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  1. AntoniC

    Another £10 Northern Rover Bash 14/03/20

    As it would be rude not to take advantage of this generous Northern Rover offer me * Polar Bear decided to take them up on this offer. The first (nice) surprise of the day was to be asked if we wanted to pay £10 each for our tickets (the 1 day rate) rather than the £17.50 weekend 2 day rate - so...
  2. AntoniC

    Merseyside Challenge 07/0/20

    As this is my area I participated along with Polarbear & JBuchannanGB. As is usual we didnt have a plan , we were out to have fun !! (which we did !). We went : Lime St (Lower Level) > New Brighton New Brighton > Birkenhead North Birkenhead North > West Kirkby (to claim the bonus points) West...
  3. AntoniC

    Northern Bash 9th & 10th November

    This weekend I am buying a £17.50 weekend Northern Rail Rover Ticket and I am planning to do the following. Saturday : Liverpool Lime St > Barrow, Barrow>Carlisle, Carlisle>Leeds then Leeds>Southport Sunday: Not decided yet !
  4. AntoniC

    Glasgow Weekend bash 18th/19th October 2019.

    Polar Bear and me decided to have a trip to Glasgow and make full use of the two rover tickets that are offered by SPT The Roundabout Ticket for £7.20 and the 2 Adult Daytripper Ticket for £22.50 On the Friday we used the Roundabout Ticket to go to...
  5. AntoniC

    First Class Lounge at Lime Street

    Linked to this : Can I use the First Class Lounge at Lime St if my journey starts here , but my first train is a Northern train to Wigan North Western to pick up my VT train ? If I can use the lounge how long...
  6. AntoniC

    Question about Strathclyde Tickets

    A question for our Scottish brethern. Me & PolarBear are travelling north of the Border to Glasgow and I need some advice on the best ticket to buy. On the SPT website it says you can buy a Roundabout ticket for £7.20 each The Roundabout ticket...
  7. AntoniC

    Glasgow 18th -20th October Train Bash

    Me & Polar Bear are going up to Glasgow for a weekend of bashing and trying to see as much of Glasgow and its surrounds as possible !. We are travelling Liverpool to Glasgow via Wigan North Western and are booked on the 11.36 from Liverpool Lime St - arr Glasgow Central 14:59. We are returning...
  8. AntoniC

    West Midlands Day Ranger Bash 22/3/19

    After the success of our Lancashire Day Ranger bash last year, me and Polarbear decided to do a West Midland Day Ranger bas. We drove to Crewe to start and buy our tickets (£27.30 each). The plan was to start by getting the 09.07 to New Street however our plans were scuppered by the signal...
  9. AntoniC

    Northern Rail Bash 09/03/19

    I decided to take part in the Forum bash along with 5 others using a Northern Rail Friends & Family Rover that cost me a whole £7.00. I started on the 06.34 Southport to Stalybridge arr 08.07 to meet with the others at Stalybridge. I then caught the 08.46 Stalybridge to Stockport Parliamentary...
  10. AntoniC

    Forum Trip To Brussels 28th Feb to 3rd March 2019.

    I along with 3 Forum Members went to Brussels to bash as much of the Belgian Railway Network as we could on a Benelux Interrail Ticket. We arrived in Brussels on the Thursday night by Eurostar , having travelled Standard Class, at around 9pm and went to our hotel the Ibis Styles Stephanie...
  11. AntoniC

    TFL - Unable to register new contactless card

    Good afternoon everyone. Just logged into my TFL account to set up a new contactless card (old one has expired) and I get a message that unable to process my request. Any ideas why and how long it will take to fix ? TIA
  12. AntoniC

    AntoniC (and PolarBears) Lancashire Day Ranger Bash.

    So today me and PolarBear decided to do a bash on a Lancashire Day Ranger and get our moneys worth out of the ticket !. As you cant start before 08.45 we went and had breakfast at the Wetherspoons on Lime St Station (and it was gorgeous !). We started with the 08.56 to Manchester Victoria and...
  13. AntoniC

    Restriction Code 2V

    I have an open return Birningham New Street to Hinckley. Outward Leg is this Friday (28th September) Return Leg this Saturday (29th September). Am I correct in thinking that on the outward leg I can get any train after 9.30 am (I was thinking about 4Pm to 5pm) and on the return leg I can get...
  14. AntoniC

    BTP Officer Dismissed For Use Of Excessive Force

    A BTP Officer has been dismissed for use of excessive force against a drunk and uncooperative male passenger at Doncaster Station on 24/01/17 I support the work the emergency services do, but all that hard work is let down by actions such as this. I also commend the courage of another attending...
  15. AntoniC

    Drunk TFL Manager Fined £750 for her behaviour at Westminster Station

    Source : The Standard 06/02/18 : I am glad to see cases like this being reported in the press because it shows anti social behaviour will not be tolerated by TFL...
  16. AntoniC

    Court Finds Guard Followed Instructions After Accident At Chorley Station on 21/02/10

    A court has found that a Guard followed instructions after an intoxicated passenger suffered life changing injuries following an incident at Chorley staion. The court found that the Guard correctly followed all the instructions in the Rule Book. The passenger sued First/Keolis Transpennine...
  17. AntoniC

    Split Tickets on VTWC

    I am travelling to Edinburgh Waverley on 17th Oct , returning 18th Oct for a holiday as part of an organised group. I wanted to travel from Southport via Wigan Wallgate and walk to Wigan North Western and return. However the organizer has bought my ticket from Preston to Edinburgh and...
  18. AntoniC

    Edinburgh & Trains

    I am staying in Edinburgh for a couple of days in October. Can anyone please recommend anything interesting to do with the railways I can occupy myself with and also whats the cheapest ticket to buy ?. (I may only spend 1 day to doing railway things, does Edinburgh have a day pass like...
  19. AntoniC

    Praise for EMT Social Media Team !

    Had a problem yesterday on the 15:40 Sheffield to Liverpool Lime St train as it was shortformed from 4 to 2 coaches, which meant it was unreserved and hence I had no seat reservation. So I tweeted @EMT why and what compensation could I claim And they told me that there had been a problem...
  20. AntoniC

    15:40 Sheffield to Liverpool Lime St - on the wrong path

    I am travelling on this EMT service and it has just been announced that thr signaller has put us on the wrong path. How does this happen and are there any consequences for the signaller ?. We have just reversed to get the right path I assume