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  1. LOL The Irony

    Confirmed : HS2 West Midlands-Manchester line to be scrapped and replaced with other projects.

    I don't see what (if much) journey time improvements for Manchester are going to happen but Scotland's journey times are going to be significantly worse without tilting rolling stock. I forsee the Pendolinos becoming the new HSTs; staying on in front line service well past their use by date...
  2. LOL The Irony

    Potential up to 2,000 job losses at Alstom Derby

    When are the Hydrogen prototype Aventras being built? I know it's only 10 units but it should bolster things for a bit.
  3. LOL The Irony

    Carmont (near Stonehaven) derailment - 12 August 2020

    So in a roundabout way, Network Rail will pay a grand total of £0.00? Excuse my ignorance but couldn't the judge (well sheriff in this case) instead order that they spend the same amount of money towards ensuring the chances of another accident like this happening again are as close to 0 as...
  4. LOL The Irony

    CrossCountry HST Diagrams

    What are the diagrams looking like next week, specifically Thursday?
  5. LOL The Irony

    Blackpool Trams News

    Can't as the illuminations now run through to the end of the year. They only have January - Easter as an off season now, which can be a period as short as a little over 3 months. Indeed. It was a giant waste of money and they've spent the last 10 years sitting around doing essentially bugger...
  6. LOL The Irony

    Secrets Of The London Underground.

    Well I can probably guess some of the reasons behind that. Firstly, it's pretty apparent that they only get access to certain areas (wouldn't surprise me if this is a tfl/production company insurance thing) and are usually limited by time. The second issue is that for every minute of footage you...
  7. LOL The Irony

    Northern Tender for up to 450 units

    I'm going to take a stab at CAF, Alstombardier and maybe hitachi, Siemens and Stadler. Though as others say, it'll most likely be awarded to someone with a UK factory, which Stadler lack. On another note, I'm going to point out that it says up to 450 units, meaning we may (will) get less than...
  8. LOL The Irony

    Reinstate the line from Glazebrook to Skelton junction could ease congestion at Castlefield

    Reversing them at Piccadilly would be worse than just running them through castlefield. The former is a completely silly idea, the latter is potentially more workable but seems like an incredibly roundabout way of getting from Manchester to Liverpool. At least the Taskforce proposal of sending...
  9. LOL The Irony

    TPE franchise to move to OLR

    If only there were people on this thread who were telling everyone that OLR won't solve much, if anything...
  10. LOL The Irony

    How to make Sheffield Victoria an attractive concept

    I don't see a need for a new Victoria unless Woodhead reopens, so services going that way to Manchester can serve Sheffield. That's the only way it can possibly reopen imo.
  11. LOL The Irony

    Filming interaction with on board staff

    I have. And I was making a point about the wearing of bodycams and being filmed, especially during a dispute. It's not my intention to look smart, depending on your definition. Because it was, in my opinion, not; 1. Reasonable to film the guard during that interaction. 2. Relevant to the...
  12. LOL The Irony

    Filming interaction with on board staff

    Then (for the umpteenth time) they should find a different job if the prospect of being filmed by the public is so contentious for them. In fact, avoid public roles in general. Just because bodycam footage can't be used in the same way as footage recorded on a phone by a private individual...
  13. LOL The Irony

    Filming interaction with on board staff

    If you're wearing a bodycam (which is what I've been talking about the entire time) and you don't want to be filmed yourself, I'd argue that you are the entitled one.
  14. LOL The Irony

    Filming interaction with on board staff

    I haven't tied myself in any knot. You're free to record if you feel like it and also free not to. Find the knots. I'd guess that possessing a ticket gives you implied access to wherever it is valid and passengers are permitted.
  15. LOL The Irony

    Filming interaction with on board staff

    No, strawman. It uses implied right of access, meaning it is public property until that right is revoked. So they can stop you from filming, but if you're in the middle of an Interaction, this won't be a good look.
  16. LOL The Irony

    Filming interaction with on board staff

    Were you in dispute in the guard or just discussing the fact that you got on the wrong train like a human?
  17. LOL The Irony

    Filming interaction with on board staff

    I don't think it would be reasonable to whip out your phone during that interaction, to be frank. In fact, it feels like a strawman argument you're trying to make. If you are in a dispute with a passenger who's filming you because you have a bodycam on and you don't like that fact, find a job...
  18. LOL The Irony

    Filming interaction with on board staff

    That's the way the cookie crumbles. If you can't deal with that, then find a new line of work that isn't public facing. So how do you go to the toilet? Adobe premier pro, Avid media composer, Davinci resolve... Something tells me that a similar situation has happened to you before and now...
  19. LOL The Irony

    Filming interaction with on board staff

    That's why you wear a bodycam then. It's a self serving issue, but a necessary one.
  20. LOL The Irony

    Filming interaction with on board staff

    They are still filming you and it can easily be switched off like a phone can, to present the evidence in a certain way. If anyone who wears a bodycam can't handle they themselves being filmed from a reasonable distance, then I advise finding something else to do that doesn't involve wearing...