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  1. AlistairCowell

    TrainSim Screenshots [Large Images]

    Ah, that rings a bell! It was Woodhead V1 that only ran as far as the Woodhead Tunnel, then a full Woodhead Route V2.2. Terrain was harder to create with MSTS (I don’t think rivet counters was even possible back then), so some sections were indeed flat where there were supposed to be hills and...
  2. AlistairCowell

    The "And in other news..." thread

    We've got no money, we're all doomed: BBC NEWS: Every person in the UK poor as the nation runs out of money https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-01042024
  3. AlistairCowell

    Princess of Wales has cancer

    Not very good news for the Royal Family. King Charles was diagnosed with cancer and now the Princess of Wales has it too. I believe this might be a first time any Royal Family had cancer, unless one of the members had it years ago which I can’t remember.
  4. AlistairCowell

    First Greater Glasgow

    You do need to log in for everything (like it or not) on Facebook now. Similar situation on X as well.
  5. AlistairCowell

    GBRF confirms conversion of Class 56s to Class 69s

    Class 419 was used as a loco, it carried GUV stock and also a water tank wagon. Could only carry like up to three wagons though. A BR Jaffa-Cake livery on a Class 69 would be nice, but would have been a first.
  6. AlistairCowell

    The "And in other news..." thread

    When nothing else exciting is happening, all we hear is Rishi and the Tory party and nothing else? After all it’s just a normal boring Tuesday in March.
  7. AlistairCowell

    Weird train-related dreams

    I dreamed last night about me being inside a very small railway exhibition with a small cafe, with a sandish-ground space outside bordered by a wooden fence (possibly a car park). There was a model of a Class 320 in early SPT livery inside the exhibition, similar to what 320307 had. A small...
  8. AlistairCowell

    What old stock still exists?

    Class 325 postal units as well, think they were the last to be built by BR.
  9. AlistairCowell

    Rishi Sunak and the Conservative Party.

    Dunno. Either May, if not this Autumn coming. By the way, something that nobody has yet mentioned, Chancellor’s Budget takes place tomorrow :{
  10. AlistairCowell

    Mk 3 sleeper coaches parked up in Earnock Sidings near Hamilton West

    Passed them once or twice a week, I believe they’re all painted grey for now.
  11. AlistairCowell

    Rishi Sunak and the Conservative Party.

    Sunak calling a General Election, I’d bet £1000 on it.
  12. AlistairCowell

    SWR Class 458 to be retained

    Now SWR is making a big mistake the way the Class 458 is going. And a very big one when they did away with the 442 after such investment. They’re just playing then caring about their passengers - OLR them!
  13. AlistairCowell

    The early years of Class 56s and Construction

    Well, the Romanian batch was a lot slower than expected, the quality was not up to standard as well as it’s resultant rebuild, and they eventually entered service around the same time as the BREL ones.
  14. AlistairCowell

    The early years of Class 56s and Construction

    Candlelight? I take the works in Romania was dark and their electricity was poor. Or were the candles used as a tool? Romania was behind the Iron Curtain at the time, and it seemed bizarre that Brush Traction did place its contract at a locomotive works in the Warsaw Pact country.
  15. AlistairCowell

    The early years of Class 56s and Construction

    I think they had bodywork issues that had to be ironed out surely, as a result of their bodywork having being flattened by the use of the hammer whilst being constructed there.
  16. AlistairCowell

    GW 769s to Scotrail?

    Too late, Northern Class 319s have been taken to the Newport National Railway Scrapyard and got thrown in a shredder.* Converting a Class 769 back in any form would have been unviable, so Class 769 it is. *We all know that this facility is the dreaded Sims Metals facility where many BREL EMUs...
  17. AlistairCowell

    GW 769s to Scotrail?

    It is confusing that ScotRail had said that there would be no plans to introduce Class 769s while Brodies painted a 769 in ScotRail base livery - but there can only be one decision. You never know, may be they removed the TSO trailers (like it did when they did the Class 320/4 conversions)...
  18. AlistairCowell

    The "And in other news..." thread

    Sad news for Coronation Street fans today - Fred Elliot actor John Savident dies at 86: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-68380093
  19. AlistairCowell

    GBRF confirms conversion of Class 56s to Class 69s

    69011 (ex-56009 / 56201) now fresh out of the shop at PR Longport: https://www.flickr.com/photos/7304949@N05/53520867609/in/pool-1980254@N25/
  20. AlistairCowell

    Google Consent Statements…

    It has been seen before, but I’ve noticed in the last week that more websites are now receiving a ‘Google Consent’ statement which you have to respond before using the site. Even this forum has got a ‘Google Consent’ panel, and even some apps have got them. I got that statement when I used one...