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    New Southeastern booking engine January 2016

    It is. It will be rolled out to all Go-Ahead's rail and bus operations.
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    Class 387

    I don't think it came as a surprise. Although not explicitly required to replace the 442s the ITT strongly hinted at it by saying that they would be interested to see bids with rolling stock more suited to the needs of airport passengers as a way of exceeding the requirements.
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    Class 387

    There looks to be even less luggage space than on the 442s.
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    TPE franchise awarded to First

    That doesn't work out to be 72% of the fleet being new either by units or carriages. That was all in the public announcement released a couple of weeks ago.
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    Is the end is nigh for class 442*

    Gimme50anyday may be confusing a timetable change with extra services. TPE have said the Newcastle to Manchester Airport trains will be reinstated in December 2016. This is probably what the internal information he says is referring to. However, a new timetable with 2 tph to Newcastle and extra...
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    'Reasonable route' during East Croydon / Redhill blockade

    Southern's regular service is replaced by a rail replacement bus so the Gatwick diversion can run, so the answer is probably no.
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    Great Northern train order

    Other images (courtesy GTR) https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B37S24j3JgC7R0tTLWkySXhTZlk&usp=sharing
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    Ticket collection for regular travelers

    Perhaps a solution could be if there was a QR code on the email confirmation or in an app that could be scanned, or a record of your booking is stored in an app and with near field communication on your mobile the TVM will recognise the booking and print the tickets.
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    Great Northern train order

    With lineside signals being removed from the Moorgate branch shortly after the units are introduced it makes sense for them to have units they have some experience of running with ETCS, rather than introducing and have to learn how to overcome a whole new set of problems with another...
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    Oyster to Gatwick

    Yes, it's very odd pricing. Is it the only Oyster fare where it's cheaper to go via zone 1 than avoid zone 1? I've been looking at the Gatwick fares, and they seem to me to be National Rail* only from/thru Z1 14.00/8.00 National Rail* only avoiding Z1 11.40/8.60 LU/National Rail any zone...
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    'Reasonable route' during East Croydon / Redhill blockade

    Agree not sure what his point is, but the Gatwick Victoria services operating via Horsham are Southern services. There are no Gatwick Express services during the blockade.
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    Oyster to Gatwick

    I don't think they'll make the go live date public until it's gone live. If there's a problem on launch day and have to postpone it, they won't want people turning up having previously told they can use Oyster going through the barriers with Oyster at Victoria and finding it isn't valid when...
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    London Bridge - new timetable during reconstruction works commencing 5th January 2015

    Can you explain why? Personally, anything that communicates more than the scant information Southern has done on their website for years would be very welcome.
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    Supercomplaint to ORR on rail delay compensation

    I agree it's not particularly difficult to make a claim, although with some tocs it is difficult to find their online form. What Which are seeking is "clear information on how to get a refund for rail delays, with all train companies offering cash as the first option for compensation and for...
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    CAF Civity UK

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    VT Crewe to London services

    There is a suggestion in the West Midlands franchise consultation that the London Midland Euston to Crewe service could be diverted away from Stoke and operated by a different operator. Were this to be the ICWC franchise then it would be obvious to extend this to Liverpool or Manchester as...
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    Kings Cross approaches - additional track

    This is explained in a recent meeting on the ECML track access applications in October. Copied relevant extracts from the transcript below. It was originally planned to be a like for like replacement of the S&C but that is not possible so the project has become a remodelling of King's Cross...
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    DfT consult on new LM franchise

    Why should it be a little late? The franchise consultations is the time when options for remapping are presented and opinions sought before taking a final decision for the ITT.
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    CAF Civity UK

    It's been on the CAF website for months, and was discussed in the Northern/TPE ITT thread.
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    TPE franchise awarded to First

    It's been on the CAF website for months, and was discussed in the Northern/TPE ITT thread.