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    Cleanliness of Northern line trains

    The problem is finance it costs to keep these trains clean by changing the seats etc and Transport For London are spending their money on upgrading other lines such as the Central and Piccadilly lines.
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    C2C class 720 updates

    Have they started working weekends yet?
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    District line closure Thursday to Sunday

    This is what WNXX told me How would stopping the Piccadilly line at Turnham Green prevent buses from “clogging up” Chiswick High Road when they still need to serve all of the stations…? Or is this in fact just a continuation of your personal crusade to have trains stop at Turnham Green...
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    District line closure Thursday to Sunday

    Exactly I made a thread about this and I got lame excuses about trains having to run at reduced linespeed between Hammersmith and Acton Town and they need to inhibit congestion but that's not true because there are no engineers on the line. Plus I mentioned this on the WNXX forum and got lame...
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    Could the Piccadilly line make additional calls during District line Engineering Works 26th-29th October?

    They've done it before during previous closures when only 1 pair of tracks is in use!
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    Could the Piccadilly line make additional calls during District line Engineering Works 26th-29th October?

    I meant single bore tunnel the one that's really noisy west of Earl's Court.
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    Could the Piccadilly line make additional calls during District line Engineering Works 26th-29th October?

    There is no District line service to Richmond, Ealing Broadway and Olympia due to drain works in the single ball tunnel near Earl's Court. Could the Piccadilly line stop at Ravenscourt Park, Stamford Brook (westbound only) and Turnham Green or at least just stop at Turnham Green between these...
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    Class 315 Farewell Event

    This tour needs to be postponed by a week because of the aslef strike see https://aslef.org.uk/publications/aslef-announces-another-day-strike-action. Otherwise those who have booked tickets may no be able to make the tour because there aren't any trains!
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    3rd rail infills and extensions may have a future after all…

    Real shame about most of those trains 442's should never have been dumped in the first place and neither should the 456's 319's could've worked a few more years and the re-tractioned 455's could've done a few more years.
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    Capacity Constraints on South Western Railway

    They're not cleared for most of the SWR network.
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    Capacity Constraints on South Western Railway

    WNXX had previously told me that they were going to be brought back until there was sufficient stock available.
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    Capacity Constraints on South Western Railway

    The class 701 thread keeps mentioning a reduction in capacity due to withdrawals of rolling stock without any replacement. Given the 701's aren't entering service anytime soon could the 456's not be reinstated to provide additional capacity along with the 5 remaining 442's otherwise if the 707's...
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    Future of the Greater Anglia "Retanus" Units

    Hydrogen conversion has been mooted.
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    Southern 313 withdrawal, planned date?

    379's to Great Northern to displace 387's to Southern in turn displacing 377's to replace 455's. Meanwhile 465/9's to Southeastern Victoria-Ashford etc to displace 377/5's to Southern to replace 313's.
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    Class 319's into storage/withdrawals tracker

    One of my friends caught an LNWR 319 on a Saturday working at Tring.
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    Incomplete Preserved Emus

    What about the 442 on static display at Eastleigh could that not be returned for railtours on the Southern region we are quite miffed that they didn't get a proper send off and neither did the 456's :frown:
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    Incomplete Preserved Emus

    I've read in the latest issue of Express it says that the Northumbria group have acquired a pair of 442's along with an ex MK3 buffet car it also mentioned restoring a Class 405 (4SUB) back into working order as well.
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    Preservation of Southern region stock

    Been reading the latest issue of Express and there was an article about preserving Southern Region stock. Apparently a 4 SUB (Class 405) unit is undergoing restoration to possible working order. Plus Northumbria Rail have acquired a pair of 5 WES (Class 442) for preservation working with a...
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    Could Class 769's be used on Cardiff-Portsmouth

    Taken from this thread. https://www.railforums.co.uk/threads/through-gwr-bedwyns-to-be-axed-from-may-2022.228842/page-8 If we're not careful then some 'bright spark' (no pun intended) will suggest to DfT they'd be better using 769s on Cardiff-Portsmouth I know it's unlikely but would it work as...
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    GWR Class 769 information. (Units no longer with GWR - Off Lease March 23)

    The article about them in latest issue of Todays Railways UK thinks it will be soon.