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    Current Castle HST diagrams

    Does anyone know what the current Castle HST diagrams are?
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    New European Loco/Units

    Has anyone got any info on any good mags/website/blogs/Yahoo or Facebook groups etc that detail new Locomotive, Unit and light rail/tram deliveries throughout Europe. I realise Todays Railways Europe covers some of this magazine wise and some German written Enthusiast mags but anyone know of...
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    New Trains Delivered since March 2020.

    First up I've posted this to multiple sites so apologies if you receive it twice. I’ve compiled a list of Brand New trains that have arrived on UK rails since March 2020(excluding those delivered direct to Test centres). I have a number of queries so if your able please could you email me any...
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    New Trains delivered in 2020

    Will try and keep this thread updated (with latest updates in bold),thus far I've got the following new vehicles as delivered (DD) in 2020...... 195021: Northern: DD 01/20 Edge Hill 195022: Northern: DD 01/20 Edge Hill 195023: Northern: DD ??/20 Edge Hill 195024: Northern: DD 02/20 Edge Hill...
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    2019 New Train Deliveries

    Hi, Appreciate every TOC has its own theme but these are what I've got 'delivered' thus far in 2019. Has anyone got any updates? If the Mods are ok with the thread i'll update it as/when further deliveries are reported and if information is forthcoming I'll update entry into traffic.. Updates...
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    MDB1Images Rail Ramblings

    Hi all, The chances of finding my bashing logs are probably nil (if they still exist it will be when I retire when I get around to hunting for them!). However a few snippets from my youth can be dug up but first this may be of intereset. A TOPS report as follows.... POWER REPORT FOR MOSSEND at...