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    Toilets on trains.

    All 4 toilets are in use on TPE Class 397s and work well. The only time one would lock out would be due to a shortage of water, on the 397's it's 4 toilets for 5 carriages so losing 1 wouldn't be an issue (if it eases your worries even if all was lost toilet stops would then be requested for en...
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    Northern sealing off one carriage; TPE's covid seating policy

    Yep, on TPE all the labels was deemed not of use from Saturday (a few trains might have still had them on pending removal)
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    Northern sealing off one carriage; TPE's covid seating policy

    Socially distancing labels on TPE got withdrawn at the weekend and now it's down to passengers discretion for social distancing on board(along with advice over PA from the cond/info on on board screens) puts it in line with some other TOCs, was actually a very useful appliance on the majority of...
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    TPE staff at Manchester Airport

    Certainly pre Covid there was auto station announcements made about Northern ticket validity(certainly for the WCML services)so never experienced an issue and on the rare occasions someone's got on the wrong train I've made sure they are on the right one from Man Picc. As mentioned way back up...
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    Announcements overkill

    Think they got that announcement wrong. It should be avoid the aisle seats when possible.
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    Announcements overkill

    Not sure if it's still the same but at the height of the pandremic Coach C was for crew only and taped/marked off.
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    Merseyrail Class 777

    Blimey, I thought they'd cleaned that cab end Coach both sides. What a mess, amazed they ran it looking so bad.
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    Merseyrail Class 777

    Think it was all done at Tonbridge judging by photos last week of it leaving Dollands, been cleaned but still some marks on the front and one or two of the coaches looking at the latest graphs. Suspect we won't see any further 777's in Tonbridge yard!
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    Merseyrail Class 777

    I hope that this is just the childish clowns being really determined to get in and vandalise thus going to extreme measures to trespass as otherwise whoever owns that Yard has severe security issues.
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    Merseyrail Class 777

    Anyone know why was it moved from Dollands Moor to Tonbridge Yard before delivery to Kirkdale?
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    TPE staff at Manchester Airport

    Edit:Tpjm post covers it.
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    Current Castle HST diagrams

    Cheers, much appreciated.
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    Face coverings to become mandatory in shops in England (includes poll)

    A few things need to happen now for me regarding masks. 1) We need to know what the Government's need to see happen before these restrictions are withdrawn. 2) A cap on the cost of a basic normal mask, if your poor things like this will matter. 3) Educate people on wearing masks so they don't...
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    Current Castle HST diagrams

    Does anyone know what the current Castle HST diagrams are?
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    Class 397 TPE "Nova 2" Diagrams

    Just as an update on this thread(came across it whilst looking for the current Castle HST diagrams!)all Manchester Airport/Liverpool to Edinburgh/Glasgow WCML services are booked 397's.
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    Any updates regarding the return of on-board catering and reopening of lounges at stations?

    If I was traveling long distance on the Railway I'd for now presume the buffet /trolley will be closed(or sell a small selection of items)and that some shops will be shut on the station so I'd come prepared. You may get lucky and the odd TOC may have something on board (I'd tweet them 1 hour...
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    Face Coverings - Advice on usage.

    Spot on. Whilst we may read about the 1 in 100,000 people who may have got asked personally about a mask the most you'll see or hear on the Railway is a poster reminding you or an automated station announcement/visual on a Train, the vast majority of staff will not be interested in you if masked...
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    Boss of Northern Rail Has a theory about why passengers are not prepared to travel.

    It's a valid point as some people are really scared however it's one that is decreasing particularly at certain times of the day. I had a couple of hen groups on board a very busy train today which is a sign of 'normal' returning.
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    Transport leaders urge Government to change its messaging on avoiding trains and buses

    Was told(haven't seen it officially yet)that the Rail Delivery Group are now telling TOCs that the essential travel message from the Government is to be relaxed with it being announced publicly this week. 'Lets Travel Safely this Summer' will be the new tag line..... Along the lines of wear a...