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  1. Halish Railway

    Avanti West Coast Rolling Stock Updates

    Am I right in thinking that there is no interworking between the West Midlands to London and Holyhead/Chester to London services?
  2. Halish Railway

    Class 730 LNR & WMR Delivery/test Updates

    730008 and 730009 as posted on Facebook.
  3. Halish Railway

    Class 730 LNR & WMR Delivery/test Updates

    That would give the following workings 0607 Birmingham New Street to Lichfield Trent Valley 0709 Lichfield Trent Valley to Bromsgrove 0830 Bromsgrove to Lichfield Trent Valley 1009 Lichfield Trent Valley to Bromsgrove 1129 Bromsgrove to Lichfield Trent Valley 1309 Lichfield Trent Valley to...
  4. Halish Railway

    Loco haulage in Sweden (and some other questions)

    One thing that I would advise would be to have a European style plug for any electronic device you bring rather than using an adapter. I remember using an adapter on an X2000, fitted with the same seats and presumably plug sockets as the locomotive hauled coaching stock and having the earth...
  5. Halish Railway

    Loco haulage in Sweden (and some other questions)

    From my experience and what I've seen online is that when trains run late in Sweden, they can run very late, 75 minutes for me arriving in Umeå from Stockholm.
  6. Halish Railway

    Loco haulage in Sweden (and some other questions)

    They’re mandatory on Intercity trains as well. So much for the X40s having an interior layout designed with short hop journeys in mind. Sweden is also partially covered by Wagon Web’s train compositions page. https://www.vagonweb.cz/razeni/?&lang=en
  7. Halish Railway

    Loco haulage in Sweden (and some other questions)

    All of the above look correct, the only other SJ daytime locomotive haulage I can think of is Kalmar to Göteborg. In addition there are the Snåltaget Stockholm to Malmö and illusive TAGAB Stockholm to Göteborg via Karlstad services which I believe can only be booked through SJ's website...
  8. Halish Railway

    Alternative Destinations for MML Trains in London

    I don’t think there’s much of a need for more frequent trains from St Pancras to the East Midlands, more a need for longer trains all throughout the day. If there were to be any new destinations they should be extensions of the existing Nottingham and Sheffield services to provide better...
  9. Halish Railway

    East Coast Timetable Dec 24

    Is anything infrastructure wise going to happen between December 2024 and December 2025? The only possible thing I can think of is maybe the new platforms at Darlington opening but maybe even that won't happen.
  10. Halish Railway

    TGV Driver Announcement

    An example of the driver making an announcement for the beginning of 320 kph running can be seen here.
  11. Halish Railway

    [FR] LGV Sud-Est closed 9 to 12 November 2024

    I would imagine that the Paris to Zurich services would be re-routed to run from Paris Est and along LGV Est towards Strasbourg, before heading south along the Alsace plain to resume their usual route at Mulhouse. Correct me if I'm wrong but this was the route used prior to the construction of...
  12. Halish Railway

    Where has a 195 been?

    It’s been mentioned earlier regarding testing, but a 195 did work a return trip from Leeds to Bradford Forster Square on a strike day a while back.
  13. Halish Railway

    Ticket machines: Why has QWERTY been abandoned?

    Perhaps having letters arranged in order has been deemed more suitable given that part of a ticket machine's role is to type in reference numbers (or letters) to collect pre-paid tickets, a role for which QWERTY keyboards are redundant given that you're not typing out words.
  14. Halish Railway

    Sprinter fleet and MSDO

    Or local door operation because the platform is that short.
  15. Halish Railway

    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates

    I seem to remember some OHLE-specific piles being drilled at White Rose a while back, with the structure installed at a later date.
  16. Halish Railway

    East Coast Timetable Dec 24

    I'd say that adding an additional Newcastle service is pretty necessary given how impressive Edinburgh/Newcastle to London loadings have been post-Covid, so an additional service starting from Newcastle will alleviate some of the crowding. If AP tickets for these services are reasonably priced...
  17. Halish Railway

    Kids pulling open air powered sliding doors and what protection (if any) there is to stop this

    I remember someone from the school I used to go to had the bright idea to try and pull the doors of a Class 321 open when it was on the move which triggered an emergency stop.
  18. Halish Railway

    Norwich - Cambridge - Stansted future ideas

    I would imagine that should the existing service be supplemented it would initially begin as a Norwich to Cambridge service, leaving the opportunity available to be extended to run along the EWR route.
  19. Halish Railway

    Bristol - Manchester service

    IIRC back in the locomotive hauled days Cross City trains ran every 15 minutes compared to every 10 minutes as was the case up until the pandemic.