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    Great Western Electrification Progress

    Crowbridge road bridge was I thought a 1930's / 40's construction, it's a plate girder construction which as method had fallen out of use by the 60's. The usage of rolled sections for shorter spans and box girders for longer was common in the 60's and 70's. Even still the construction is a flat...
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    DfT: South Western Railway NOT Financially Sustainable

    GWR under direct award 5? is effectively a concession rather than a franchise with DfT defining the outputs and GWR responsible for delivery. The management contracts post 2013 will in end see the franchise having operated for longer under management contracts than the original franchise term. I...
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    Flybe problems - did they take rail improvements into account?

    The difficulty with simple annual mileage or self declared schemes is that their already is a cottage industry in clock wind back services for both resale and lease / finance mileage under reporting. Adding tax to the mix will result in wider percentage of population using such services to...
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    Flybe problems - did they take rail improvements into account?

    The leisure traveller just isn't going to pay £150 - £160 one way when easyjet have tickets for as little as £25. The Birmingham > Bristol, Manchester > Bristol flow prices are a problem in terms of trying price a Glasgow > Bristol flow competitively against easyjet. I've actually done Bristol >...
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    Great Western Electrification Progress

    The problem with construction is mobilisation, something rarely understood by clients/customers before you can actually start doing any work on the ground you first need to survey, design, price and procure the works realistically this is going to be a two to three year process. So to achieve...
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    Container lorry brings services to a halt

    A vehicle / load shouldn't exceed 5.03m (16'5) from the roadway this is minimum clearance above which a bridge doesn't need have its height indicated by way of a signage. All motorway or trunk road bridges should have at least 5.1m clearance. There is technically no limitation on the width...
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    State rail operator hunts for staff to run failing routes

    Previous transitions rarely had the timetable and stock changes happen simultaneously there would be a lag between introduction of new stock and then timetable changes to take advantage of the stock. I expect in a couple years once the new stock has bedded in and the staff re-training process...
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    Unite blames government for Hitachi job losses

    The press release Hitachi rail put out highlights that as part of the streamlining they're investing in adding both welding and painting facilities. TBH I expect the EMR, WC and First Scotland orders will have the bodyshells produced at Newton Aycliffe rather than Kasado.
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    HS2 Review ongoing

    The Berkeley report puts HS2 (complete, so inc phase 2) at £106bn, then highlights to deliver all benefits regional upgrades are also needed to tune of £43bn for connections and local service upgrades at £39bn so a total of £187bn for HS2 + everything recommended. His alternative is actually not...
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    ECML/MML major power problems (09/08)

    The permanent lock out introduced by the specification for version 3.27.x appears have been intended to cover situations where resetting without diagnosis could result in damage to the train which would then have been a problem from Siemens to fix. The lock out in event of transient low power...
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    Do GWR 800/802s decouple in service and should sets be extended to 9 cars?

    The reduction in power should/would translate into a reduction in fuel consumption, but may not see an improvement in efficiency indeed at less 100% load the efficiency may and likely will actually reduce, this is in part dependant on what the targeted power output was at design stage. Diesel...
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    Was the ITSO system ever meant to be rolled out across the entire network?

    The US has moved to chip and nothing 'cause pin pads was to bigger cost / complexity to rollout. The cards as issued are technically of the EMV (chip & pin) type just with the pin function not used. Contactless tap-in just isn't going to happen for long distance jouneys as the CC issuers and...
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    Do GWR 800/802s decouple in service and should sets be extended to 9 cars?

    Cummins claim a consumption of 215 g/kWh at 100% rated load whilst MTU a few years ago published a number of 196 g/kWh @660kw (885bhp). Converting these to l/h results in 215 x 560 / 1000 / 0.85 = 141l/h vs 196 x 660 / 1000 / 0.85 = 152l/h. Overall consumption of the MTU 1600 series is obviously...
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    Class 8̶0̶4̶ 810 for East Midlands Railway Construction/Introduction Updates

    I'd have thought that the first class driving unit would still have a mini food service area to both store trolley stock and allow the first class complimentary service to be operated. I'd expect the actual service to be trolley based either mobile or on the busiest static from the trolley base.
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    Petition to bring back the buffet on GWR

    Plane is only an alternative for Exeter to London City around 160 seats daily during the week in each direction, in comparison to the daily number of seats GWR yes it is a tiny alternative and probably no quicker than train. Generally paid for food service is not profitable for an operator, so...
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    CrossCountry Voyagers: No interior decor change in 12 years and counting

    Personally I can see the entire 22x fleet ending up with XC with a minor interior refresh to match the HST's and the fleet intended to see life into early 2030's then replacement probably by a new train type or a further evolution of the 80x family. EMR will I suspect place a follow on order for...
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    Petition to bring back the buffet on GWR

    The microwave gristle cheese burger certainly continued past BR into the Great Western, First Great Western and then First Greater Western era's, IIRC it must have been around '08 to '10 that it died to be limited only to the then travelling chef services, which suffered immensely from crew...
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    Was the ITSO system ever meant to be rolled out across the entire network?

    The problem with ITSO is project started from the wrong point that of the ticket being loaded and stored on the card/token replicating the functionality of paper tickets, which is understandable considering connectivity and cost thereof when the project started. So whilst in theory a ITSO card...
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    Do GWR 800/802s decouple in service and should sets be extended to 9 cars?

    Laira isn't currently a maintenance base for Hitachi only light servicing so using five cars to replace the short HST sets would still require the diagramming to send the units back to Stoke Gifford (or North Pole). Maliphant is also only a light servicing base so any Wales to West Country...
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    Avanti West Coast - Three classes of travel to be introduced

    I've have thought the PE tickets would be sold as some form of standard class ticket to get around corporate restrictions on first class booking, the question being will a PE standard have any flexibility or be a fixed time AP? The former being far more attractive to business travellers. One...