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  1. dangie

    Chase Line... Shambles..??

    Following the completion of the Chase Line electrification, there appears to be quite a few issues with the running of the timetable. Trains either cancelled or stopping short of their final destination (Rugeley Trent Valley). We all know that people complain when it's bad and not praise when...
  2. dangie

    Severn Valley Railway - Kidderminster

    Thinking of going to the Spring Steam Gala on the SVR. I been along the route many times in the past so this time I just wanted to go to Kidderminster to do some photography. Do you need to purchase a train ticket to be able to access the station platforms? Thank you.
  3. dangie

    Walsall - Rugeley Overhead Lines Down 28/01/19

    At the moment no trains running between Walsall and Rugeley Trent Valley due to overhead line problems. According to West Midland Railway disruption expected all day. Anyone know what has happened?
  4. dangie

    0521 London Northwestern Crewe - London Euston

    Out of interest, could anyone tell me why the London Northwestern Railway 0521 Crewe - London Euston does not: Go via Stoke-on-Trent Why it passes through Stafford without stopping Its first stop is Rugeley Trent Valley.
  5. dangie

    Stafford Station Wind Turbines

    Does anyone know why the two wind turbines installed on the roof of the multistory car park at Stafford Station don't appear to have been in use for the last year or so. Or that is how it appears every time I pass there.
  6. dangie

    Pendolino stabled or broke at Stafford Platform 6

    Not sure if this should be in this section or Diagrams and Allocations: At Stafford this lunchtime there was a Pendolino standing on Platform 6. Very unusual. I asked around it was told it came in about an hour before from Crewe direction empty stock and had been there ever since. Is this a...
  7. dangie

    Is Stafford still barrier free?

    Quick question. Haven't been to Stafford Station since last summer (only live 7 miles away), but could someone tell me is it still barrier free to get onto the platforms? Thank you.
  8. dangie

    1A19 terminated at Nuneaton - 'Issue with Train Crew'

    Any idea what the problem was with todays 1A19 Chester to London Euston which was terminated at Nuneaton? Realtime Trains says "Issue with the Train Crew"
  9. dangie

    'Unusual' EMU through Rugeley Trent Valley today

    Can someone please tell me what the 'unusual' dark livery EMU was which passed northbound through Rugeley Trent Valley at 1245 this afternoon? Thank you.
  10. dangie

    BBC this morning - North v South Journey Comparision

    On BBC Breakfast this morning they were doing an article about the North vs South divide. They said that the North has poorer transport links compared to the South, The example they gave was a train journey from Liverpool to Sheffield takes about an hour and forty minutes, whereas a...
  11. dangie

    What went though Rugeley Trent Valley at midday today?

    Please excuse the odd question but I'm not much of a rail expert. What went northbound through Rugeley Trent Valley close to 12.00pm today? I think it was a diesel locomotive pulling 5-6 coaches painted in what looked like the Caledonian Sleeper colour but with no markings on the side which I...
  12. dangie

    London Midland Ticket Machines

    I know I don't really need to, but for my own piece of mind I usually book my train tickets online and pick them up from my local London Midland station at Rugeley Town. Probably as many times as the machine is working, it's not. This morning I went to Rugeley Town to pick up some tickets and...
  13. dangie

    Ticket Validity. London Midland - Virgin Trains

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. Wish to go from Rugeley Town to Birmingham International. Suggested trains on London Midland website say London Midland to Birmingham New Street, then Virgin Trains to Birmingham International (and vice-versa for return). However, are London...
  14. dangie

    'Down Fast' closed at Rugeley Trent Valley today

    Spent about an hour at Rugeley Trent Valley around lunchtime today and everything going north was on the 'slow' line. Nothing on the 'fast' Anyone know why?
  15. dangie

    Bescot to Bescot - 18 hours. What is it?

    Looking through Realtime Trains I came upon this one. Runs from Bescot T.M.D. to Bescot T.M.D. via London Euston (twice) and takes approx 18hours. Can anyone tell me what it is and why does it run?
  16. dangie

    XC Voyager through Rugeley TV this morning

    Saw a Cross-Country Voyager pass very slowly through Rugeley Trent Valley (southbound) at approx 1120 this morning. Can't see anything on Realtime Trains. Anyone know what service it was and why?
  17. dangie

    Driving Wheels turned Opposite Directions

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but it is about traction. On another forum I belong to, someone mentioned that many years ago a steam locomotive was designed and built that when tested the driving wheels on opposite sides of the loco turned in opposite directions. One side drove...
  18. dangie

    Turin-Milan-Turin High Speed Line

    Small time rail enthusiast here. On Wednesday mid afternoon, I traveled for about 60km on the A4 Autostrada in Northern Italy between Turin and Milan. For all of these km's the railway runs parallel with the road. I believe this is a High Speed Line. During the time 40-45 minutes I was on...
  19. dangie

    Chamonix - What to see.....

    I'll be spending a week in Chamonix in the French Alps in a few weeks time. Trainwise, what can I expect to see. Will it just be local valley trains or is there likely to be anything else?
  20. dangie

    Class 37 through Rugeley Trent Valley..??

    At 0515 this morning (Saturday 7th Feb) while lying awake in bed, I could clearly hear what sounded like a Class 37 passing through Rugeley Trent Valley. Does anyone know what service this was?