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    Stonehaven derailment

    Yes, it is - it's not clear though whether the cab has been ripped off in the accident or destroyed by fire (HST cabs are made of GRP).
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    So, Sweden may well have been right.....

    Yes, and therefore whatever measure Sweden use isn't likely to over-inflate the figures so much as the UK does!
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    UK officially enters recession

    Closing down a large part of the economy for several months made this a dead cert.
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    Will you be eating out to help out?

    The fact that KFC and McDonalds never seem short of customers rather disproves your statement...
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    Will you be eating out to help out?

    We were told that before, and it peaked before the lockdown would have had much effect, without getting anywhere near overwhelming the NHS. There is now more immunity as well so the risk is less than it was then.
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    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    That's how pandemics work - and that's why it needs to be allowed to spread through the healthy population.
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    Will you be eating out to help out?

    With the ultimate aim of eliminating it - which is not going to happen (probably at all, but certainly within any timescale of less than years or decades). What otherwise would be the point of controlling it? We are nowhere near overwhelmingthe NHS which would be the only other viable reason.
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    Will you be eating out to help out?

    To some of us, it 'beggars belief' that some people still think that this virus can be eliminated!
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    Will you be eating out to help out?

    Yes, because as we know, mask and lockdown enthusiasts have an unhealthy preoccupation with making petty 'laws', and with the associated 'fines', of course!
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    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    An island nation which is 1000 miles from its nearest neighbour, then even more to any other countries, is hardly the same as one 20 miles from its nearest neighbour, and with lots of other countries within the range of most seagoing boats. Not that I think it's workable long term in the case...
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    Rail Charter Services to operate loco hauled trains between Skipton & Appleby.

    Have they got two drivers? They'll need it for that.
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    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    It also needs to be recognised that the size and layout of some pubs, particularly smaller ones, will make it impossible to follow the guidance to the letter.
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    DCR locos

    Are any Chiltern Mk3s due to be moved in the near future, or are all of them now through the current round of exams?
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    The Obesity Epidemic - Causes and solutions.

    Undoubtedly to an exent it can do. Also, a lot fo the drugs used to treat various mentla health issues have weight gain as a side effect.
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    Guess the Train...

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    Will you be eating out to help out?

    It's not really clear to what extent it does actually help - has it just resulted in most of the same people going out who would anyway, but earlier in the week instead of Friday/Saturday?
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    Will you be eating out to help out?

    I wonder how many people are put off by the sheer hassle of it all? Silly procedures to 'keep everyone safe', one way systens, collecting details. I appreciate not all places are going too far, but I just can't be bothered to trawl round and see who is doing what.
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    Will you be eating out to help out?

    It's another of those 'be seen to be doing something' tactics. And probably intended to make Sunak look competent - but when the comparison is with Johnson and Hancock most people would look good in relative terms...
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    Supermarkets and Covid-19

    York's been pretty much that for years - the past ten or 15 years have seen a proliferation of bars (and actually, independent shops which sell anything other than tourist junk have in many cases disappeared). Of course, with bars comes antisocial behavior - especially when it became a favoured...
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    True, but they were already well established in their home country and had all the business infrastructure in place.