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  1. J

    West of England Line "No Fares available" on Saturday

    Well I used the service on Saturday and bought a ticket from the machine. On the way west I counted a maximum of 4 passengers in the entire carriage (it was 6 carriages in total). On the way back it was busier, around 1/4 full. However it seems the SWR plan to scare away most passengers worked...
  2. J

    West of England Line "No Fares available" on Saturday

    SWR don't offer reservations.
  3. J

    West of England Line "No Fares available" on Saturday

    If I put for example Yeovil Junction to Exeter Central return on Saturday (6th April) National Rail shows trains running (direct) but against all journey shows "No Fares Available". The journey times do not look to be longer than usual (around 1 hour) so what is going on? Have train fares become...
  4. J

    Airports outside the UK and Ireland with eGates that accept UK passports

    From memory Turin I believe though you have to get a stamp after. I think also Amsterdam Schiphol.
  5. J

    London to Ashwell and Morden - Sunday 17th March

    Thanks everyone who responded confirming the ticket is valid to both stations. Disappointing the National Rail planner gets it wrong though. As to the forums own ticket site, the default view is best value and this only shows half the return trains. Same if you click fastest. You only see all...
  6. J

    London to Ashwell and Morden - Sunday 17th March

    I am trying to buy a flexible ticket for this journey on Sunday. I don't mind whether I leave from London Kings Cross or London St Pancras but that is what seems to be causing confusion and I don't know what ticket to buy and different websites tell me different things. Taking (for example)...
  7. J

    Walking and Rambling discussion

    The Green Chain walk perhaps? I did it a few years ago and you could join several sections together I imagine to cover the distance you are after.
  8. J

    How the term "rail replacement bus" is viewed.

    Also it's pot luck if they accept luggage or not. Officially it's no but many operators of buses do accept it. Likewise cyclists will be out of luck.
  9. J

    Local radio stations

    Wow sad to hear this as I listen to Wave 105 quite often but I knew it was owned by Bauer so this was likely only a matter of time. They seem on a quest to destroy all local radio and I think one of the Wave 105 transmitters already became Greatest Hits radio. I certainly still listen to the...
  10. J

    Heavy handed staff presence at Clapham Junction?

    Yes but the problem there is people congregating near the escalators and lifts blocking the whole width of the platform (which to be honest is not very wide) so it's often the case that the only way to get to the less crowded parts of the platform is to cross the yellow line. Sometimes too if...
  11. J

    Swanage Railway - trains to Wareham 2024

    Sad to hear because I'm sure I remember Swanage Railway saying that the passenger numbers of the 2017 trial exceeded predictions. I know a few commented here that the 2023 timetable seemed designed to fail with poor connections and quite a short time in Swanage. I don't know what constrains they...
  12. J

    Remaining Effects of Covid

    Personally i was very disappointed in the scientists at the enquiry. They seemed to insist that lockdown was the only solution and the only question was when, for how long and how harsh. There seems to be absolutely no interest in looking what other countries did and what could be learned from...
  13. J

    Stations with roads inside

    Helensburgh central you can drive and park under the canopy.
  14. J

    What functions cannot be performed by Ticket Vending Machines, and why?

    I don't think any ticket machines can sell boundary zone 6 tickets.
  15. J

    Experiences of travelling with Wizz Air

    I used them a week or so ago. It was fairly chaotic on the way out as a change to the type of plane meant many people got assigned a different seat, including me at boarding. Unfortunately not all passengers noticed or were notified at boarding which led to a lot of people claiming someone was...
  16. J

    Major Fire at Luton Airport (10/10/23)

    Yes it's chaotic. I planned to use it but all the buses jammed full and a long wait, so I walked. The roads were all congested from before the roundabout by the hotel and turning for the long stay car park. However there was also congestion on the pavement due to the number of people walking and...
  17. J

    Train company NOT booking rail replacement buses

    Announcement today on SWR that some stations today have no service today because of engineering works and a "national shortage of bus drivers". They are rural places too like Tisbury so I doubt there are public buses that could be used on a Sunday there either. Extremely poor service.
  18. J

    Ranger & Rover Tickets - Shrouded in Secrecy

    Although withdrawn now I was sold the Strathclyde day ranger or whatever it was called because the member of staff at the ticket office found it was cheaper than the ticket I was buying (a return from Paisley Gilmour Street to Girvan I think). Saved me a fair bit as it was also valid on a bus I...
  19. J

    Eurostar changes

    Exactly. The last time I used Eurostar they said to check how early to arrive on your boarding pass, possibly they vary the advise depending on the time of day or how busy a service is? But mine said 60 to 90 minutes before departure but when I arrived, 70 minutes before departure I was told I...
  20. J

    Ayr Station Hotel Fire 28/05/2023 and now on fire again 25/09/2023

    Easy to say with hindsight of course but given the hotel is an integral part of the station and included the ticket office, it seems an odd decision for the rail authorities to not retain ownership of the building. I would have thought owning the building but leasing it to the hotel owners might...