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    Eurostar scrapping

    Hi all I'm hoping to catch a Eurostar on the film on the 66 hauled service to the scrap yard Am I too late? Have they all happened now? If not when is the next one due? And any tips on good places to film it Thanks
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    Weekend Class 387/1 GWR diagrams

    Hello All Does anyone have the diagrams for the 387s west of Reading on the SO. I'm thinking of heading out that way on Saturday (13th Jan) with the camera Thanks
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    Isle of Wight railway milages

    Does anyone have the milage between stations on the Isle of Wight steam railway?
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    Guards uniform for a pres line

    Hi All Im a guard at a pres line and would like to have a 1980s blue BR guards uniform (the one that has the red BR logo on the pocket). Does anyone know of a good place to find one Thanks
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    What are *EO* and **** on Open Train Times?

    I have been using Open Train Times and have noticed the line blocks/possessions at night. There are *LB* *T3* *EO* **** The LB and T3 are straight forward but what are the EO and ****?
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    What is this? (not datum plate)

    I saw this at Goodmayes station on the GEML, anyone know what it is?
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    Royal Train in Cardiff

    Morning all, does any one know when the royal train will be arriving into Cardiff today and what route it is taking?
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    High Capacity SWT Class 450

    The Class 450/5s were renumbered as /5s when they were made high capacity and first class removed. in 2013 some of these were reverted back to normal capacity and first class reinstated. However a friend of mine went on one a 450/5 over the weekend and there was no first class at all! Does...
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    Mystery Voyager

    Hi Everyone I have been editing one of my videos from the WCML and am struggling to identify on of the Voyagers. I have manages to get a pic of the name plate but the name does not appear in any of the Voyagers names lists. I have attached the picture. if anyone can help me find the...
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    Best Place to see Northern Rail Class 319s

    Hi I am planing to go to Manchester on Saturday (27th feb) to see the Northern Rail class 319s. Does anyone know of some good spots to see and film them? thanks in advance Mark
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    Class 700 testing

    Yesterday (24.11.15) I missed a class 700 on test to Brighton from Three Bridges. Does anyone know when the next tests are and/or the real time train information.
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    What Happened to Waterloo East in 2004

    I was looking at the passenger stats for Waterloo East and there is a huge increase in passengers between 2004 and 2005. I got the information from the ORR so it should be accurate but for some reason the data for 2003/04 is missing. Any idea what happened?
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    FGW/GWR Class 158s with three cabs!

    I have been spotting near Portsmouth today and noticed that the class 158s have an extra cab in the centre. It looks like a two car unit with half of another unit stuck on the end, but the running numbers are the same at both ends (I could not read the number if the centre cab). Does anyone...