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  1. Alfie1014

    PF/UKRT Western Champion 'One Way Wizzo' Railtour 14/4/24

    My bad 57 for me is more interesting than a 66!
  2. Alfie1014

    PF/UKRT Western Champion 'One Way Wizzo' Railtour 14/4/24

    It’s the stock off of yesterdays ‘Harbourmaster’ tour, with first class (unfortunately) at the buffer stop ends. The 66 that bought yesterdays tour presumably stays on the back until Bescot yard where it reverses to get to New St. This is why the speed limit is 75mph. I’m in coach A too so...
  3. Alfie1014

    Beaulieu Park Station Construction

    You can watch it here https://network-rail.wistia.com/medias/vo8jcdryuh without the annoying ads! I don’t think there would be room for a 4th platform (if it were ever to be needed) the island platform is very wide and the eventual up line will be quite close to the A12 slip road part of which...
  4. Alfie1014

    How common are dividing trains in the UK?

    A couple of extra weekday splits on GA from the June timetable. The 16:14 Liv St to Clacton splits at Colchester with the rear 5 forming a new (well restored) 17:26 to Walton on the Naze (via Colch Town) and the 16:42 Liv St to Clacton also splits at Colchester with the rear 5 forming a portion...
  5. Alfie1014

    June 2024 Timetable Change

    Thanks for that explanation, as under normal operation only a couple of freights a day are booked into the goods line at Colchester rather than at least 2 passenger services an hour I wonder if this could ever be reviewed? Of course at times of disruption it occurs more frequently and there‘s...
  6. Alfie1014

    GEML delays near Ilford (28/03)

    Apparently been pretty much abandoned since 2008 and owned by an off shore company based in Jersey!
  7. Alfie1014

    GEML delays near Ilford (28/03)

    I wonder if it’s from the old Harrison Gibson building which seems to have been abandoned and covered in scaffolding for years?
  8. Alfie1014

    GEML delays near Ilford (28/03)

    Good luck with that GA are ‘Xing’ that passengers should find their own way home and claim back expenses through Customer Services. WA services have been no better this evening with the line blocked at Stansted Mountfitchet. Lots of trains out of place Liverpool Street currently has 15 out of...
  9. Alfie1014

    June 2024 Timetable Change

    I‘ve always wondered why the approach to plat 1 at Colchester doesn’t have flashing yellows it’s frustrating to bowl along to be checked down to walking pace then accelerate back up to almost 40 into the platform? Would help the following Norwich’s to get the xx:18 Clacton and xx:36 Colchester...
  10. Alfie1014

    TRIVIA: Examples of train refurbishments (past or present) that were a step up from the same train's previous interior

    Agreed the changes were amazing and transformed the travelling experience, especially as the 307s and 302s trailer cars eventually were re-bogied with surplus B4/5 bogies from withdrawn MkI hauled stock.
  11. Alfie1014

    Class 799 mainline trials

    Surprised how noisy the hydrogen gubbins (technical term) is!
  12. Alfie1014

    June 2024 Timetable Change

    Yep up to 17 tph in the evening high peak hour (mirroring that already operating in the morning peak) compared to 20 pre COVID. The pattern on the main line is also better in my view with most evening peak Clacton services fast Stratford to Chelmsford. Walton on the Naze has its through trains...
  13. Alfie1014

    Passenger numbers heading into spring ‘24

    The trains may offer more seats but there’s 1 fewer peak service 06:48 ex NOR and 18:10 back and the 06:28 is 11 x 755 (with only 550 seats) so the overall number of peak seats provided on Norwich services now is pretty much similar to that of May 2019. That said the changes to the peak GEML...
  14. Alfie1014

    Greater Anglia Bombardier Aventras (Class 720): Technical discussion and introduction

    Since the December timetable change and the restoration of the all day 15 minute service 2 Stansted diagrams have been operated by pairs of (unmodified) 720s.
  15. Alfie1014

    Reading West Revamp

    What a miss-mash of signage and wayfaring! And no CAPITALISATION the guidance for nearly 25 years is that it all should be in lower case!
  16. Alfie1014

    Bilbao to Madrid (and then Portugal)

    I travelled over the Miranda dep Ebro to Bilbao line last year for the first time, very scenic but the afternoon IC service was a 2 car suburban EMU!
  17. Alfie1014

    Beaulieu Park Station Construction

    Just passed through the site for the first time this morning, there appears to be a 50mph temporary speed restriction on both roads with up services using the new crossovers to gain access to the centre road and the former up line OOU. Down services use the new down platform line.
  18. Alfie1014

    Beaulieu Park Station Construction

    I thought I’d have a look at what’s coming up at weekends for the Spring and there isn’t a single weekend between now and up to and including Easter when the route between LST and Norwich is fully open and there aren’t buses for some portion. So except the two weekends just before Xmas 16/17 and...
  19. Alfie1014

    Disruption on HS1 due to signalling problems caused by flooding in the Thames Tunnel.

    Is this not far from where a water main burst earlier in the year that caused the A226 road to partly collapse? May of course be totally unconnected.
  20. Alfie1014

    Paris RENFE services from 01/09/2024, maybe

    But they use Perrache currently as I imagine it’s easier to stable trains between workings, hopefully if going through to Paris they’ll use Part Dieu.