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    Great Malvern to Bournemouth or Salisbury

    Hi TobyH There is always the Freedom of the Severn and Solent 3 in 7 days ( this is ermmm... £4 more expensive, however it does allow travel anywhere within a big area for 3 in 7 days. It does have a few other restrictions...
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    60063 with 6B05

    60063 contrasts well with the green field, a very nice looking picture. But why was there two locos pulling it, it did not look heavy.
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    New google site

    Now that I have taken most my pictures down from Railway Herald, I am uploading them to my new Google site, it is still work in progress but some people might like some of the shots. So here is the link, Thanks
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    Competition 610 (Canals) :: Voting

    I like all of them this week, and after two hours of trying to get the button to select all of them at once, I have given up and decided on No.15.... or maybe 11, no wait 1.
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    Crumbs! It's Cromwell...AGAIN

    Picture looks great but the weather does not. I think the overhead power lines look good. Your other pics look good as well, particularly the class 55 in the snow.
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    Arriva Trains Wales WAG2 67003

    Such a shame, I do hope 67002 does not get the Arriva treatment, it is my favourite locomotive, even if it did crash in Bristol and end up on a wagon, it does not deserve to loose it's name.
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    Microsoft ICE picture of Patchway station

    I was testing out Microsoft ICE and went to Patchway sation to take multiple images and make them into one larger image, here it is.
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    86621 running a little hot

    86621 was captured going past a webcam but it was running a little too hot as can be seen in this video.
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    Worst station to spot trains

    Dartmouth station because it has never had a train.
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    34067 3 Bridges to Bath

    Yey I have a picture, now I will just upload it to fotopic... oh wait, Flicker then
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    Competition 510 (Taken from a train) :: Voting

    Number 2 I like because of the view of the power car and signals in the distance, although there is not much contrast of colours.
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    Fotopic down?

    Even if fotopic does come back (which I think is unlikely) I will use other more reliable ways. Fotopic is not sustainable with the amount of failures so it is likely to be doomed, and I don't like having to move all of my 20 photos to pikfu.
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    I am going to move my photos to a website hosted for free by because they offer more space and a more flexible website.
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    Class 70 Written Off Maybe ?

    I found this But it is from the 4th January.
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    Guess the Station...

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    Mallard and Tornado tomorrow.

    Mallard is the greatest loco and I think it should go all around the UK and maybe one day also run under its own steam.
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    Swedish railcar

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    Ugliest units

    i like the 442s
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    Ugliest units

    they are cute
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    Ugliest units

    ugliest: class 66 class 142 class 02 flying scotsman hush hush best looking: class 143 class 390 class 158 hush hush