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    Michael Portillo's railway programme Geat British Railway journeys.

    This week has seen the start of series 3 of spinoff(?) Great Coastal Railway Journeys. Yesterday’s episode was set entirely exploring the railway mecca that is the Isles of Scilly.....;)
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    [Trivia] Largest UK railway station to have a subway and/or footbridge but no lifts?

    The Elizabeth line has changed that, albeit only to those platforms
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    Buses in Cyprus

    Thank you - a good find
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    Buses in Cyprus

    Travelling to Cyprus for a week's holiday. I'm aware that over the years various British buses have been exported to the island. Does anyone have any information about what is out there and where it sees use please?
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    which TOC does he claim from

    The company who caused the delay
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    How the term "rail replacement bus" is viewed.

    “How the term "rail replacement bus" is viewed.”? Brilliant- usually a free bus rally as the TOC cobbles together an eclectic mix of bus and coaches to photograph. Just wish they’d make them run to time.
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    Derailment between Hersham & Walton on Thames (04/03)

    The 'BA crew buses' are operated under contract by BM Coaches who presumably had some spare at the weekend to use on rail replacement. The last three weekends have seen replacement bus services over this stretch of line which have included an Imperial College Inter Campus Shuttle bus (operated...
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    European cities with ‘classic’ bus/tram still in service

    As well as Scania and MAN vehicles of a similar vintage
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    Best Train spotting stations (updated)

    Acton Main Line is probably better than Paddington as you will get freight plus the Elizabeth line (the latter is underground at Paddington).
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    European cities with ‘classic’ bus/tram still in service

    Lisbon still has classic trams running, with a trip out to nearby Sintra for the Sintra Tramway worth it (although check it is running in advance). Also Portuguese territory is Madeira which has a nice selection of 1990s buses, especially when a cruise ship visits the capital Funchal Croydon...
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    Brighton to Manchester route?

    This routing, when the service was withdrawn, was the cause of the weekly ‘parliamentary’ bus service which linked Ealing Broadway with Wandsworth Road. Probably also the reason why Ealing Broadway often had Cross Country timetables in the publicity racks
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    Trivia: Bus routes that cannot use double decker vehicles

    London's H37 uses single deckers to pass under the bridge at St John's Road in Isleworth. The bridge has claimed a few roofs from rail replacement buses over the years. 358 linking Orpington to Crystal Palace also pass under a low bridge. Rail replacement buses west of Northolt on the Central...
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    Off-peak Friday fares trial to start for Tube and trains in London

    This story has appeared online. Interesting to see if at the end of three months (conveniently just after the Mayoral election) if it is quietly forgotten or remains a permanent feature of the fares landscape in the capital. Wonder how much of a difference it will make to passenger numbers...
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    Traksy Website

    These platforms are only used during times, like today, when the slow lines are closed
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    Carousel Buses (Go-Ahead group)

    Are we certain that Reading own the Flightline brand? Could it be a Heathrow Airport initiative to create a common brand for the non TfL buses serving the airport? Heathrow have increased their support for buses in the last few years
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    Dorchester West to Weymouth

    If there are no ticketing facilities it is absolutely fine to buy from the guard on board. They will probably come and find you as I cannot imagine many passengers joining at Dorchester West at that time of the day
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    Has public transport ever run on Christmas and Boxing day?

    Apologies, no electronic link, but Rail 999 (published today) has an article about Christmas Day rail services
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    West Country Independents

    Are these the first ever brand new buses acquired by Faresaver?
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    Trivia : Popular tube journeys requiring a change

    There are posters on the gate line at Waterloo giving directions for this journey
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    Schoolboy, 15, dragged off train by conductor

    Whilst there is always two sides to every story and the conductor should receive a fair chance to put this to his employer, this video presents it as very much excessive use of force. If I did that in my job (teaching) it would definitely be a meeting without biscuits and probably dismissal...