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    50 Wagon Freight Train

    what was the tonnage of the 50 wagons, please.
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    Deepcar steel train

    'my video The Friar Tuck'
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    Best website for steam locomotive movements & tours?

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    Comedic "things you would ban": minor things that irritate you

    'Charity Adverts, adverts, smoking, not washing hands after using the toilet, c RAP so called music, sitting in car, letting engine running, bloody dogs barking, day, morning noon and night, football, Alan Carr, Graham Norton, Wokism, School Run, 4 x 4's, Harry & Meghan, grrr,
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    Walking the Bentinck Colliery Branch Lines

    yes, it does, thank you, is it possible still to access, and from what point, ta.
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    Strangest Places you have come across trains

    'coming off the M1 to join the A38 Mansfield, and coming face to face with 'Flying Scotsman'
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    Fantasy: you can modify any train design or livery in any way you would like.

    can i put 6'-2'' driving wheels on a 9F, (tongue in cheek)
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    Yet another call to re-open Woodhead

    why not install 'HyperLoop' t'ween the two cities, ( only jokingly)
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    Most historic station

    Tysley, Worksop.
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    Railways and golf courses

    Long gone, Annesley and Hollinwell Halt on the Great Central, built really for Hollinwell Golf Course, next door!
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    'Lord Phil'

    Midland Railway-Butterley' has a Hunslet WD 0-6-0 named, 'Lord Phil', my question is, who was Lord Phil, please, thank you.
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    Famous rail enthusiasts?

    'John Cameron' 0f 60009.
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    Gala Days, They usually have a heritage bus from the Station to Statfold Barn Railway.
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    Railway Sleepers:

    Hi, could anyone please tell me, how they determined the spacing between sleepers.
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    Best preserved *genuinely* disused station?

    Bakewell on the Monsall Trail, and not too far away, Hassop.
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    Historic railway maps

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    Overlay map of Pre-Beeching lines?

    http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/sidebyside.cfm#zoom=15&lat=53.1046&lon=-1.2486&layers=10&right=BingHyb not quite 'overlay', but still very good, hope it's ok. sorry, above is same, doh!