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    Advice on buying property relatively close to tracks

    Being close to track with points is significantly different from just being close to track
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    Trivia - Railway Station Nests and other Wildlife

    Plenty of pigeons cr@pping on passengers at Hayes & Harlington. It really needs a wire mesh in the canopy
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    Care needed with Oyster at Paddington

    Oyster is not accepted beyond West Drayton. Only contactless (as well as ITSO, m-tickets, e-tickets and paper tickets).
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    TOC court cases

    Is there any lists of court cases presented by TOCs and a summary of the outcomes? How many such cases take place over a typical year?
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    Which websites sell London Travelcards for zones 1-4, 2-3 etc?

    OK, thanks. Can these be bought online and collected from a TVM? I can't find an online retailer who sells these
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    Which websites sell London Travelcards for zones 1-4, 2-3 etc?

    I've tried a few sites but either I'm not using the correct naming convention or they don't sell these tickets. Any suggestion please?
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    Maidenhead to Watford Junction

    What's the best option for a day Travelcard type scenario starting in Maidenhead am peak, going to central London, out to Watford then back to Maidenhead?
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    Questions for people who have used e-tickets

    I'd take this position except that if there's cashback on offer from Quidco etc then I can be persuaded to go for m-tickets
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    Could Crossrail mean TfL buses expand out to Reading?

    Previously West Drayton was the furthest West on GWR for London zone tickets while Slough was furthest west for London Buses. Could we see TfL bus stops all the way to Reading in future?
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    TfL contactless - minimum time between journeys?

    If travelling from A to B and then from B to C on TfL rail using the same contactless card, is there a minimum amount of time required between the touch out at B and the touch in at B for the second journey?
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    Season ticket marking

    If a driver makes a mistake they're in for a chat with the boss. If a revenue protection staff member does the same, I'd expect the same
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    TfL single fare finder missing fares for Thames Valley

    I get no fares found for Maidenhead to Paddington
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    TfL single fare finder missing fares for Thames Valley

    Looks like a cockup with the Single Fare Finder for today's update to remove 2019 fares. Thames Valley fares are missing on the day they launch
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    Day Travelcard validity with Network Railcard

    Can travelcards with NSE discount from Reading be used within the zones before 10am M-F on a TfL bus?
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    Reading on the tube map

    These new trains have effectively cut the service from 4tph to 2tph because they're slow and uncomfortable
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    Reading on the tube map

    Western access to Heathrow - Langley to Heathrow will look odd with the Reading branch in this format
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    TfL bus cleaning at terminus

    I'm on a TfL bus which has just sat empty for at least 10 mins at its terminus. It's full of beer cans, food wrappers everywhere upstairs and down. Don't the drivers have bags to collect rubbish which will roll around while en route?
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    When is Off Peak (at least in London)

    How can GWR print timetables stating that a peak ticket is required for a particular train when it is the ticket restriction code and not the specific train that is peak or off peak? Are there any accredited forum members who can answer a specific query on this directly as a PM rather than in...
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    Trivia: Largest stations by physical size?

    Is there a list of the physically largest stations anywhere? Which are the most likely candidates?
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    Transfer smartcard ticket to phone

    I have a Chiltern Railways smartcard and an Andriod phone with NFC. If I hold the smartcard next to the phone it suggests I can transfer the ticket from the smartcard onto the phone. Presumably I could then use the phone to get through the ticket barriers and use my phone for revenue checks...