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  1. Schnellzug

    XC Bournemouth Service

    I think the point of XC was that it could co-ordinate all the long cross-coutnry routes that in BR days were "inter-regional", so no one really had overall responsibility for them. Breaking it up and allocating it to the various regions once again (which is what the franchises basically are)...
  2. Schnellzug

    4464 'Bittern', yesterday.

    She did look very nice at Weymouth, and in the sun, moreover. Looks alot better without those chrome bits, I think.
  3. Schnellzug

    BBC reporting of Electrification announcement

    Roy Cropper would have been able to put them right ... --- old post above --- --- new post below --- In the book, he went to the Galloway region from St Pancras, so John Buchan knew something about it at least. --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Why should doing Lord "Coe"'s...
  4. Schnellzug

    The Olympics

    rather an amusing piece in the local Paper today about how our friends at LOCOG aren't at all ripping anybody off, no. If you'd paid £55 for a Premium ticket to watch the Olympic Sailing Events, what might you expect? You'd expect a grandstand, wouldn't you? You'd expect covered seating, or at...
  5. Schnellzug

    The Guardian

    The basic problem with the world of British journalism is that they always feel that they have to have allegiance to one or other of the political Parties, and that makes everything so boringly predictable, because you know exactly what angle they'll take on any issue, and anything just turns...
  6. Schnellzug

    XC Bournemouth Service

    I think the main reason is for freight, to give an electrified corridor (via the WCML and the MML, eventually) to Southampton Docks, mainly. Which would raise, as remarked previously, interesting questions about whether Freightliner were consulted on this, or whether the Government will expect...
  7. Schnellzug

    FGW announce new trains

    is anyone beginning to wonder if the wires might be up before there are any trains to use them? :|
  8. Schnellzug

    6100 Royal Scot

    Now that Union of South Africa's finished, maybe they can devote some time to it. Pity they couldn't have sent it to Tyseley. They'd be guaranteed to do a good job.
  9. Schnellzug

    FGW announce new trains

    Indeed, a logical opportunity to switch to the UIC system perhaps. it would free up a lot of numbers and avoid a whole lot of confusion.
  10. Schnellzug

    Take the Car, Not the Train!

    recently, perhaps, but I think it's surely unarguable that the ECML, as the most glaring example, and arguably the Great Eastern, was done as 'cost effectively' (ahum) as possible. We see the results almost every week, don't we, a sthe wires come down somewhere or other.
  11. Schnellzug

    XC Bournemouth Service

    That's for primarily freight, the 25 kv to southampton, (which does raise question of where Freightliner are going to get enough electric locos from; would any 92s be available [although of course they could use 3rd rail already]?), but I think because of technical reasons having AC and DC...
  12. Schnellzug

    Olympic Bus Transfers/ Loans

    It appears that one Go-Ahead South or one or other of its many branches have the contract for the shuttle to the Olympic Site round here; I've noticed three or four Scania deckers and one or two new, unbranded More B7RLEs. In fact, they seem to have started work already; here's 1001 (YN54 AFX)...
  13. Schnellzug

    Take the Car, Not the Train!

    Oh don't be silly, mr. T, this is just more hype. They know exactly how many will be interested in the Siling; the number that've bought tickets for the Spectator grandstand (or being given corporate hospitality), and they'll all come by car, of course, since they're Upmarket. What they're...
  14. Schnellzug

    XC Bournemouth Service

  15. Schnellzug

    FGW announce new trains

    is that because everything in the 3xx series has more or less been used, and the next available series (6xx) will presumably be used for the bi mode IEP, then, I presume?
  16. Schnellzug

    More Rail Bashing From Daily Mail

    "DM has excelled itself in snide remarks about rail workers - David, Norfolk, 19/7/2012 5:06 Don't take it personally. Snide remarks are their speciality. They despise most people." :lol:
  17. Schnellzug


    Socialist Worker? There's a chap in Dorchester who stoically sells it* every Saturday. * I presume he must sell some I'll look to see if there's a Metro lying around on a train, but I don't buy anything regularly, and I won't really bother browsing through a paper if I find one on a...
  18. Schnellzug

    Olympic Bus Transfers/ Loans

    exactly. lord Coe and his gimmick claim everything, and no one is allowed to argue with him, and the ordinary punters, who aren't the Eyes of the World, and who therefore aren't important, have to put up with old junk until "Lord" coe has no more need for the new stuff. This is exactly the kind...
  19. Schnellzug

    The end of an era..

    They were dreadful, those things, impossible to see in sunlight, and when it wasn't, they were often so flickery and wobbly that you could hardly read anything. That's one area where I think SWT got it right, with the LCD Screens. And they don't put pointless "warnings" about "Security" or...
  20. Schnellzug

    FGW announce new trains

    Indeed. it's a typical tactic of Politicians, announcing the same thing at least three times over. So are these things definitely being built now, then, for sure? Does that mean that people will stop arguing about them? :lol: --- old post above --- --- new post below ---...