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    East Coast amended timetable with Advance tickets

    You are "advised" to take the train before or after but the East Coast website also says "All ticket restrictions and seat reservations are lifted on Monday 28 October". http://www.eastcoast.co.uk/travel-information/live-travel-information/
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    Virgin Traveller

    How does East Cost do this?
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    London North Eastern Railway (LNER) First Class service

    The current system means everyone eats because there is no incentive to decline and you don't want to miss out. In a pay-on-demand system only those who actually want/need to eat make an order, reducing demand and relieving pressure on staff.. Plus, in pay-on-demand there is an incentive for...
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    Can All Line Rovers be bought from Guards?

    You can check a pin number is correct without being connected to anything. This is what happens with the increasingly-common personal card readers that you can use to authorise online banking transactions using your card. (I realise this is not the same as authorising a transaction with the bank).
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    Eurostar name change

    Especially odd that "for profit or other commercial gain" is included since this would seem to EXCLUDE transferring a ticket for other reasons. http://www.eurostar.com/be-en/contact-us/faqs?field_right_now_question_value=&tid=All&page=2#.UeP9NkGcd8F
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    2 travelling - 1 with EC Rewards but sitting together?

    You'll have to do it as two separate bookings. Open two browser windows and start off a different booking in each window. Get as far as the part where you can select your seat _on both bookings_ and make sure they are next to each other. Than carry on and confirm the rewards booking/pay...
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    Delayed trains refund

    A bit late but I hope this is helpful if the query comes up again. The full wording in the passenger charter states: "If you arrive at your destination station late as a result of delay to and/or cancellation of an East Coast service...." The text on their website is different and...
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    Leeds to London June 4th

    There is no quota and hence no reservations available for an advance ticket via Sheffield including travel on CrossCountry, except at weekends. The result is that few or no advance fares will come up. Hence why I suggest putting in "Via Barnsley". It does not work all of the time, but you can...
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    Leeds to London June 4th

    "Via York" sometimes has cheaper fares. Try "Via Barnsley" also (that would be East Midlands Trains as far as Sheffield, which has good first class but no free food; no first class from Sheffield to Leeds; and it takes about an hour longer).
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    Flexible Advance Fares

    You can already buy travel insurance to go with your advanced ticket. e.g.: http://www.raileasy.co.uk/making-a-booking/insurance-tandcs http://www.thetrainline.com/buytickets/Resources/InsurancePolicyDetails/Policy_Summary_TOCs_FINAL_Dec_07.pdf
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    What "tickets" must I carry?

    There is a difference between a receipt and a credit card slip. A receipt lists the products/services purchased, VAT number and tax paid. It is evidence of the products/services you bought, and can be used for expenses claims or tax returns. The credit card slip identifies the basics of...
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    ECML - OHLE problems at Stevenage (17 & 18th December)

    They advised against travel and are accepting today's tickets tomorrow. Which is not quite the same. It is amazing how many hundreds of people were at Kings Cross staring at the departure boards despite the fact they announced every two minutes for people to go alternative routes. I moved...
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    London North Eastern Railway (LNER) First Class service

    Incorrect. You pay a first class fare because you want convienience and you are able to pay for it. Inconsistency in the service is therefore the biggest problem. For example, if you cannot rely on there being a meal when it is advertised, then you loose the convienience of not having to worry...
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    Help please nr trying to prosecute

    Arrangements for revenue protection can be subcontracted. Northern Rail looks after revenue at Manchester Picadilly, on behalf of all the operators and network rail. It is not really relevant which company your train was with. It is in the interests of all operators to enforce revenue protection.
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    RailUK First Class Lounge Guide

    There are no external windows but there are windows looking out towards the (covered) platforms. There are also windows out towards the new Western concourse on the other side but they are very restricted view and in an uninteresting part of the lounge.
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    East Coast points scheme

    Tried it with an iPad at Kings Cross but nobody checked anything at all. Nice facilities but shocking lime green carpet!
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    East Coast points scheme

    The instructions for the first class lounge pass mention printing out the pass and then refers to the "holder of the pass". Has anyone tried doing this electronically e.g. on smart phone or ipad? I personally can't see what difference it makes whether you print it out or not. I'm hoping I...
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    East Coast Rewards: 3 6 or 12 month first class lounge pass

    From today's promotion email: "From later this month, Rewards members will be able to redeem their Points for 3, 6 and 12 month passes to gain access into any of our East Coast First Class Lounges." I couldn't find the number of points required on their website though.
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    Amending advance tickets

    Except that I have pretty much never sat in my reserved seat anyway, instead choosing an unreserved seat in the quiet coach at a table (until recently I couldn't get the online system to reserve me such a seat). This would be one reason for a train manager to enforce advanced tickets to sit in...