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  1. Karl

    German "R" rate increases

    moderator note : posts #1-#6 originally in this thread: Germany's 'R' rate has just been reported as rising to 1.79. Not good news. Perhaps we should at least keep wearing...
  2. Karl

    B17 ‘Footballer’ class names.

    @61653 HTAFC I recognise your sig as being from a steam locomotive named Huddersfield Town FC. I'm wondering, was there ever a loco named after my team Preston North End?
  3. Karl

    Damn these Brutes! (Preston GPO Falklands War commeration)

    Back in 1982 after the Falklands War Preston GPO paid respect to our three lost ships, Sheffield, Antelope and Ardent. Reflect.
  4. Karl

    Preston to London Euston 14th December Return.

    I'm completely lost with ticketing. Can somebody help me with the best/cheapest option? I've not been to London Town since the 1970's. Where and how do I buy a ticket? Which one do I buy? How much will it cost? Which website do I use? Lots of questions I know. Apologies. Ticketing is so...
  5. Karl

    Orrrdeeeeerrrr!!! (Retirement of Commons Speaker John Bercow)

    I'm not politically interested at all but I've got to give credit to John Bercow over the years. I'm going to miss his presence in Parliament. Happy retirement John.
  6. Karl

    Trespassers... (Queen posing on a railway track)

    I caught these four guys trespassing. Do we have any Queen fans here? Freddie and the boys made my teenage years. Here's the full track... Proper bloke. Much missed. :( Oops, my editing is atrocious. Forgive me. Give it a listen though. I don't have no time for monkey business! :)
  7. Karl

    COMEDY - More Problems on the Railways...

    Can you add anymore?
  8. Karl

    Pacer Trains: Politicians call for passenger compensation More on the BBC website.
  9. Karl

    Proof of Age for Northern Explorer 55 Ranger

    I'd like to make use of Northern's Explorer 55 ranger offer but it requires proof of age. My Passport expired in 1999 and my driving licence is a tattered worn out green paper from the same era. Would these be acceptable as proof of age? (Apart from my wrinkles?!!) Is there any other way to...
  10. Karl

    Peter Sissons I'm going to miss the man! A good man. Probably the best on TV. God bless you. x
  11. Karl

    Dales Rail - Blackpool to Carlisle

    I was hoping to use Northern's newspaper offer for a trip to Ribblehead next Sunday but the service isn't listed. Has the service been cancelled?
  12. Karl

    Northern 10p Ticket Problem

    I booked a return from Preston to Hebden Bridge with Northern's 10p offer. I've just checked my tickets for tomorrow and notice there seems to be an error in their issue. Somehow I've been issued a Manchester Victoria seat reservation? I will mention before boarding tomorrow but can anyone...
  13. Karl

    Why are Northern's new Class 195 trains being delivered by road, and not by rail?

    Moderator note: Split from Why do trains not use the railway for delivery? It seems crazy seeing them being delivered by road.
  14. Karl

    Bamber Bridge to Heysham - NRE showing Rover fare due to lack of period return How? My sister recently retired to Heysham to take over the Heysham Tea Rooms. Come up and see me soon she said. But £100 quid, no way I'm going by train. How can rail companies be allowed to...
  15. Karl

    Trivia: Locomotive names named after birds

    Bittern. Mallard and Kestrel are three I can think of. Are there anymore?
  16. Karl

    It's Free For a Pee!

    At last we can have a free pee at railway stations. No more clambering over the barriers at Glasgow Central, Liverpool Lime Street or Manchester Victoria when you've no change in your pocket. Thank you NR, TOCs or British Rail :-)
  17. Karl


    That was emotional. I'm no real tennis fan, apart from Wimbledon, but I'm going to miss him. Thank you Andy! Thank you for the experience.
  18. Karl

    northern Complimentary Travel Pass - Suggestions for usage please?

    I've recently received a northern Complimentary Travel Pass and the boxes ticked on the voucher are 'adult' and 'single'. There's no expiry date or name in the 'Customer Name' field. I was wondering what's the best way to have a day out with a single? It seems useless to me if I can't get home...
  19. Karl

    Dent in the 1950s - Rodney Hampson

    I've just stumbled across this excellent piece by Rodney Hampson of his time as Dent Station Master in the 1950s. A thoroughly enjoyable read that deserves sharing. Enjoy his 19 page PDF full story here...
  20. Karl

    Hi, my name is carriage number 55571...

    This was the condition of 142030 on the 20.00 Preston to Colne from Blackpool South last night. Not very welcoming, although I'm not sure how long it's been like this, but it's typical of the state of these Pacers around here. Do we know what units will be replacing these dreaded...