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    TGV Sensation of Speed At 320 km/h

    Ah, yes, in Spain, they also show maps and so on - between the films and documentaries! One time, there was a documentary I was interested in - and it turned out it was in English, with Spanish subtitles - perfect! Those headphones they hand out are so rubbish, though, meaning I use my own. I...
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    TGV Sensation of Speed At 320 km/h

    At least some TGV's have wifi and can show your speed and location on a map on your phone/computer. This is replicated on LCD screens at the coach ends. DB ICE's often show the train speed on the their P.I.S. too.
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    TGV Sensation of Speed At 320 km/h

    Before making the journey, I was hoping there was a chance of breaking the 2 hour barrier, but when we were delayed, I feared my hopes would be dashed. In reality, the delay may actually have actually helped, despite not getting a 100% clear run. I'd be interested to see a timetable graph for...
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    [Portugal] Old locomotive will be refurbished back to operation.

    Thank you for the continued updates. I look forward to when it will be possible to travel over again and enjoy the new (old) order!
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    TGV Sensation of Speed At 320 km/h

    Having already done the conventional loco-hauled route from Bordeaux to Paris, last May I decided to do a non-stop TGV over the high speed route. Unusually for me, I travelled first class, which cost a very reasonable €49. The 11:04 from Bordeaux to Paris departed 8 minutes late, due to the...
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    Eurotunnel Frequent Traveller Programme

    I was quite surprised by your keen interest - and nearly posted to that effect at the time!
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    TPE Nova 3 (Class 68 + Mk5s) Diagrams (no images please)

    There are some people in Scarborough who'd like to give the 68's a damn good thrashing*, as opposed to some of us, who appreciate their damn good thrashing! And now they are being told to stay at home ;-) (*spawns images of Basil Fawlty)
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    Iran Railways

    Here's an interesting German-made documentary (in English) about the Trans-Iranian Railway:
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    RealTimeTrains website

    Good man :-)
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    Czechia to temporarily suspend international trains

    Poland - travel ban:
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    RealTimeTrains website

    It makes you wonder how they manage in other countries, with printed posters showing the booked platform of every train?!?!
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    Special Offers Discussion

    Probably pulled, rather than sold out, in reality!
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    Remaining LNER Class 91 services

    Obviously, this is too late for your query, but when the website doesn't show what is planned, go part way through the booking process and look at the seating chart, which will provide the answer. Clearly, this can change on the day, epecially given they are often half a dozen or so Azuma sets...
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    TPE Nova 1 Class 802/2 Progress

    I suspect RTT is a little behind at the moment... This is now planned as Heaton to Tyne Yard, then Tyne Yard forward.
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    IC580 Terni-Milano Centrale

    On Monday, I travelled on EC279 11:44 Prague to Budapest as far as Bratislava. There were plenty of six seat compartments in second class, with very comfy seats. The one I travelled in even had opening windows. With regard to the Italian train, a list I got from European Rail Gen shows this...
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress (includes images)

    And not even any good at what they do... Perhaps they know it - hence the need to practice again and again :-(
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress (includes images)

    I'm not sure if you mean all the time, or just yesterday. Either way, that's not the case - the trains can be either way. The variation is such that people often report on gen groups which way round sets are, to help those going out to make photo's. Yesterday and today, 68027 was at the...
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    Transfer of LNER HST 125s to East Midlands Railway (EMR)

    Take a look at post 4 in this thread for current XC HST diagrams:
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    Transfer of LNER HST 125s to East Midlands Railway (EMR)

    That train is only booked to be an HST on certain days. It was booked to be a Voyager yesterday, irrespective of any failure. It did go ECS to Laira under its own power: (incorrectly input as LNER)...
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    MML 2+4 HST trial

    It's actually Rotherham Masborough, so neither was correct :lol: You pass through there and Chesterfield if you go via Sheffield or via the Old Road! Thanks for trying to clarify, though :)