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    Operator's encouraging passengers to visit ticket offices during isolation.

    It has been brought to my attention that a number of operator's are telling passengers that certain procedures need to be done at a ticket office. This includes refunds for tickets purchased there, the common ticket type here is of course season tickets. Whilst i appreciate that the standard...
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    Advance Singles permitting routes that are not permitted with ANY flexible ticket for the same flow.

    From the brief points made in this thread i note that Newcastle to Leicester now has only 2 route restrictions on ticketing. A via Sheffield, and a (slightly more expensive) via Peterborough fare. This seems to prohibit several relatively sensible 'alternative routes' that were historically...
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    Delay Repay results and discussion for Journeys during Storm Ciara

    Please feel free to disallow such a thread if you feel it necessary. I’ve been reading a few reports already of claims being reject for passengers travelling or supposedly travelling on Sunday 9th during the major disruption. I’d be interested to hear of how people get on with their claims...
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    Trainline App switching ticket types before Payment causing issues

    so the Trainline app (iOS and Android) appear to be changing ticket types on payment screens. You can choose your journey. State what ticket type you want and then the payment screen reverts to a different type. Notably this is a day return and often an operator restricted one at that. A...
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    Trainline (and TOCs that use them) railcard overcharging issues.

    For a few weeks now I have seen countless complaints to Trainline and companies that use their booking engine such as Cross Country and EMT referring to overcharging for railcard users on (usually) early morning services. What is happening? A user with a 16-25 railcard wishes to make a return...
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    How far should social media teams go with repetitive answers?

    TOCs have had a rough weekend with busy services due to more people travelling than comfortable capacity particularly on the ecml. Added to engineering works this has made it a difficult experience for passengers and staff alike. There are current threads about this disruption but I am more...
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    M tickets are now E tickets but who is responsible?

    I frequently travel between Harrogate and either York or Leeds using the Northern services (and the occasional LNER) and for the short simple trip I normally buy an M ticket on the day on the Trainline app. There’s no fees on the day and I find the app easier to use than some others. Yesterday...
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    Temporary removal of timetabled services

    So, after an incident with a few services that haven’t run despite holding advanced tickets, and a similar thing happening my friend and after reading countless similar stories on here and social media I have been wondering just how hard it is to minimise this issue. This is not just in...
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    failure by multiple TOCs to carry passengers with itineraries.

    Yet again we see a failure by ‘the railway’ leaving a passenger (a friend of mine) out of pocket and stranded in Scotland. They have an advanced ticket from Ayr to Peterborough with an itinerary for the 0513 from Ayr to Glasgow and the direct 0648 LNER to Peterborough. On arrival at Ayr...
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    Who makes the excess rules?

    So with the ongoing sagas with various TOCs on strike and having monumental rolling stock issues I was wondering why people still feel it is acceptable to not being able to excess from a TOC specific ticket. (I’m talking about walk up tickets specifically not advances). Given that during...
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    EMT strengthening of services by replacing others with RRB

    its well known that the Lincoln Christmas markets are popular and that EMT services are always stretched on saturdays. This is going to be made worse this year by the Northern farce. However I’m disappointed to learn that they are proud to announce their excellent contribution by strengthening...
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    Northern refusing Overnight Break of Journey on SVR (RTN)

    I come today with yet another incident involving Northern and poor training of staff. Following on in the very similar style to THIS recent thread i have had issues today with a number of Northern staff who are unfamiliar with the rules of the humble SVR. This to me is one of the very basic...
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    GWR staff not accepting Travelcards on pink LU stock.

    An interesting one this morning at Paddington. A passenger a couple of rows in front of me in a queue for the manual ticket check was disallowed entry to the platforms due to his Travelcard being on pink London Underground ticket stock. The member of staff said that that was the wrong ticket and...
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    Who covers the costs during disruption caused by passengers being ill?

    I had a search but couldn’t find anything directly related. This is in no way a complaint, or a suggestion of how I think things should be different, I’m just curious to know how things are calculated. This evening on my way back from York my LNER train was held outside of Retford as a...
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    LNER electronic reservation system in action.

    So there are threads on this but I cannot find them. I’ve noticed this is now operational (at least it is on this service the 1240 from Retford to London). There are still tags on the seats so I’m assuming it’s in the testing stage but seems to be operating as it should. Coloured lights appear...
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    Delay repay is a nice little earner.

    According to today’s evening standard. Some people clearly don’t quite get it I suppose.
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    Class 57 to Cardiff

    a friend of mine has just suggested to me they’re on a GWR class 57 hauled train to Cardiff ex PAD (boarding at Reading). I’m assuming this is out of place as I was only aware of 1 non sleeper 57 rum and that was on a Saturday. Is this a regular thing or a one off today ?
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    TVM offering SDR by default

    I’m interested in people’s views on default options for ticket machines particularly at times of day / days of the week where certain ticket types are not required. The other week I was behind someone in the queue for the TVM at Worksop and they were purchasing 2 Day returns to Sheffield, one...
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    Route restricted SOR more expensive when the SVR is not.

    There may be many examples of this but I have recently only just spotted this. My local station Whitwell (WWL) to London Terminals journeys has 2 main ticket types. Via Nottingham or Any Permitted (the latter allows changes at Worksop and Retford and in to King’s Cross or Worksop and Sheffield...
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    Car insurance company gone bankrupt

    So an interesting email today from my insurance broker to say that on the 8th May the company I’m covered with went bankrupt and my cover no longer exists. Luckily it’s only my personal vehicles although it does leave me absolutely stuck. I’ve just received a text message telling me that all...