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    EMR Class 360's

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    Do other manufacturers besides Stadler offer platform level boarding?

    On the flip side - and having watched a wheelchair "self board" onto a FLIRT at Brundall shortly after they were introduced (ramps deploy, doors open, wheelchair wheels on, doors lose, off we go) - it's an absolute game changer for those with reduced mobility. For the train operator there's...
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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    There's been nothing publicly stated that I know of, but looking at the number of spare vehicles available, I'd suggest that a decision has been made to stick with the 17 x 5-car and 9 x 4-car plan and that they don't want to take up the option on more vehicles.
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    Pacer Withdrawals: The list (Reference)

    You’re not missing much!
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    Japanese HSR Pantograph Fence/Shroud

    Not Japan, but there's an interesting page on development of the BR/Brecknell Willis high speed pantograph here:
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    Locos and units you didnt like and still dont miss

    That's an absolute festival of grocer's apostrophes! This is where it gets tricky as the internal specification of the train is down to the end customer, not an inherent issue with the design itself - you could put a Class 350 type interior into a Desiro City, for example.
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    Locomotive Services Fleet (LSL) Thread

    I'd suggest for evaluation to replace the 67s and/or the geriatric 37s.
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    EMR Class 360's

    360111 on its way back to Ilford currently with the same two 47s providing the power. Next one due in tomorrow:
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    Northern New Train Order 2020

    Getting the wires up is the solution that should be adopted.
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    Northern New Train Order 2020

    And reported in Modern Railways subsequently that Northern’s new management aren’t keen on battery 331s.
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    Locos and units you didnt like and still dont miss

    What was availability? How many running on one engine at a time? I'm not that bothered as I don't like them. Never have. Never will. Which is the point of this thread!
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    The plan is 9 diagrams. Tightening of timings which the 745s enable will allow a diagram to be saved, or that's the plan. So 9 from 10 on both fleets.
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    Revival of the night trains continue, ÖBB to start Vienna-Paris

    Siemens have never cleared any of the EuroSprinters or Vectrons for France, which is an extra headache. DB have TRAXX 185s and 186s that are cleared for France, though.
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    RealTimeTrains website

    Although the headcodes remain scrambled. There is no logic to that on LSL's part.
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    Does anyone know how much Stagecoach charged First for the sale of the class 483 units?

    That is what Stagecoach paid in the first place for them. I'd suggest fgwrich's view of "nothing" is probably correct for the SWT to SWR transfer.
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    HST coach disposals

    I make it 195 HST vehicles gone for scrap. I’d take what Clinnick says with a pinch of salt. Rail/Liar isn’t known for accurate reporting.
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    Is this the most powerful train to run on the network? And what was it's purpose?

    Why would the two power cars have needed a driver in each? Could just run a 36-way jumper through the train.
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    TfW Class 398's and Stadler Flirts

    They are a maintenance nightmare, though.
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    Fire at 'privately held carriage', Carnforth

    In line with forum rules, please can you explain PDA and OIC?
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    Transition from steam heating to electric train heating?

    Yes, good point. Though I don’t think the 33s got ETH with them in mind!