses of Somerset)

    Oh I don't know, I think it would do some of us a favour if it washed away the one in Bucks! :lol:
  8. fgwrich

    Stagecoach Repaint Updates

    Exactly! There's an ever increasing growing list of inconsistencies emerging, as I see the North Devon Wave E400s are now returning with black headlights / small white panel / no window band. All in all, It's getting worse than First's attempt at the 2012 "Olympia" scheme at this rate...
  9. fgwrich

    Stagecoach Repaint Updates

    In fact, looking at the North East repaints, they all seem to retain the black band. So further inconsistencies - but a smarter touch. Whereas the Devon ones seem to be continuing without them...
  10. fgwrich

    Stagecoach Repaint Updates

    That's certainly different, but it's this one I quite like with the additional white bit on it. Much as the old style front on the new livery actually looks better - and is another Scotland special. Edit, I see the North East has a similar...
  11. fgwrich

    Stagecoach Repaint Updates

    Indeed, like the loss of "The Kings City", this unified livery scheme looks terrible and makes them feel even less connected to the local areas they service - a total opposite of what First are currently achieving. The yellow does have the appearance of a school bus, no matter how stagecoach try...
  12. fgwrich

    First South West (Kernow & Buses of Somerset)

    Looking at Flickr I can see what you mean...
  13. fgwrich

    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    Dam, I would have done that! However one of them happened to be behind one of my favourite power cars, so I took the chance to take a trip behind that at the standard class end anyway.
  14. fgwrich

    Avanti West Coast rebrand

    I Have to admit I think I prefer the later “Flowing Silk” style front end. Possibly because we’ve seen that style / look for the past 20 years.
  15. fgwrich

    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    I’m not sure how it’s been on the HSTs, but I believe on the 170s & EMUs it has been declassified. Both HSTs I took last week had the coach taped out of use, with the staff dispatching from the FC coach.
  16. fgwrich

    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    I've been on 4 refurbs and used / seen them used twice (both last year, sadly they've been closed this year). Speaking to staff, both the buffet and first class are lightly used but perhaps not as much as they've liked - This partially being as route101 points out above that passengers have gone...
  17. fgwrich

    Does anyone know how much Stagecoach charged First for the sale of the class 483 units?

    Thanks @Domh245 That confirms what I thought they were, franchise assets at nil transferable value.
  18. fgwrich

    EMR Class 170's

    I don't think some of them even had the luxury of new carpets - I recall taking one (416 I think) last summer which certainly didn't. However, they aren't the first unit to be treated that way - until their last year or two, several of the dreaded "Haymarket Eight" batch of 158s still retained...
  19. fgwrich

    SWR Repaints and Refurbishments

    Unsure if it’s been previously covered, but I travelled up to London on one of the 444s 2 weeks ago and noticed that the bike space has been modified now to contain two tip up seats. I also see that bike spaces on the West of England services are, like GWR, now reservation compulsory.
  20. fgwrich

    Does anyone know how much Stagecoach charged First for the sale of the class 483 units?

    I would hazard a guess at probably nothing. If stagecoach had listed them as Franchise Assets, the should / would have transferred with the franchise.