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    FIP cards

    Welcome to the world of FIP no doubt you'll get your first experience of the "48 hour rule" soon as well.
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    Avantix replacement (previously: Arriva ditch Avantix)

    We've been told when Avantix goes we'll be getting the same machines they use on SNCF and DB? Anyone able to post a photo of what they use? Off the top of my head they appear to issue tickets on a till roll? A mobile phone as such is not good enough. The already noted issues with battery...
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    Train driver in uniform prevented from going through ticket barriers

    ^^^ :) Even when the legend is not on train he will sit by the gateline and challenge anyone using the side gates- he's that desperate. It's all grades as well, no matter the uniform, no matter the TOC, no matter the depot he is out to get anyone and everyone....
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    Refunds from tickets issued by conductor/guard

    Just a quick query on refunds: Railcard discounted ticket bought from TVM. "Accidentally" forgot railcard, guard issues standard price ticket. Can you get a refund on the "unused" railcard discounted ticket from any booking office? Is it just a case of irrespective of TOC who owns TVM or runs...
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    BITE card

    Chomps still 10p???
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    Northern Staff (of all grades wearing Xmas Jumpers)

    It would be nice if the company allowed us to wear Jumpers all year. Don't understand why they did away with them to be replaced by a snooker player waistcoast which doesn't keep you warm....
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    2TGH excess

    X2 passengers travel from A to B day return with a 2TGH railcard. Both passengers then travel from B to C x1 passenger holds season ticket from B to C. The 2nd passenger also travels from B to C what sort of excess if any can the 2nd passenger be sold?
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    priv discount to be allowed on off peak tickets

    If you want free travel on the railway- don't get a job on the railway get one with a police force! There are many many more coppers who get a "free" ride than rail staff. Must save quite a bit rather than buying a season ticket for daily commute and getting night out on lash thrown in as well.
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    Disabled assistance on trains without seat reservations

    As mentioned earlier- you can book assistance but there is no system in place for Northern guards to know this. First instance we'll know blind punter is on the train is normally when we check ticket. Even then it might not be clear we are even dealing with a blind punter it is so easy to just...
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    Why do EMUs have bells and DMUs have buzzers?

    It's been a few years since I last worked one and I do agree buzzers are better than beeps much clearer and easier to understand. Then again ScotRail do seem to like to fiddle and change things around for whatever reason. The changing position of internal passenger open and close buttons off...
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    Why do EMUs have bells and DMUs have buzzers?

    I dislike the high pitched "peep peep" buzzers that are fitted to some 2nd Gen DMU especially the ScotRail 156s. Not to keen on other "pee pee peep" multiple code sounds on Voyagers. Favourite is the two ducks mating sound on 158s. Always found on turbostars they have a very wheezing...
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    scotrail flexipass

    £65.20 for pack of 10.
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    Great story about a mobile phone passenger on London Midland

    Thank you! If she was in middle of the train must have been a very loud conversation for driver to hear! Same with baby on train story it was driver making announcements and sorting out help according to tweets. When it was actually the guard. "This is the guard speaking.... " Nice...
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    Wrongly accused of overwritten carnet by FCC

    Hmm... off topic but reading some of those successful defences it seems if your rich enough or desperate enough than justice can prevail... at a cost. You can have a cardboard cut out YP but still get off scot free.
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    Please help with intended prosecuation

    Hmm sounds like a just keep my head down or stare out of the window so I can get a free ride type. See this everyday- up and down after each stop and they just try and ignore you. Just when they think its safe, normally when stood by doors. "See your ticket, please"- "Oh I need to...
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    Absurd argument trying to buy a ticket!

    I wouldn't take it personally and doesn't really sound like an argument. Agree sometimes when people ask for a ticket they word it slightly differently or if its an odd request ask for clarification. Not having a go at you or refusing to see a ticket maybe just making doubly sure of what your...
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    Reciprocal Staff Travel

    IIRC- on posters they put up around Northern only restrictions we have been advised of were on Sundays. AFAIK the Bradford service has no restrictions.
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    Trapped in train doors

    I'm not sure if this helps but the safest way IMHO to get buggies off trains is to step off the train on to the platform and gently bump the buggy down backwards. That way hopefully the driver will see you on the platform getting your buggy off. Even better ask another passenger to give...
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    Well Done Northern and a guard!

    There is a reason some of us on the east call it the wild west. No two lines are the same maybe it's a cultural thing? Some lines where they come straight to you if they don't have a ticket others you are just checking and not selling as they all use booking offices or TVM. Then the small...