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  1. Gathursty

    Bicester Village announcements

    Announcements made at Bicester are made in English and another language from what I heard the other day. I presume it is Chinese. What is the history behind the extra announcements for Bicester Village?
  2. Gathursty

    FoSS Rover railcard query

    I've just bought a Freedom of Severn & Solent 3 in 7 at Basingstoke and was told my 26-30 railcard couldn't be used on it. (Other tickets I bought I was able to add my railcard to no problem.) Is this true?
  3. Gathursty

    Reading - Westbury split query?

    I seem to not be able to get into the Fares Guide on the forum at the moment for this quick question. Can I use a Kennett Rover and a ticket from that limit to Westbury and be able to use non-stop trains?
  4. Gathursty

    ECML services terminating at Glasgow Queen Street

    Currently, trains from London King's Cross go to Glasgow Central if they are extended from Edinburgh but was it always thus? Did they ever try using Queen Street instead? What's the story behind the extensions going to one over the other? Thanks.
  5. Gathursty

    Penzance - Thurso/Wick

    Has a service or railtour ever done the most extreme journey on our island?
  6. Gathursty

    Historic St Helens to London services

    When was the last time, if ever, that St Helens (Central, Junction, Shaw St, other in St Helens borough) had a direct service to any London terminal? What route did it take? How long was the journey? Calling points?
  7. Gathursty

    TPE: Lea Green v St Helens Junction

    Why does TPE call at Lea Green instead of St Helens Junction?
  8. Gathursty

    Renaming stations with unsavoury links

    As statues are being pulled down, I thought about James Cook and his exploits in the Pacific and the man behind the foundation of Port Sunlight and how he used forced labour in The Congo. There could be other stations with such links that I'm unaware of. Should we rename railway stations with...
  9. Gathursty

    The future of staff at stations

    What do you think will stay the same or change with respect to staff at stations, both ticketing and customer assistants etc... in a post-Covid and cashless society? For where I live, I expect to see staff at both of Wigan's stations specifically cleaning and making sure social distancing...
  10. Gathursty

    How many people has the Queen knighted/damed?

    This question came to me when I read about Sir Tom Moore who has been newly knighted. To clarify, how many people have been permitted to use Sir or Dame by Queen Elizabeth II? Bonus point for how many people she has physically knighted with the sword? Do Dames get the sword treatment too?
  11. Gathursty

    [Trivia] Settlements that are most distant from any other in the UK

    Settlements that are most distant from any other in the UK. Some caveats: Settlement - It has to be at least a hamlet so Pimbo, Kinbrace, Altnaharra is a yes but Achanalt and Sugar Loaf are a no as they only have a house nearby if at all. As far absolutes, let's say 5 houses. Distant - it must...
  12. Gathursty

    Advice for people who live/commute along the borders

    There must be thousands of people who commute England/Scotland and England/Wales daily, not to mention the town of Knighton right on the Welsh/English border and near-ish towns such as Berwick, Carlisle, Chester, Wrexham and the Bristol/Newport/Cardiff commuter belt. What do these people do...
  13. Gathursty

    Yeovil connections

    Assuming post-lockdown, the timetables haven't changed too much, what is the normal difference in time between: A southbound arrival at Yeovil Pen Mill and a westbound departure at Yeovil Junction An eastbound arrival at YJ and a northbound departure at YPM A westbound arrival at YJ and a...
  14. Gathursty

    Route of the Heart of Wales

    Why is the current Heart of Wales line connected at Llanelli rather than at Carmarthen? I'm not well read on the history of the area down there.
  15. Gathursty

    Eurostar network geographic map

    Is there a pdf or weblink to a map showing the geographic routes the Eurostars make? Not after a diagram with stops thanks.
  16. Gathursty

    [Trivia] Stations not accessible by road

    Some stations are in unusual places where you can't pull up next to or even nearby in a car. I'll go first. Commondale - Next to sheep grazing land. Elephant & Castle - Entrance within a shopping centre.
  17. Gathursty

    Does this itinery look sensible?

    On Tuesday, I intend to do the following: Drive Wigan - Peterborough in time for... Peterborough 0324 Stevenage 0416/0422*/0445/0502* Finsbury Park 0445/0504/0523/0552 *I'd like to tick off the Hertford loop in one direction if I've the opportunity. Otherwise a long wait at either Stevenage...
  18. Gathursty

    Unusual freight at Pemberton? I drove past this at about 8pm as it passed Wigan Wallgate Junction towards Kirkby. I had assumed it was the binliner service but was a bit late given the signaller at Rainford would have clocked off by that time (surely?)...
  19. Gathursty

    [Trivia] Nearest unstaffed station to London Charing Cross

    What's the nearest completely unstaffed (all day, every day) station to London Charing Cross (what I take as the centre of London) as the crow flies?
  20. Gathursty

    gWr morning peak times

    I was at Marlow about 0930 on Friday and tried to select a railcard discount only to find that that it wasn't valid at this time. Confused I walked off and saw a small poster written by a Local Line Group association explaining the peak times for this route. Apparently 0958 is the end of the...