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  1. westcoaster

    Penalty fare disability. OCD

    I'd have thought the only people to be able to give such permission is the TOC them selves. I'd have thought, you'd have to go through customer service (with the medical letter), for them to issue a company headed letter or pass giving permission.
  2. westcoaster

    GTR- Depot Operations Controller Mobile - Bedford Depot (14/04/24)

    But they are main line certified for the moves from Cauldwell depot to Bedford. In the last few years it's been a stepping stone to main line driving.
  3. westcoaster

    Alternative Destinations for MML Trains in London

    If that could be the case, I could see them going to Kent House/ Beckenham Junction to turn around at the south end. Just like Thameslink did upto 2017/8 iirc.
  4. westcoaster

    Another Landslip: Hassocks/Burgess Hill area

    Only Thameslink drivers who sign via Lewes are Brighton drivers.
  5. westcoaster

    Prosecuted with no evidence or details?

    On the last point about traveling by car, If you use Google maps and have the location history turned on. It will show dates and times and mode of transport used. So could hopefully be used to disprove train travel.
  6. westcoaster

    ETCS fitted class 43's

    Thank you both.
  7. westcoaster

    ETCS fitted class 43's

    I believe a few power cars are ETCS fitted. Any ideas on identities and current locations of these, and are they operational currently.
  8. westcoaster

    Great Northern Fleet Tender

    I was wondering what service group they would use the 387's on that are self contained, as to not cause unit incompatibility & Crewing issues. East Croydon to Watford junction London Victoria to East grinstead A 387 made it to Portsmouth on a test run the other day, maybe Brighton to...
  9. westcoaster

    Derailment near Grange Over Sands

    Looks about the same, also you can see the snapped signalling wires in the second picture. Could the debris / missing ballast etc have gone in the golf course direction. Incase it was undermined on the flooded side. One of the drone pictures shows murky water (showing moving water) in the...
  10. westcoaster

    EMR Regional and Connect refurbishments

    They have the units, just reliability is dire. They can barely manage the 12 out of 21 units needed most days.
  11. westcoaster

    Derailment near Grange Over Sands

    Confirmed as the location I posted by the golf course.
  12. westcoaster

    Derailment near Grange Over Sands

    Looking on Google maps, Is the location between Grange golf course and the station, next to Meathop road. Looks right to me. Can also see the tubing going to a pond/hole.
  13. westcoaster

    The Two-Coach Voyager

    If I remember rightly from the previous postings, was it the compressor?
  14. westcoaster

    Great Northern Fleet Tender

    Pie eye in the sky Could an internal reshuffle happen I.e 379's to replace 387's. 387's to replace 700/1 on Brighton to Cambridge or Horsham to Peterborough. Or another GN to SE destination. Released 700/1 to replace any long distance 700/0 runs. 700/0 onto more local commuter routes ex kings...
  15. westcoaster

    Great Northern Fleet Tender

    When we learnt the 387/1's on the Thameslink route, it was a one day course. From a drivers point of view it was just subtle differences from the 377's we already drove nothing major was introduced. Can see the same with the 379's. Theoretically the 377/6/7, 387/1/2/3, and 379 is the same basic...
  16. westcoaster

    Was the introduction of class 700 Thameslink stock relatively trouble-free?

    Compared to 319's they were miles ahead. Also compared to the 377 introduction it was plain sailing.
  17. westcoaster

    GTR St Albans drivers?

    Time in the seat a single loop St Albans to St Alban's is 3hrs 15 minutes so two a day. Not all shifts are double loops (some go to Bedford and rumours of learning London bridge) Nights around every 12/15 weeks, 7 in a row Wednesday to Tuesday. Think there are 3 jobs, Most nights end up on...
  18. westcoaster

    Class 465 and 319

    I'm fairly sure there is a picture and thread on here, Iirc crofton park around 2009 a networker rescuing a 319. The switch in the networker cab was actually a cut out of the braking system (guess the networker regenerative braking system) it allows braking compatibility between the 2 units...
  19. westcoaster

    EMR - Trainee Mainline Driver - Kettering (02/02/24)

    It is now but 10 years ago it was non stop trainees one after the other.
  20. westcoaster

    EMR - Trainee Mainline Driver - Kettering (02/02/24)

    I got in with a younger driver (Corby service) who was on his last day. He said he was moving back up north after gaining his key. Has Kettering become the new Bedford. where lots would come, qualify then disappear.