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    Priv to Isle of Wight

    Safeguarded staff only who joined before 1st April 1995:
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    General Knowledge Quiz

    Correct - your floor. :)
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    General Knowledge Quiz

    Which one though. :)
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    General Knowledge Quiz

    Not him. :)
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    Local lockdown in Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and parts of West Yorkshire - Discussion

    Can we please discuss local lockdowns in this thread and keep discussion of Sweden to this thread please: thanks :)
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    General Knowledge Quiz

    Not John Cleese. This person is from a different era. This happened roundabout 1906.
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    UK face coverings discussion

    I thought guards were instructed by the RMT not to enforce mask wearing?
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    London Terminals - has something changed?

    That might be the case but it doesn't excuse staff refusing to acknowledge that there is inter-availability for some tickets even if that is just a "small subset".
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    Is there a genuine concern that this will happen or is it just speculation on your behalf?
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    Long term implications of suspending ticket checks

    In Germany they are inspecting tickets on all trains where ticket checking staff are normally provided (I'm just back from a few days there). Why can't we do that here?
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    Public Health England COVID-19 Data

    I suspect it really is just a technical problem but that doesn't stop the Twitter mob seeing "conspiracy" in everything.
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    London Terminals - has something changed?

    The fact that such tickets have been inter-available since 1979 and staff are still getting it wrong is nothing short of a disgrace. The industry really needs to get this sorted out. Its not that difficult - just plaster the words "tickets marked London Terminals are valid to Moorgate" (or...
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    Possible 'normal' holiday destinations

    Just back from a trip to southern Germany with another forum member. We spent most of the time there travelling about on trains and apart from the fact that we had to wear masks whilst in the train it was as "normal" as it could be with sometimes busy trains and regular ticket checks. There are...
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    General Knowledge Quiz

    What future comic actor made his debut on stage at a young age not knowing his father was in the audience?
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    UK officially enters recession

    Problem is that figures such as GDP etc are still abstract to most people and those advocating extreme anti COVID measures will say its all a price worth paying. They will soon change their tune however when they are presented with their P45 (which of course in their view will never happen to...
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    General Knowledge Quiz

    End Of The Line by The Traveling Wilburys
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    Reopening Of Schools

    Can we please stick to subject of this thread which is about schools reopening. Thanks. :)
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    If there was a second wave, what would you do if you were in power?

    Agreed - the term "safe" isn't an absolute. Nowhere / nothing is completely "safe".
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    Media Coverage of COVID -19

    This is why the Dowining St briefings were set up because at the time Matt Hancock was effectively announcing health policy via interviews with The Sunday Telegraph which was behind a paywall. We need these briefings back.
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    Reopening Of Schools

    The Schools must reopen at the start of term no ifs no buts. We can't allow our children's education to be sacrificed just because some Twitter/Facebook mob dictate otherwise.