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    ASLEF strikes 5th-8th April weekend

    You fully know why depots over established have a free day agreement…..
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    A train being prepped. Door release test part of the process.
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    Avanti Qualified Drivers - Euston, Wolves and Liverpool (06/03/2024)

    Thanks for the detail and roster. Think I’ll pass.
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    Avanti Qualified Drivers - Euston, Wolves and Liverpool (06/03/2024)

    How many spare weeks are you likely to get in a year? Thanks for posting some of the T&Cs which seem a little bit harsher than where I am. However, the question I have is do you enjoy it and do you find the T&Cs hard going? I guess the extra working Sundays add a bit more money. I’m tempted...
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    Train Drivers and Operational Managers - we want to hear from you!

    I’ve completed the survey. I’ve also received an email from Aslef encouraging drivers to complete it. That sort of demonstrates the unions willingness to support change for the future of the railways which will be forgotten about if more strikes are announced…..
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    Drivers v Signallers

    Happened to me today, I’ve one train to contend with while they’ve got a few to deal with. I wouldn’t get frustrated tbh as that’s a shoe in for an incident at some point in the future…..
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    ASLEF announce five days of strike action on LNER due to potential implementation of Minimum Service Law

    Journalism isn’t a great paying job, but it’s not always about the money…. I enjoyed being a journo all those years ago. Wouldn’t do it now. Pity the client journos.
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    Driver - Uniform- Advice please

    The female drivers I tend to work with wear polo shirts and trousers and boots. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    As with the 707s acceleration is very quick, so much so that where in previous stocks you’d open fully and remain within that specific speed limit for that part of the network, it’ll be easy to over speed if you fully open on a 701/707, so many drivers won’t take full power when leaving certain...
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    Aslef strikes and OT ban called…

    I have no doubt he really likes his job, and I think he’s been doing it a long time. I know most of my colleagues have a moan but are happy in their job (as am I); and I know many of my mates in other occupations moan about the monotony in their careers but on the whole happy with their lot.
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    Aslef strikes and OT ban called…

    I don’t think that will be the case, think they’ve been briefed to cut back on accommodated staff….
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    Aslef strikes and OT ban called…

    It’s only my experience but talking to a couple of friends on a day out recently, they’ve admitted to enjoying WFH but their respective companies are expecting them to be in the office a lot more now which they understand. I guess that will be replicated elsewhere and I don’t want to take this...
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    Aslef strikes and OT ban called…

    I’ve been sworn at by people passing by the picket a couple of times and criticised when leaving my train on work to rule days, I get their frustrations but I’m happy to continue until they drop the T&C change mantra for now.
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    SWR Class 458 to be retained

    Definitely the cab seat design and how it’s adjusted needs looking at. Takes forever to adjust and also the base of the seat has sharp metal exposed so if not careful you could tear the skin on your legs. HVAC probably needs looking at. They leak terribly when it rains. Cab noise isn’t good...
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    Cracked tracks reported by BBC South Today reporter.

    Saw this on BBC South Today, slightly concerning for sure. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-67547092
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    Thameslink driver refuses to move train 16/11

    If you work in a safety critical role, be it police, paramedics, bouncers, drivers, guards etc etc there’s a good chance you’ll be fatigued by the repeated actions of people under the influence of whatever. It’s even more important that we ensure we do the right thing and ensure our...
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    Thameslink driver refuses to move train 16/11

    Sorry fella I have to disagree about it being ridiculous for sending the guard to jail. Totally negligent. But I think the driver dealing with this yesterday has demonstrated how professional they are. I don’t understand why the OP appears to get off on the driver hopefully getting a...
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    What's it like driving for Southeastern?

    I’d join, get trained, attempt to keep a clean safety of the line record, after about 18 months start applying for the other TOCs which will be looking for replacing swathes of drivers coming up for retirement. Good luck.
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    Collision and derailment near Salisbury (Fisherton Tunnel) 31/10/21

    A medical is a yearly requirement once you hit 55 as a driver so at his last medical he was passed fit to drive. Not many in the seat at that age for sure.