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    Travelling with Friends

    https://www.firstmyrewards.co.uk/user/login Register on the above website. This is open to employees of First Group operated companies. You have a fixed quota of 'Family & Friends' tickets each year that you can use on the relevant train companies operated by First Group (also bus travel and...
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    Journeys that are quicker on 2xxx than 1xxx

    1A98, the 19:05 Paignton to London Paddington service is scheduled to sit at Dawlish Warren to be overtaken by 2U32, the 16:50 Penzance to Cardiff Central service. This is in order to offer a connection at Exeter St Davids from stations in Cornwall and West Devon into the last service to...
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    Lumo overspeed incident at Peterborough (17/04/2022)

    I was thinking along the lines of brought down to a red while the signaller was making their regulating decision with the signal then clearing into platform one.
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    Lumo overspeed incident at Peterborough (17/04/2022)

    It is also possible that even with flashing aspects provided, the train was checked down before the route was set through platform one. If it hadn't been noticed by the driver that the route had cleared towards platform one instead of platform 3 they could accelerate to a speed as if routed...
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    Information phrases which grate

    Another announcement (which seems to be prevalent on GWR) is 'Coaches x and y will not be PLATFORMED at the next station.'
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    Cross Country Service Reductions and Alterations, 28-11-2021 onwards

    Indeed. My previous was a hypothesis as to why one individual at one depot wasn't allowed to retain traction knowledge. The wider issue as you say is the over reliance on RDW to cover.
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    Cross Country Service Reductions and Alterations, 28-11-2021 onwards

    Many thanks for the confirmation. My hypothesis can be discarded.
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    Cross Country Service Reductions and Alterations, 28-11-2021 onwards

    I am not sure your 'exactly' statement is accurate. The problem is actually the company being ill prepared for the non-renewal of the RDW agreement. If I moved TOC and they told me I had to lose route/traction knowledge then I wouldn't be 'disgusted', it would be up to me to decide whether I...
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    Cross Country Service Reductions and Alterations, 28-11-2021 onwards

    In BR days I would agree, however not in the privatised railway. Otherwise a driver in a junior link with limited traction/route knowledge for some time could just be leap-frogged by somebody new to the company who has more traction/route knowledge. The person who has been loyal to the company...
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    Cross Country Service Reductions and Alterations, 28-11-2021 onwards

    Possibly a result of the link that they will start in? Moving to a different TOC voluntarily results in a loss of seniority. If the link joined for new entrants at the new TOC doesn't have HST work then this is not surprising. Previous traction knowledge doesn't override the agreed linking...
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    Track reconstruction around Fisherton Tunnel / Salisbury Tunnel Junction

    There were multiple wrong side track circuit failures yesterday in the Salisbury area with circuits clearing with trains in section. There were also multiple reports of reportable low adhesion and a service experienced a severe wheelslide under braking coming down Alderbury bank approaching...
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    Collision and derailment near Salisbury (Fisherton Tunnel) 31/10/21

    On 158/159 units, an emergency brake application provides the same brake force as a full service step 3 brake application. The reason the emergency position is provided is because it is fail safe. The Westcode electro-pneumatic system uses 3 wires which are energised in different sequences...
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    There is an ongoing issue with the lamp proving for the banner repeater for NT1368 signal (the platform 3 up direction starting signal) requiring it to be treated as unreliable until such time that it can be rectified. This could take some time as it will require a full isolation of the OLE and...
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    Bristol Temple Meads - eastern approach remodelling

    Not any more. If approaching a mid-platform signal at danger, the TPWS overspeed sensors are effectively set as if approaching a buffer stop (because of the back to back layout of the mid platform signals) so the train speed over these will need to be below the trip speed (12.5 mph) but the...
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    Longest Distance to a Rail Replacement Bus Stop

    The Rail Replacement Bus stop for Avoncliff during planned engineering works is in Westwood village. From the station, this requires a walk over the canal aqueduct in order to cross the River Avon, then underneath the same aqueduct and then a walk up a steep hill on a narrow lane out of the...
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    Different Driver Depot, Route and Traction cards

    Indeed no allocated work, however diversionary routes are permitted such as Havant and Chandlers Ford/Box Tunnel/Bristol Parkway to Patchway with route knowledge retained with route refreshers. If the points fail at Portcreek or a defect requires a train to be turned, a GWR service can be (and...
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    Different Driver Depot, Route and Traction cards

    The problem is that on the licence it only shows as something like 'Cosham to Farlington to Portcreek' and doesn't actually say Havant. As the only means of undertaking such a signalled move is by changing ends at Havant, they are conversant with the road to Havant. It seems to be the lack of...
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    Different Driver Depot, Route and Traction cards

    Incorrect. I know plenty of Westbury drivers who sign Havant.
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    Trivia: Stations that look identical to each other

    They both use the prefabricated platforms and shelters from the closed Cattistock Halt which was a few miles south of Chetnole. One station got the former up platform and the other the former down platform. Similarly, both of the platforms and shelters survive at the closed Bradford Peverell &...
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    Trivia: most underwhelming end to a main route?

    Still closed. To add to the gloom, the shop on the station has also closed down (Chew Choo which was located in the former travel centre) although there are several convenience stores immediately outside of the station. Although the location means the seafront can be reached in a couple of...