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    Interesting journeys in Belgium and the Netherlands

    Thanks for that @ainsworth74 . I lived in Brussels for a year in 2010 and you have revived old memories.
  2. K

    [Trivia] Largest UK railway station to have a subway and/or footbridge but no lifts?

    Settle has no step free access to the northbound platform. OK its not a large station but can be very busy at certain times. Skipton and Hellifield both have ramps only. Hellifield ones are quite steep.
  3. K

    How did railtours work in BR days?

    No mention of the Branch Line Society. They ran tours into little known branches. There was a type of enthusiast called buffer stop kissers, who really wanted the trains to touch the end of branch buffers. And didn't BR staff refer to enthusiast tours as Crankex's
  4. K

    ‘Travelling passenger work’

    'On the cushions'. Probably steam era expression.
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    There's jumping the barriers then this.

    Why does CCTV turn off once the barriers are lowered. Surely someone crashing the barriers would be of interest to the signallers. or is it workload?
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    Timetable change/improvement in Forest of Bowland from 8th April

    The Clitheroe - Settle - Horton service 11 isnt tracking The Harrogate - Knaresborough - Wetherby service 8 seems to have disappeared. Gone from bustimes and the North Yorkshire County Council website. Metro says its Stagecoach but I cant find a timetable on their site. Transport 21 have a...
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    Timetable change/improvement in Forest of Bowland from 8th April

    The old 11 didn't track last week when it was NYCC (North Yorkshire County Council) never has.
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    Why don't buses carry makers badges?

    Do kids nick bus badges like they do with cats cars, vans and trucks?
  9. K

    Transdev Blazefield

    I think North Yorkshire Council didn't like the tender responses so hit on the ides of using the minibuses they ran for schools to do some fill-in mileage during the day. So the NYCC 78A serves Bradley and Cononley before going into Airedale Hospital. I caught it yesterday to get to the...
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    Controversial railway opinions (without a firm foundation in logic..)

    Of course the poor service provided by BR in the north gave the bus boys an open target. Look at the bus timetables from Leeds/Bradford to Ilkley, Keighley and Skipton. Then they wired the Aire triangle and killed off the buses. No buses from Bradford to Wharfedale today. And Transdev have...
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    Best Train spotting stations (updated)

    Or shipley. But lots of running between platforms to keep you fit! Norcliffe minature railway or Shipley Glen tramway near by
  12. K

    Two trains on single track

    Thanks @Railsigns. Forgot they had trainstops link & loop. What is max speed in the tunnels? Memory says 30 but thats no guarantee!
  13. K

    Two trains on single track

    My understanding is that if you want to replace the semaphores with colour lights, you need 3 aspect signals except at the signal giving access to the next section which can be r/g colour light as the next signal will be a distant.
  14. K

    Why don't buses carry makers badges?

    Thanks for the replies. I will look closer today. I usually determine what a bus is using bus lists on the web or bustimes rather than looking for logos!
  15. K

    Why don't buses carry makers badges?

    My car has the makers name and the car model all over it in chrome letters like most cars. Trucks have their makers names over them too, but with buses, it seems not. Why?
  16. K

    Guided Busways

    There is a guided busway where Scott Hall Rd (A61) meets Potternewton Lane. That busway is in use by 7, 7A and 7S. But the 7 turns right at Potternewton Lane. The busway is centered on this roundabout. Buses going towards the roundabout use the busway, but not the other way...
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    Derailment near Grange Over Sands

    Every fortnight we get a spring tide when the sun, moon and earth are in a line. The tidal range changes at each spring tide and we get the biggest range at solstices and equinoxes. Equinox was last Thursday, the 21st, when day and night were both 12 hours. So at a spring, the high water and...
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    Derailment near Grange Over Sands

    That will be a biggy as its the equinox
  19. K

    Derailment near Grange Over Sands

    When they did Arnside viaduct, they ran fast from Carnforth to Grange. Arnside/Silverdale were served by a minibus. No viable facility for Arnside - Grange passengers.
  20. K

    Transdev Blazefield

    Would the width of newer double deckers make the bridge impassable? If its an arch bridge it could make a difference.