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  1. Cowley

    Do you have any model railway projects on the go?

    Yes I’d definitely keep them separate. I think a burnt out PCB thingy can be the rusult!
  2. Cowley

    HS2 and the coronavirus

    That’s my take on it too and from what I’ve read it seems to be a generally agreed theory in scientific circles. The next one could be worse than this or it could be less severe, but there will be a next one (and more after that) as long as the human race continues to behave the way it does. I...
  3. Cowley

    Forum Jokes

    It’s probably time that one of us twigged on about that but I’m just about to log out.
  4. Cowley

    Do you have any model railway projects on the go?

    I don’t know much about it but I was chatting to a guy at a show that was selling their track system and it looked very easy to use and ultra reliable too.
  5. Cowley

    General Knowledge Quiz

    I was thinking that it was an underwater boundary of some sort but I’ve no idea what. Is it something to do with the England/Wales border in the Severn Estuary?
  6. Cowley

    Kent & East Sussex Railway Re-opening Survey

    Thanks Paul. I’ll take you up on that. :)
  7. Cowley

    Locos and units you didnt like and still dont miss

    Those DMUs certainly felt quite old by the time they were due for replacement and the way they pulled away shuddering as they built up speed before the hissing, clunking (and slowing down) as they changed gear before farting back into life seems very ponderous now when you travel on a preserved...
  8. Cowley

    Do you have any model railway projects on the go?

    It is isn’t it. I love the little springy buffer things on the front. @Iskra - Could you try swapping the chip from the railbus into the 26 just to check it with a chip you know works?
  9. Cowley

    Should the young shield?

    Well said.
  10. Cowley

    Do you have any model railway projects on the go?

    Sorry Peter I missed this post somehow but thanks for that. I’ve got a bit further this evening and it’s starting to come together now. I still don’t know how I’m going to do everything but hopefully it’ll work itself out as I go along!
  11. Cowley

    Do you have any model railway projects on the go?

    Thanks Tom. I just jumped in really. I made lots of the structures on Lapford, or if I used kits I completely altered them and added extra detail. I think it’s just something that you get into once you bite the bullet and start but I’m pretty new to it myself so I’m no expert. If I could have...
  12. Cowley

    Is the UK 'overdue' a serious rail accident?

    I mean I’ve always assumed (possibly wrongly) that it’s wiped out a lot the background risks that looking back at it would seem like they were everywhere once you started actually looking for them? I’m not in the industry though so I’m just curious about what rail staff and people that...
  13. Cowley

    Is the UK 'overdue' a serious rail accident?

    Re TPWS - From a layman’s point of view and having lived through an era where multiple casualty railway accidents were fairly frequent, this system seems to have been made an enormous difference in railway safety terms considering it was a relatively cheap solution compared to other systems that...
  14. Cowley

    Kent & East Sussex Railway Re-opening Survey

    That’s really good to hear Paul. I hope to make a pilgrimage at some point to have a trip on the line.
  15. Cowley

    HAA Wagons

    Must admit that I’d never heard of that. Great name though.
  16. Cowley

    Do you have any model railway projects on the go?

    Evening everyone. This week’s project is to turn this collection of balsa wood, plasticard, glue and windows... Into something that that looks like the station at Eggesford on the Barnstaple branch hopefully: This is where I’ve got to so far: I couldn’t get the exact windows so I’ve...
  17. Cowley

    Will you be eating out to help out?

    Two breakfasts, two coffees, two orange juices in Wetherspoons this morning: £5:30! :lol:
  18. Cowley

    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    Well the last few posts are pretty much on topic... ;) Rather than me trying to unpick all the ones that weren’t from the ones that were let’s try and keep the vaccine discussion this thread...
  19. Cowley

    The BBC, what sort of future does it have? (funding, activities etc)

    I see it pretty much the same way. I don’t think they’ve been entirely objective over this last few months, but I listen to so much stuff on BBC Sounds throughout the day that I’d be gutted to lose it and although I don’t really watch any BBC TV stuff these days the radio side of things is...