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    Field SDM

    Oh just proves how out of date I am with the modern railway lol
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    Field SDM

    I want to say a MOM goes out to incidents on the infrastructure and Delivery Manager will be in charge of certain departments but sure a MOM is still called a MOM and these days I believe there are LOM too I am sure I will be corrected if wrong but that’s my belief sorry could not be more precise
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    Mainline driver to OTM driver

    OTP means you can get on at any designated access point where’s OTM Tampers etc you can’t. OTM drivers are regulated by the same rules and regs as any main line driver just different parts of the rule book will and won’t apply to you eg passenger train don’t worry about possessions etc
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    Colasrail fitter operator

    Yes sounds like the big grinder you follow about I do believe when they say 35 hours it’s a average over certain amount of weeks but then on the positive you get quite bit of time off because you would had worked more than the 35 hours per week
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    Third Rail - Safety on Track?

    I always thought you work near third rail during a isolation or they use what I can only describe as kick boards that go over the third rail I’m sure if wrong I will be corrected by more experience track workers
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    Interviews with GA

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    Interviews with GA

    Driving interviews with GA would any one be able to advise if just normal questions or is it a mini rules exam Cheers
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    Volker Rail OTM Jobs

    I did read the first two weeks of the roster is locked in.On your T&Cs what’s the maximum number of weekends you can be rostered over the 13 weeks /52 weeks
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    Heart problem and driving trains

    No medical expert here but how can they tell that just from a ECG
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    GCSE results

    If you can’t prove your grades they enrol you on a foundation course for maths and English I do believe it’s all due to the apprenticeship program and not trainee these days I’m sure other trainers can advise you better than me as I’ve gone on what various trainers have informed me
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    Then your be ok with your medical
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    If you can climb in and out of a train cab with no issues then no need to worry
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    Volker Rail Driver Op

    Cheers for the reply also in that 4 week roster how many week ends you committed to I assume the company car is a van too
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    Volker Rail Driver Op

    Do any one know what Volker Rail like as a company to work for.I see they are advertising for Driver Op. and it states it’s lodging away. Do any one know with this lodging is it extensive lodging. Working week 40 Hr or 35 Cheers
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    What is the best advice for a new, trainee driver?

    Don’t upset signallers only advice apart from that is just enjoy it
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    Use of Risk Triggered Commentary?

    Yes I do wonder how many people still do it as some people not comfortable in talking to them selves but I do think if you use it you are concentrating that’s why I said use as example how to obtain concentration the person who posted this obviously can’t use that for an example if you worked...
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    Maintaining concentration

    I do think a good example how to concentrate and related to te railway driving is Risk Trigger Commentary
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    GB railfreight driver

    Those boys are not going to pay that kind of salary for a straight forward easy life I do believe flexibility is the name of the game on that contract
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    Greater Anglia laser eye surgery conditions

    I’m sure if wrong I will be corrected on this, but I don’t think you are allowed to have had laser treatment and drive trains I don’t think it’s down to the company, I do believe it’s part of the medical procedure across the board But I’m only going by what I have heard but sure I will be...
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    Sentinel card when leaving a company.

    The card belongs to Sentinel only the company sponsors you.You have to keep the card as if correct when you start your new job I don’t think get issued a new card just your new sponsor will get uploaded on their system.