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    Thameslink Express

    Thanks.... seems that recently we've been moved to the slows at Harpenden or Luton due to an EMT coming up behind. Particularly annoying when we're following a Harpenden stopper on the fasts and can't get a move on.
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    Thameslink Express

    Should the Express services be categorised as a '1' service as opposed to a '9' thereby giving same priority as EMT up to Bedford? How does a signaller know its an 'Express' ?
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    Platform 15 and 16 project at Manchester Piccadilly.

    We seem to have gone off topic of platform 15/16 at London Road!
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    East-West Rail (EWR): Consultation updates [not speculation]

    Bedford is a bottleneck with the terminators holding the platforms for too long. An example is at 18.24 an arrival from Gatwick on platform 3 which then doesn't move for 20 minutes. Why can't it be moved out of the way until closer to departure time?
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    Thameslink Services/Timetable from May 20th 2018

    There were no planned trains out of Bedford this morning for about an hour (7.56 to 8.55) though one came in earlier and formed a 8.39 departure.... one went tech and into the sidings. There were other trains in the sidings but presumably no drivers. If Croydon was blocked from 6ish why weren't...
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    Thameslink Services/Timetable from May 20th 2018

    Not so good on the MML side this morning with over running engineering work. Two consecutive trains from Bedford cancelled and the 3rd 15 mins late yet an 8 coach left empty to St.Albans!
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    Housing development near Rose Hill: Possible impact on services in the area including Middlewood?

    Greater Manchester now have several large brownfield sites close to Stalybridge and Bolton!
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    Thameslink Services/Timetable from May 20th 2018

    and the knock on north of the core meant the 8.01 Bedford to Gatwick was canned at West Hampstead Thameslink. Why there? A 12 coach train of passengers then trying to get on the delayed 8 coach Orpington. Why not carry on through the core where most passengers would disembark and have an option...
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    Stockport–Stalybridge: a 100 per cent improvement

    Its a dining service for people from Staly! BigMacs from Stockport or KFC from Denton!
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    East Midlands franchise prospectus

    Looking at the consultation I see there's also one for Thameslink which ends tomorrow. Wasn't aware of that even though I travel with them daily.
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    Railways in Pop Culture

    On the Likely Lads, apart from the titles, the first episode of Whatever happened to the Likely Lads was filmed, supposedly, on the KX to NCL service but did have footage at presumably Doncaster and Newcastle stations. There was also footage at another station in the episode involving the...
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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    Thanks. Sounds good. Should be well loaded tonight.
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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    Due to EMT having problems out of STP tonight I have a forced opportunity to travel north on Thameslink. Anyone know which service around 6pm will be a 700?
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    Bridge Collapse at Barrow on Soar 2nd Aug 2016

    Curious why the Corby & Melton trains don't run as normal or/and normal running as far as Leicester? Do they have enough train sets south of the bridge to do that?
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    Embarrassing problem regarding the toilets

    I had my first experience of opening an occupied toilet door yesterday. Fortunately, or not, it was just a chap stood up doing his stuff. Just apologised and faced the other way until he'd done. Why is it so difficult to understand you have to press a sceond button to lock the door? This was on...
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    Numbers on Ticket Gates

    Is it for the spotters who have 'got' all the trains? Ian Allan will have a book out soon.
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    Lines That Have Closed Since 1970

    Not seen it listed but if Woodhead closed after 1970 I'd have thought the Godley to approx Woodley line should be listed.
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    the Increasingly Frustrating Thameslink

    Out of interest, if a train is cancelled due to lack of driver, does the TOC still pay NR for access to the rails for that service? Perhaps its a payment calculated by the whole year timetable so an individual cancellation doesn't mean anything. Are payments to the ROSCO / leasing company based...
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    Class 387

    The 7.58 Bedford to Elephant was cancelled this morning due presumably no train crew.
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    the Increasingly Frustrating Thameslink

    At least Go Via (somewhere other than) Thameslink have an apology on their website. Long time to get some things fixed though.