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  1. Wychwood93

    How can overcrowding on trains from Southampton Central be appreciated?

    Additional capacity in general is always going to stumble across the issue of luggage - modern rolling stock is not good at that, especially the number of hefty cases that cruise passengers appear to need. That will remain the problem until operators/DfT etc. have an unlikely change of heart.
  2. Wychwood93

    Ashley Down station construction updates

    Reading Green Park was shown as an 'unadvertised stop' for some time before actually opening - a certain consistency here. It bodes well!
  3. Wychwood93

    How can overcrowding on trains from Southampton Central be appreciated?

    Our youngest is a Business Manager for a well known fast-food outlet in this area: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@50.9048683,-1.4097182,1065m/data=!3m1!1e3!5m1!1e1?entry=ttu I am advised that there is a Westquay (centre middle) app. which provides, for local commercial outlets and probably...
  4. Wychwood93

    Go South Coast

    I agree in principle but, the drawback is that, from roughly 0900 to mid-evening, there is only one through train an hour. In the up direction the xx.00 and xx.07 from Poole to Christchurch combine at Bournemouth. On the down the xx.52 from Christchurch is 'fast' from the front 5, divides at...
  5. Wychwood93

    Landslip in Sonning Cutting

    Mentioned on BBC South Today news recently - delays/cancellations to be expected. On up relief with *23* showing in the berth for 1664 signal. See OpenTrainTimes: https://www.opentraintimes.com/maps/signalling/reading Update: Trains commencing to run again on the up relief. Traksy...
  6. Wychwood93

    Landslip in Sonning Cutting

    Thank you for the correction!
  7. Wychwood93

    Landslip in Sonning Cutting

    A couple of little bits for people to mull over. I have a book here: 'Brunel's Britain' by Derrick Beckett. ISBN 0 7153 7973 9. My copy dates from 1988 and pages 54-57 cover Sonning cutting. Figure 19 shows the deepest part of the cutting - which appears to be where the slip was. As built it...
  8. Wychwood93

    Upskirting Train Driver Avoids Prison

    Indeed. He is my local MP and objects to bills being 'nodded through' without being discussed.
  9. Wychwood93

    Cross Country cutting out Winchester, Basingstoke and other stops

    I have a feeling that some people may have overlooked the OPs #1 and yours, #2. June to September on Saturdays only - this is important!. On normal weekdays there is a lot of short distance travel. Saturdays are regarded as a general to/from weekly holiday day. With all due respect, I do not...
  10. Wychwood93

    GWR planning Saturday Bristol - Oxford service Sept to Dec 2024

    Noted and agree. No comment re. a further southward extension also noted - you could have a fast service, or a semi, which would include WSM. The CDF/PNZ could remain as is - as per my previous post, it all depends on stock, paths etc. 1713468526 The Planner killed (certainly incapacitated) the...
  11. Wychwood93

    GWR planning Saturday Bristol - Oxford service Sept to Dec 2024

    May not need those or Swindon. RTT for 14th September sees, for Oxford/Bristol TM: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:C90523/2024-09-14/detailed Scheduled for an 80x and the path would appear to be alright. Overall there are 5 mins engineering allowance and 1 for pathing. A...
  12. Wychwood93

    GWR planning Saturday Bristol - Oxford service Sept to Dec 2024

    Part of the former RAF Lyneham airfield, the NW perimeter, is now a 69.5Mw solar farm : DTTC Lyneham Solar Farm Operator Defence Infrastructure Organisation Output 69.50 MW Repd_id 2203 Source solar
  13. Wychwood93

    Security alert at Basingstoke today

    Hmmm.... something like 'Trigger point' in that case. Excellent series if you like that sort of thing, which we do here at 'Wychwood'. To skip back to #fandroid and the initial post - I was on the same train. A tannoy message re. station evacuation and a couple of staff on platform 3 dealing...
  14. Wychwood93

    Bristol - Manchester service

    Today we have all of them reversing at New Street: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/search/detailed/gb-nr:BRI/to/gb-nr:MAN/2024-03-23/0000-2359?stp=WVS&show=all&order=wtt&toc=XC
  15. Wychwood93

    HS2 Old Oak Common

    Likewise with Spain - Málaga/Barcelona via nearly Madrid.
  16. Wychwood93

    Does the location of some depots detract from the running of the railway?

    This one: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:C56114/2024-02-14/detailed#allox_id=0 with these two dropped at Stockport: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:C56114/2024-02-14/detailed#allox_id=1 which then formed the...
  17. Wychwood93

    GWR Class 165/166 Turbo Diagrams

    Only 165114 on that diagram today - https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:L65651/2024-02-13/detailed#allox_id=0 - given that it is half-term it could be quite cozy!
  18. Wychwood93

    Aslef announce strike dates

    I would have said some 30+ years ago a CO4 would have been in the same ball-park as a driver - whether it was a 3 or 4 matters little - in those BR days the driver would have had mileage and shift allowance on top. As a CO4 at the time I thought that was reasonable - the role I had then was flat...
  19. Wychwood93

    Is the section of gwml beteen Paddington and reading the worst maintained line in the country?

    UM still shut between Twyford East and Maidenhead East: https://traksy.uk/live/M+29+ELGH+-209/M+25+RDNGSTN
  20. Wychwood93

    Improving the Exeter area

    Apologies for being off-thread. In contrast to this is the A350 just south-west of Chippenham where passive provision was made to easily extend it to a dual-carriageway without major works. The bridge in the link sees Chippenham to the left and Thingley Jn to the right. Note the as yet unused...