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  1. Tetchytyke


    Nothing lucky about any of England’s wins in the knockout stages. Who would you have picked instead, and in what formation?
  2. Tetchytyke


    It’ll be like with all England managers, only ever getting the credit once they’ve been hounded out of the job and the replacement hasn’t been up to it. I’m not sure Southgate is the one to take us to the final level, but the abuse he’s had this tournament has been utterly ridiculous. The aim...
  3. Tetchytyke


    They’re good but they’re not the only good squad we’ve ever had. And they’re not the only good side at the Euros. There are still notable weaknesses, especially at full back. It’s a curiously English trait that fans think our players are the best in the world and should be beating everyone...
  4. Tetchytyke

    Budget hotels discussion

    People are paying it, especially in big cities and especially on a Saturday night. Demand- and therefore prices- is very strong in London. It might be £870 for a Premier Inn for 4 nights but the Crowne Plaza at King’s Cross is often charging £300 a night now. Same with the Hilton at Angel, which...
  5. Tetchytyke

    London to Brighton in three and a half minutes

    From the BBC archives, a 1983 re-run of the famous video. This time in colour, and 30 seconds faster. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C9byaaYo-pj/?igsh=MTNlendtNXA2djgxeA==
  6. Tetchytyke

    Budget hotels discussion

    I think there's two tiers of budget now. You have the real budget places, like Ibis Budget and Travelodge, and they're as depressing as you'd expect. And then you have the higher tier budget, Premier Inn and HI Express. I wouldn't say they were mid-market though. Hotel Indigo or Crowne Plaza...
  7. Tetchytyke

    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    Packed to the rafters with private equity debt. Check. Pre-pack administration planned. Check. Taxpayer to foot the bill for all the redundancy payments and unpaid taxes. Check. Same owners to walk back in with a debt-free business? Check. They really need to clamp down on these types of...
  8. Tetchytyke

    Chiltern Fare Evasion Letter

    I note that you have blanked out the date and time of the offence- when did it happen? This is important to our advice as there are time limits for bringing a prosecution. Have you instructed a solicitor, or have you sought advice from them and then baulked at the cost of the solicitor's fees...
  9. Tetchytyke

    Jet2 Wide Bodied Planes

    In that case I'd go from Manchester, put the £200 into a hotel room at the airport, and use the twilight check-in at T2 the night before. Best laid plans and all that! I'd still go with whatever is cheapest. T1 at Manchester is alright, much better than it was a year or two ago, it's really...
  10. Tetchytyke

    Notice of Intended Prosecution from Chiltern railways

    Yet more misuse of data that the ICO will do precisely nothing about. If the OP held the railcard and held this throughout his previous travels then replying with the railcard detail shouldn't create any harm. Although part of me would be inclined to be more robust and reply stating that you...
  11. Tetchytyke

    Old fashioned personal discretion…

    Without knowing the ticket(s) held it is difficult to say for certain what the cost of the mistake should be. But one thing that is certain is that using a ticket that is only not valid due to a time restriction does not attract a Penalty Fare. A price of exactly £100 sounds like the guard was...
  12. Tetchytyke

    Northern Delay Repay Denied

    If they try and argue that, it would be worth pointing out to them that had the OP waited for the next train calling at Shireoak the delay would have been even greater.
  13. Tetchytyke

    Manchester Metrolink (Non speculative discussion)

    The fact the school year is coming to an end is probably the best bit about the news. It should make it much more straightforward to source the RRBs until the line can be re-opened.
  14. Tetchytyke

    Could reversible seating be introduced to UK trains?

    It's mostly a social expectation that we sit facing forwards. On road vehicles I prefer to sit facing forwards as I find I suffer from motion sickness if I'm not. But that's because road vehicles are inherently quite unstable and will move around a lot. It's easier to focus on the horizon out...
  15. Tetchytyke

    Jet2 Wide Bodied Planes

    Cast iron guarantee, that :E I'd go with whichever is cheaper, tbh. The A330 is nice but if it's £200 more it's not that much nicer; it still has the same standard Jet2 seats.
  16. Tetchytyke

    West Yorkshire Rover, validity area and gap between Gtr M and WY?

    The two tickets are county-based zonal tickets. Why would TfGM pay for validity outside of Greater Manchester and why would WYCA pay for validity outside of West Yorkshire? Especially as the number of people who would want to buy both tickets and use them concurrently is minuscule. The...
  17. Tetchytyke

    Supreme Court decides crew sickness not an "extraordinary circumstance" for the purpose of compensation for delays caused by airlines

    This one was slightly more complicated as it happened down-wind; the crew were overnighting in Milan and fell ill whilst in Milan. BA CityFlyer tried to argue that the sickness being down-wind meant it was outside of their control to source a replacement crew. I don't understand why BA spent so...
  18. Tetchytyke

    German Rail in decline ?

    The host cities for Euro 2028 are Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Cardiff, and Dublin. Belfast was meant to be a host city but it is highly unlikely that they will be able to redevelop Casement Park in time. They're all big cities with lots of hotel capacity. And they're...
  19. Tetchytyke

    Taunton to York at the end of July

    If you're coming on the ferry to the Isle of Man, don't forget that you can get through SailRail tickets: https://www.steam-packet.com/information/sailandrail Outside of TT, you won't usually have issues with availability of seating, although I'd book sooner rather than later if you're...
  20. Tetchytyke

    Jet2 Wide Bodied Planes

    Self-service machines, and very efficient they are too. Jet2 really are streets ahead of everyone else when it comes to the airport experience. The new T2 at Manchester is nice as well, it's just a shame that the catering options are all towards the premium end of the market. Not necessarily...